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How-To: Efficiently Use the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart


In the healthcare industry, medical utility carts are essential in providing the highest quality of care to patients. One of our most popular medical carts with drawers in the market today is the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart. This medical supply cart is built with a durable powder-coated steel construction, spacious drawers, and smooth maneuverability that can cater to various healthcare and long-term care settings.

In this blog, we will provide tips and tricks on how to maximize the use of the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart. From its six drawers in three different sizes to the over 20 available accessories, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on how a healthcare profession can make the most out of this versatile medical utility cart.

Getting Familiar With The Cart’s Sustainable Features…

Rugged Powder-Coated Steel Keeps Supplies Sterilized

Once received, the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart should be ready to roll right out of the box. However, there are some medical supply cart basics an operator should get familiar with before further use. The first thing an operator should be aware of about the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart is its construction. 

This medical supply cart’s rugged powder-coated steel is superior in durability and is built to last. Powder-coated steel is corrosion resistant and protects from unnecessary moisture that could be disruptive to keeping supplies inside the cart sterilized. Plus, it allows the medical cart with drawers to be competitively priced without sacrificing the quality that Lakeside is revered for.

Solid Plastic Corner Bumpers Absorb Hard Impacts

Durability and safety should be the top priorities of any healthcare and long-term care operators. That’s where solid plastic corner bumpers come into play. Located above each caster on the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart, these small yet mighty bumpers can absorb hard impacts, protecting both the medical utility cart and its interior supplies from damage. These solid plastic corner bumpers ensure that valuable equipment and supplies remain intact, even in high-traffic hospitals, clinics and patient rooms. 

Solid Plastic Corner Bumpers Absorb Hard Impacts

Prepping The Cart For Vigorous Transport…

Stocking Functional and Flexible Drawers 

Having a reliable medical cart with drawers is essential, but just having drawers isn’t enough. They need to be functional and flexible to meet the varying needs of healthcare and long-term care professionals. Fortunately, the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart’s six drawers come in three different sizes - four that are 3" tall, one that is 6" tall, and one that’s 9" tall. 

With these spacious drawers, stocking and organizing patient supplies and medicines becomes easy to access and manage. For healthcare and long-term care operators who need enhanced organization, optional modular drawer dividers are available for add on.

Top to Bottom: Rugged Powder Coating 4-3" Drawers 1-6" Drawer 1-12" Drawer

Attaching Optional Accessories For Emergencies

The availability of over 20 accessories makes this medical supply cart even more versatile, catering to a variety of medical settings. With options such as an IV pole, oxygen tank brackets and even a wire basket, the convenience and functionality of this Lakeside Classic Emergency Cart makes it an absolute must-have in any medical facility. 

Attaching accessories on the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart is a breeze. An operator will see many holes on the back and sides of the medical utility cart. These holes are for attaching accessories. Some accessories such as the wire basket will need an accessory bar bracket attached first. These bar brackets act as a support for accessories such as the wire basket to attach onto. 

However, many additional accessories Lakeside offers connect through the holes without an accessory bar bracket. Please see page 60 of our medical catalog for more information by clicking HERE.

Accessorize Your Classic Cart With Lakeside Accessory Packages or Individual Accessories

Securing Breakaway Lock Bars To Ensure Supplies Are Sterilized

The last step before a healthcare or long-term care professional is ready to transport the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart, securing it with breakaway lock bars is essential. This is to signify if any supplies in the medical utility cart’s drawers were tampered with before patient care is executed. Once a medical cart with drawers is fully stocked and prepared, it’s time for an operator to seal it with breakaway lock bars. 

To secure the medical supply cart, operators will notice a hinged breakaway panel running along the right side of each shelf. There will be two lock bars to insert the breakaway seals into. To secure the seals after insertion, the operator must connect the two ends of the seal, effectively locking them in place.

Transporting With Ease and Silence…

Ergonomic Push Handles For Easy Pushing Over Long Distances

This medical utility cart is equipped with vertical ergonomic push handles, which may seem small, but make a world of difference when pushing and maneuvering over long distances. Made out of poly, these handles provide added comfort ensuring healthcare and long-term care operators can do their job without discomfort or strain. Our hands do so much; they deserve the best, and the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart delivers that promise.

Casters For Silent and Smooth Maneuverability in Hallways

Silent and smooth maneuverability in both healthcare and long-term care environments is critical. That’s where the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart’s all-swivel casters come in. With its four 5” casters (2 locking, 1 directional) being attached to the cart’s all-welded stainless steel dolly, silent and smooth maneuverability in hallways is consistently achieved. 

Once the classic emergency cart has reached its designated destination, the operator can easily secure its locking casters by using foot-operated levers. Moreover, the directional lock option facilitates smooth maneuvering of the cart in a straight line whenever necessary.

Casters For Silent and Smooth Maneuverability in Hallways

Taking The Lakeside C-630-B-2R To The Next Level…

Standard and Modifiable Colors 

The Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart comes in a standard two-tone color, red with telegraph gray. For operators seeking medical carts in colors other than red, two popular choices are yellow and blue. Yellow designates isolation, while blue designates anesthesia

However, there are over 23 standard colors (solid or two-tone) available for an operator to choose from. For colors that aren’t listed as standard options, an operator can request a custom color to fit their unique needs. Check out Lakeside’s 23 standard color options below!

23 Standard Colors

Endless Variety of Locking Options

What if a healthcare or long-term care operation is looking for a different locking option other than breakaway locks? Luckily, with Lakeside’s endless variety of locking options available, an operator can create a lock system that fits their Lakeside Classic Emergency Cart perfectly. 

At Lakeside, a vast amount of locking options are available including:

  • Key locks. 
  • Breakaway lock bars for individual drawers.
  • Push-button with key override. 
  • Electronic auto-lock with key override.
  • Proximity reader with electronic auto-lock and key override. 

Whether a healthcare or long-term care operator is looking to secure their patient’s or resident’s medical supplies, they can rest easy knowing they have the right locking system in place for added security.

6 Locking Options: Key Lock. Breakaway Lock Bar. IB Individual Breakaway Lock Bars. Push-Button with Key Override. X Proximity Reader with Electronic Auto-lock and Key Override. Electronic Auto-lock with Key Override.

The Classic Emergency Cart For High Quality Patient Care

We hope this blog was helpful in demonstrating the utility of the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart and how it can be effectively used to provide a higher level of care. This cart offers numerous advantages, such as its durable powder-coated steel construction, spacious drawers, and easy maneuverability. By utilizing all that the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart has to offer, healthcare and long-term care professionals can ensure that their patients and residents receive top quality care.

Investing in medical equipment that provides superior quality care is something that every healthcare and long-term care operation should strive for, and the features of this classic emergency cart make it an ideal choice for those looking to increase both patient and resident safety and satisfaction. Click, ‘A New Way To Transport’ to get started now!

A New Way To Transport

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2023 Halfway Roundup: Discover Our Must-Read Blogs of the Year

2023 Halfway Roundup Discover Our Must-Read Blogs

It's hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year 2023! Where did the time go? As we look back on these past six months, we couldn’t help but to create a one stop shop for our medical reps who may have missed important information about our key medical carts of 2023.

But if there's one thing for certain: keeping up with all the product news and trends of groundbreaking products in this field is no small task. That said, you don't have to worry about catching up on what has been happening at the 2023 midway mark because we've rounded up our must-read blogs that cover it all! 

From insights about designing the perfect medical case cart to deep dissections about how a narcotics cabinet increases success and safety in an OR, here are our top posts of 2023 (so far...) that will put you well ahead of your peers when it comes to staying informed about our sustainable medical carts.

1. What to Look For in a Case Cart

What to Look For in a Case Cart

Finding the ideal surgical case cart involves considering various factors such as portability, security, worker safety, and workflow changes. With over 75 years of experience in the healthcare equipment industry, Lakeside has perfected their case cart design based on operator feedback. 

When assisting an operator in finding the right fit, three main qualities need to be considered: 

Security, worker safety, and workflow changes. At Lakeside, healthcare operators are offered a wide selection of standard and configurable case carts, with options for customization. Discover how choosing the right case cart enhances efficiency in ORs by providing a durable space for sterile supplies and equipment storage.

Read the full blog by clicking, ‘Choose The Right Cart’.

2. Designing the Ideal Case Cart With Lakeside’s Custom Solutions

Designing the Ideal Case Cart With Lakeside's Custom Solutions

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a brand that offered highly configurable and customizable medical case carts to meet the specific needs of a variety of healthcare operations? Well, good news, there is! 

Enter the world at Lakeside Medical and experience how inspiring it is for an end user to modify our standard case carts for the perfect fit. With options for shelving including wire, solid, and perforated stainless steel, Lakeside’s surgical case carts can be tailored to fit the exact protocols and needs of any surgical or operating room. 

Take a look at three diverse, yet versatile Lakeside Case Carts, ideal for any medical environment below!

Read the full blog by clicking, Design Your Cart’.

3. A Quick Dissection of the Lakeside Narcotics Cabinet

A Quick Dissection of the Lakeside Narcotics Cabinet

Imagine how chaotic it’d be if there was no organization in a hospital. Now imagine if there were limited safety precautions put into place. The results could be deadly for not only patients, but for hospital staff as well. 

However, did you know Lakeside narcotics cabinets have a variety of essential features that can take an operator’s hospital staff to the next level? In this blog, see the keys behind a Lakeside narcotics cabinet and how each creates success and safety in and outside of an OR. Open the doors to find out!

Read the full blog by clicking ‘Unlock Your Box Now’. 

4. Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms With These Lakeside Carts

Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms With These Lakeside Carts

Moving equipment wherever it’s needed is essential during a long operation for a team of surgeons. Surgeons must not only have critical tools at the tips of their fingers, but quick and easy access to supplies on the fly. Secondly, when tools aren’t in reach, time gets wasted by having to leave the operating room to retrieve them. This creates risk for mistakes to happen among a team of surgeons. 

How can operators increase efficiency in their operating rooms? And what type of Lakeside cart is right for the job?

Read the full blog by clicking ‘Break Through The Clutter’. 

5. Don’t Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

Don't Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

The functionality of medical carts goes beyond its drawers and their inventory. Healthcare operators who equip medical utility carts with the right accessories not only optimize the carts’ functionalities but also improve the healthcare providers' efficiency. Lakeside medical carts, for instance, provide ample options for accessories that can be added to the structure and top of a cart to meet the specific needs of the healthcare facility. 

However, before adding any accessory, healthcare operators must carefully weigh their options as each accessory has its pros and cons. From hooks and IV poles to laptop trays and waste baskets, there are a variety of in-demand medical cart accessories that can boost the efficiency of the cart. Whether it’s a crash cart or an anesthesia cart, relying on these accessories can make a big difference in how healthcare is delivered. For more insights on maximizing the functionality of medical carts…

Read the full blog by clicking ‘Equip The Cart’.

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Don’t Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

Don't Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

1. Modular Drawer Dividers

It’s no secret, organization is the key to success for any healthcare facility, but for an operator looking to make sure their staff members have the proper tools for storing medicines and medical supplies, having drawer dividers is essential. These dividers break up nine separate sections of a drawer on a medical cart for exceptional organization. This allows for easy to see medical supplies and materials for staff members to grab. Modular drawer dividers are also easy to attach and detach on all Lakeside Medical Carts such as the C-630-B-2R and C-330-K-2Y-1 for easy cleaning and sanitation.

2. Heavy Duty Railing on Cart Top

Oftentimes, supplies and equipment will be placed on top of a medical cart by an operator’s staff. These heavy duty railings not only ensure that items stay in place during transport, but offer extended options for attachments to be added as well. Healthcare operators will have the ability to attach tools such as tape dispenser trays, label holders, plastic buckets and much more to successfully execute urgent tasks on a daily basis. Check out these heavy duty rails in action below on the Lakeside C-330-K-2Y-1 Isolation Cart!

3. Catheter Holder

An overlooked accessory that can prevent critical injuries to a patient’s urethra is a catheter holder. This accessory allows for external storage for a catheter so it can be quickly and easily accessed when needed. Healthcare operators and their staff will be able to breathe easier knowing they have a secure holder to lock a catheter into place on a medical utility cart. This holder is attached on the side of a Lakeside Medical Cart to allow for additional storage inside or on the top shelf.

4. Attachable Bar Brackets

These bars allow for additional storage to be added to the sides of a medical utility cart, much like a trellis system increases storage space to the top of a Lakeside Medical Cart. This bar allows healthcare operators to attach brackets to wire baskets that can then be equipped to the medical cart with drawers. At Lakeside, healthcare operators can find a wide selection of wire baskets to find the right fit for their specific needs.

5. Extensive Side Shelf

The addition of a side shelf offers an operator’s healthcare staff extended room for writing, setting down supplies, and carrying medical equipment. No matter the task, this additional area can truly make a difference on a medical cart that has a compact layout. It almost acts like a second set of hands for a healthcare staff member who has their plate full with several patients.

Additional Accessories for Operator Success

Maybe the five accessories we listed aren’t exactly what a healthcare operator needs. No fear, at Lakeside there are a variety of additional accessories that can create the perfect medical cart. One of these is an IV pole that can be attached to a Lakeside Medical Cart for enhanced functionality. Other medical accessories healthcare operators can choose from include a defib swivel shelf, oxygen tank brackets, and a container bracket to attach containers to.


Accessorize your classic cart with Lakeside accessory packages or individual accessories. Select a color out of 23 standard colors. Imagery: Emergency medical carts with several accessory options and colors.

Making a Case for Medical Carts

Medical carts house a vast variety of equipment, medications, and supplies within their four walls. Their drawers are filled with supplies for the specific task at hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crash cart or an anesthesia cart, medical utility carts house specific supplies for specific needs. While these drawers house a great variety of items, there is an opportunity for healthcare operators to attach accessories to the outer walls and structure of a medical cart and top of medical carts that allow for functionality to be optimized on rolling medical carts. For healthcare operators, it’s critical to understand the pros and cons of each accessory before adding anything to a medical cart with drawers.

When helping healthcare operators choose the right accessories for their specific needs, the list above is a good place to start. However, there’s more to uncover in our free guide to better assist a healthcare operator navigate through Lakeside’s accessories and accessory packages. See and discover more by clicking ‘Equip The Cartbelow!


Equip the cart

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Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms with These Lakeside Carts

Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms With These Lakeside Carts

The Lakeside Carts that Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms

Moving equipment wherever it’s needed is essential during a long operation for a team of surgeons. Surgeons must not only have critical tools at the tips of their fingers, but quick and easy access to supplies on the fly. Secondly, when tools aren’t in reach, time gets wasted by having to leave the operating room to retrieve them. This creates risk for mistakes to happen among a team of surgeons. How can operators increase efficiency in their operating rooms? And what type of Lakeside cart is right for the job?

Operators who are short on space and that lack organization should start with Lakeside Equipment Stands! Here’s a breakdown of the benefits operating rooms can reap.

Spacious Compact Drawers for Efficient Storage 

Operators who are stretched thin on space within their operating room may find a solution in the Lakeside 358 Equipment Stand. This medical equipment cart’s two generous drawers cut down on the need of having to waste time restocking supplies during surgery. These drawers are also spacious, yet compact so that they can easily be pulled out for quick access

For operators with less equipment to haul and store, the Lakeside 356 Equipment Stand with one drawer may be a better fit. It’s important for operators to know that both of these Lakeside Medical Equipment Carts are available with optional locks for further protection.


Spacious, compact, quick access.

Stainless Steel Construction for Hauling Heavy Equipment

Over time, typical medical equipment carts can get excessively worn down by surgeons surgery after surgery. Their carts may not travel in a straight line due to having a bent frame after holding heavy equipment for over thousands of hours. Perhaps the equipment stand has a loose caster that is missing a screw. Operators shouldn’t have to worry about their equipment stands giving away during vigorous operations. 

With Lakeside’s heavy duty equipment stands, surgeons can expect extreme durability and versatility that will serve them for years to come. The Lakeside 359 is a perfect example of being both durable and versatile. Its three shelves can hold a vast amount of surgical equipment without bending under multiple hours of constant stress.


Holds 300-Lb. for 3 Hours

All-Swivel Casters for Effortless Transport

It can’t be said enough how critical it is for surgeons to effectively transport equipment on the fly during surgery around an operating table. Performing surgery requires ultimate focus from surgeons and one slip up could cause detrimental consequences. 

With Lakeside Medical Equipment Stands, moving supplies around an operating table is subtle and effortless, while keeping surgeons in control. All Lakeside Medical Equipment Carts come equipped with ultra smooth all-swivel casters for easy transport in and around tight spaces. Surgeons will have the ability to haul the supplies they need when needed. For operators that want extra stability for their staff, two optional braking casters can be added to a Lakeside Heavy Duty Equipment Stand.


Three small pictures of casters that can be seen on Lakeside Equipment Stands

Why Operating Rooms Are in Trouble

Without question, having space is often an issue that irks operating rooms across the country. 600 square feet is generally the minimum size operating rooms should be. Now that may sound like plenty of room for surgeons to work with, but when you throw in the number of surgeons and amount of equipment needed for an operation, that space shrinks tremendously. 

How in the world is a room the size of 600 square feet going to hold equipment such as IV poles, anesthesia machines, operating lights, a laser, prep tables, trash bins and many other units? 

The size of operating rooms in America is often at a premium, but lack of organization creates inventory management problems among a staff of surgeons. When large units of equipment are underutilized and scattered throughout an operating room, precious space is limited for surgeons to perform surgery at the highest level possible.

The Need to Implement Simplicity

Clutter and lack of space are current problems threatening operating rooms and their safety. An efficient operating room is a successful one that begins with the effort of implementing consistent organization. For operators, condensing storage equipment is a major step in freeing up space in an operating room. Why have five storage carts in the room when only one is needed for a specific surgery? Furthermore, why have three medical equipment carts when one can hold and transport supplies effortlessly around an operating table? Less is more which rings true about Lakeside Equipment Stands. See the difference by clicking ‘Break Through The Clutterbelow!


Break Through The Clutter

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How to Choose the Right Utility Stand for Your Equipment

choosing a utility stand

In order to make sure you’re storing your equipment properly, it’s important to find the right utility stand for your specific equipment needs. Some stands are designed to provide more space around your equipment or offer additional storage spaces. It’s important to consider all options before making your purchase. In addition, it’s helpful to make sure that you choose a stand that will hold your equipment safely while still being easy to move and store when necessary. Consider some of these factors when you’re trying to find the right utility stand for your equipment needs and your healthcare facility. 

Define Needed Weight Capacity: 

If you are looking for a utility stand, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing. First, think about what the stand will be holding and how many pounds it will need to hold. If the stand only needs to hold 100 lbs., then a smaller stand will be a good fit. However, if the stand needs to support over 300 lbs., then it is worth investing in a heavier duty utility stand built to hold a greater amount of weight. When looking for a new utility stand, take a look at all the items this new stand will be responsible for holding and housing. If multiple pieces of heavy equipment will be held on the top shelf with a variety of supporting supplies underneath, it would be recommended to purchase a cart that is rated to hold up to 500 lbs. While some operational needs would require a utility stand to have a larger weight capacity, some may not. 

If the utility stand will be holding lighter weight items and supplies at your facility, a lower weight capacity stand can be used. Bigger is always better, or so they say. This is not always true when it comes to equipment. Find the weight capacity you need, and purchase based on that requirement. Sometimes having large equipment that is not being used to its fullest ability can be taking up valuable space that could be used to house another piece of vital equipment. Have a general gauge on how much weight the stand will need to hold and round up some to make sure there is room to add more if needed. 

utility stand weight capacities

Determine the Size: 

It is important to choose the right size utility stand for your equipment. This will depend on the space you have and the equipment size. For example, if you have a small space with only one or two pieces of equipment, a smaller stand may work better than a large stand. If you plan on storing more items on the utility stand along with equipment and a good amount of room for the stand, a larger stand might be best. Lakeside offers two sizes of utility stands to allow facilities the opportunity to select which would work better for their operations. As mentioned above, having a larger piece of equipment is not always the right choice. 

Choosing between a compact stand size and a full-size utility stand is a step that needs to be taken in the decision of purchasing a new utility stand. The compact size offers a smaller footprint while still offering a durable storage solution. The compact utility stand size has a width of nearly 19 inches. The compact cart is able to fit into smaller spaces where equipment may be needed for patients or into storage spaces with limited room. A full-size stand on the other hand has a width of just over 36 inches offering more space. While taking a look at what the stand will need to hold is important, where the stand will primarily live will also need to be factored in. Some spaces at a facility may have more available space than another. Rooms can be packed full of carts, stands, equipment, and supplies so make sure to take a look at how much room the cart will take up in the space it will primarily be stored in. With Lakeside utility stands being mobile, glancing into transporting practicality is also important. 

Some utility stands will be moved seldomly, some will just be moved about within a single room, and some may be needed across a department at different points. If the stand will be used to transport equipment and supplies throughout a facility quite often, make sure to play out the functionality of moving the stand. Each healthcare facility has a different layout, so making sure the size you choose will be able to be transported easily in your facility is a crucial consideration in this process. 

utility stand sizes

Consider Enclosed Drawers: 

Having enclosed storage may be a feature that is required of a new utility stand for your facility. Enclosed drawers offer a variety of solutions. The most notable solution they offer is their ability to house items in a secure and closed location. Supplies are meant to be used only by authorized personnel on the facilities team. Making sure they are stowed away in a safe and secure location is extremely important. While some utility stand applications may not need the enclosed drawers that offer a lockable storage space, some applications require this. Lakeside has utility stands with and without enclosed drawers so that they are an option if needed, but not an extra expense for those who do not need this secure space. 

These drawers do offer a secure location to store and lock supplies, but it also is an area that lose items can be placed into if the cart is needed elsewhere. During transport, items can shift around, especially lightweight ones. Having a drawer to put these items into while it is being moved helps to ensure everything is as it should be and available as soon as the cart is to its new location. Enclosed drawers offer various benefits to those who need this extra space. Take a look at what the cart will all be holding and see if a drawer would be a viable option for your new utility stand. 

utility stand enclosed drawers

Choosing the right utility stand comes with answering a few questions based on the weight it will need to hold, the size it should be, and whether or not a secure enclosed drawer is needed. Mobile utility stands offer the ability to move equipment easily to where it is needed when it is needed to provide the best care for each and every patient that walks through your doors. Lakeside manufacturers a selection of equipment utility stands to hold your lightest or heaviest equipment. Find your new utility stand today!

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Why is Mobility so Important for Medical Equipment?

mobile medical equipment

“Frontline workers need to be more efficient, and to do this they need equipment that is designed to help them,” said Brian Hazelwood in Healthcare Purchasing News’ recent article. Having equipment that works with you and not against you is an absolute necessity in the healthcare industry. With limited staff, it is crucial to be able to equip staff with what they need quickly and efficiently. Mobile equipment is nothing new to this industry, but it has begun to span far past traditional medical carts. Mobile equipment now spans into other healthcare equipment areas including transportable workstations with a computer and maneuverable equipment stands. Mobility opens up so many doors for more efficient ways to offer care to patients during their time at a facility. 

Time is money, and while healthcare providers should not aim to have the shortest amount of time with each patient just to be productive, more time does allow some flexibility with patient interaction time. Mobile equipment helps to increase facility efficiency as equipment and supplies are able to be moved quickly and easily by staff when needed. When you walk into a healthcare facility today, it comes as no surprise that a noticeable number of items in the room are on wheels. When equipment is able to be moved around a room, within a department, or even around a facility, functionality is increased which is why maneuverability plays a key role in the success of a facility. 

It’s no secret that mobility helps increase efficiency, but what specifically does mobility offer to a facility that increases productivity? There are three main factors that increased efficiency can be attributed to equipment mobility. Below we will go over how equipment that is maneuverable helps to increase efficiency, improve care for patients, and increase facility flexibility. 

1. Increased Efficiency

Every healthcare facility has standard operations that are followed, and each department also has their own set of guidelines specific to their type of care. When efficiency is increased, providers are able to spend more time with patients which is vital as many patients are feeling the need for more time with their provider. Mobile equipment allows staff to quickly move equipment and supplies to where they are needed without sacrificing a large amount of time. While some mobile equipment is moved further distances, even a small bed-side medical stand in a patient’s room may need to be moved quickly to provide care. All in all, mobility helps bring back time to patients with the increased efficiency they provide. 

mobile medical equipment

2. Improved Patient Care

Healthcare workers ultimately enter the field due to their desire to help others, specifically helping folks with their medical needs. While it can be easy to get caught up in the operational side of a facility, it is important to always be reminded of the main purpose of these facilities, and that is to provide care for those experiencing medical issues. When all focus can be put on the patient, everyone is able to experience a positive environment. Mobile equipment allows providers to put their time towards patients and not shuffling around heavy equipment and bulky supplies. This all helps lead to increased patient satisfaction which is vital for facilities to maintain. 

mobile medical equipment

3. More Flexibility

“Prior to COVID, the ability to move critical supplies within a single cart from point A to point B was important but once COVID hit, the needs for speed, mobility and flexibility hit the top of the priority list,” said Ian Loper in the Healthcare Purchasing News magazine. Since the pandemic began, healthcare has shifted in many different ways. It specifically has shifted the flexibility facilities need to have within their operations. Having equipment that is flexible and able to be shifted around in a room or within a department is crucial to this new and adjusted way of healthcare operations. 

Mobile medical equipment

Mobile equipment helps increase operational efficiency while being able to give back some time to patients. While mobile equipment is not the single factor contributing to facility operational efficiency, it can make a great difference in the day-to-day tasks of providers. So how can you increase the maneuverability of equipment at your facility? Lakeside has a wide selection of mobile medical equipment solutions exactly for this need in the market.

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Why Choose a Super Saver Rolling Medical Cart?

Every business has a budget, with some having larger budgets and some having smaller budgets. Either way, a year in advance is typically the outline businesses take for outlining their budgets in an effort of anticipating what expenses there will be with some room for variations. While healthcare facilities offer care for patients, at the end of the day, they need to be able to pay the bills to be able to keep their doors open. 

Budgets are crucial in the healthcare industry, especially when it comes to medical equipment. Facilities can anticipate the need for new equipment ahead of time allowing themselves time to find the right fit for their needs while remaining within their budget. Quality medical equipment does come at a cost, but investing in equipment that will last for years will end up saving money in the long run with its increased ROI. While quality equipment can be quite pricey, there are options that allow you to still purchase a quality piece of equipment while ensuring you stay on budget. 

Lakeside’s line of Super Saver carts are economically designed for the cost-conscious and budget-driven healthcare facility. These carts are still built with the same foundational qualities as our full-size medical carts, but allow facilities to invest in new equipment without breaking the bank. So why choose Super Saver rolling medical carts? Below we will go over the main benefits of Super Saver carts to highlight their main functionalities. 

Benefit #1: Compact & Durable

While these carts are slightly smaller in stature compared to standard full-sized carts, they still are built with the same structural materials to ensure the cart’s durability. With a stainless steel build, these carts are easy to clean and sanitize and will withstand heavy usage as they are used day in and day out. When medical carts are depended on in various areas of a department, it is very important to have a cart that will stand up to the test and be able to provide mobile transport of needed equipment, supplies and medications. Durability is the name of our game at Lakeside, and our Super Saver economic cart selection is no exception.

Super saver rolling medical cart 

Benefit #2: Organizational Functionality 

Medical carts ultimately provide a storage space for the items providers need for their patients, and having an organized cart is a necessity. Having the supplies right where they are supposed to be helps reduce the time it takes to provide care for patients. Our Super Saver cart line offers various drawer configuration options to allow for selection of what suits your facility’s specific needs the best. Organization is a must, and the Super Saver medical cart line is sure to provide it. 

Super savor rolling medical cart

Benefit #3: Security of Supplies

Using medical carts allows for the safekeeping of supplies, medications, and equipment not only so that they are readily available when needed, but to also ensure that only healthcare providers are using these items. Having locks on medical carts is very important as it allows only providers access to the supplies. While some medical carts have locks for every drawer, this economical money-saving cart has just one lock on the top drawer. Not every medical cart requires all items to be locked up, so why pay for a cart that has extra unnecessary bells and whistles? With the one locking drawer, there is still the capability to lock items that need a secure location while also providing storage for other supplies that do not need to be locked in a drawer. The Super Saver carts provide the security you need at a cost your budget will appreciate. 

Super savor rolling medical cart

Benefit #4: Mobility to Move Around Facilities

Having a stationary medical cart limits the use of that piece of equipment as it is not able to be moved to where it is needed. There is a reason why most medical carts are mobile, and that is to allow equipment and supplies to be moved around so that the cart can offer functionality in various areas of a department. Although the Super Saver carts are more budget-friendly, this does not mean that mobility won’t be a feature. This line of carts is built with durable casters to ensure quick and efficient maneuverability to wherever it is needed. 

Super savor rolling medical carts

Being on a budget does not mean you have to sacrifice durability and efficiency in a cart. Having a cart that will withstand the hours, days, months, and years or use is so important when investing in new equipment. A cart that will only last you 5-10 years may be a more cost-friendly choice at the moment, but in the end it will cost more. The Super Saver medical cart line by Lakeside offers a low cost option while still providing the functionality that facilities need. Talk with a Lakeside cart expert today!

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5 Steps to Designing Your Perfect Rolling Medical Cart

Just 5 steps, and you have designed the perfect medical cart for your healthcare facility! Designing a medical cart can be a task that takes a considerable amount of time and effort, but it is crucial to understand how the layout, structure, and build of the cart will impact healthcare providers and patients for years to come. Crafting the right set-up of drawers, locks, color, and material can seem daunting as different combinations bring about different benefits. We have created this 5 step guide to help you design the perfect rolling medical cart for your healthcare facility. 

Why is a Medical Cart so Important?

Medical carts provide the organization, storage, and maneuverability needed for equipment, medication, and supplies. Rolling medical carts are used for a variety of purposes in healthcare: emergency carts, anesthesia carts, isolation carts, procedure and treatment carts, general purpose carts, hyperthermia carts, pediatric crash carts, and suture storage carts to name a few. These carts allow healthcare personnel to focus all efforts and energy on providing quality care to patients. Designing your perfect Lakeside cart is easy with our Classic Series, so let’s go over these 5 steps to help you determine what you need in your medical cart. 

1. Determine the Total Number of Drawers Needed

Depending on what you will be using the cart for, you will need different amounts of drawers and with that, you will need different drawer sizes to accommodate storage needs.  Whether you want three large drawers, or you are in need of a cart that has ten small drawers, Lakeside classic carts allow you to design it your way! Our carts have four different drawer height options that can be configured in any way: three inches, six inches, nine inches, or twelve inches. 

2. Select the Appropriate Cart Size to Accommodate Your Drawers

Now that you have determined how many three inch, six inch, nine inch, and twelve inch drawers you need, it is time to calculate the cumulative total drawer space needed and find which standard cart size your total drawer height adds up to. Our height options for classic medical carts are twenty-one inches, twenty-four inches, twenty-seven inches, or thirty inches with each having a width of thirty-two inches. Your total drawer space must equal one of these four standard height options. 

3. Choose a Lock Type

Having some form of a lock on your cart is important to ensure the cart is only accessed by the appropriate healthcare staff. We have seven lock options to choose from to accommodate different needs:

  • Standard Key Lock to lock the entire cart
  • Breakaway Lock Bar to lock the entire cart – ideal for emergency carts that need to be accessed quickly 
  • Individual Breakaway Lock Bars to lock each drawer separately – ideal for carts used in emergencies 
  • Push-Button with key override feature 
  • Proximity Reader with Electronic Auto-lock and key override feature
  • Electronic Auto-Lock with keypad and key override feature
  • LPR-SW Optional Audit Software for use with Electronic locks & Proximity Reader – ensures authorized personnel are using the cart

4. Select a Color

Depending on the carts’ purpose, you may want to select a certain color. For example, emergency carts usually are red to indicate they are only to be used in emergency situations and an anesthesia cart is typically blue so healthcare workers know exactly what that cart is used for and the supplies it holds. While there are standard colors for some cart types, we have a full selection of twenty-three colors to choose from. These shell and drawer colors are comprised of an antimicrobial powder coating. Either choose one color for your entire cart or choose two colors, one for the shell and one for the drawers. 

5. Specify Construction Material 

Our classic carts have two options for the construction material, either steel or aluminum. Both provide you with a durable piece of equipment, but the aluminum option is 50% lighter which may be of benefit for carts that are moved often or need to be moved quickly in a short time frame. Lakeside medical carts are proudly made in the USA. 

No matter what type of cart you need, make it uniquely your own by configuring the size and number of drawers, lock types, color and construction material. Classic series medical carts will be sure to provide a long-lasting and flexible rolling medical cart. 

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3 Reasons Why People Choose Our Most Popular Emergency Crash Cart

Emergency crash carts play a vital role in all healthcare facilities, but choosing the right medical cart for such emergencies can take lots of time and thought to ensure your facility is prepared for any emergency that may arise. While we know finding the right crash cart can take time, we do know one thing for sure and that is people value knowing what equipment is working well for other facilitates as it might work well for them as well. Our C-630-B-2R crash carts have been offering long-lasting durability and lightweight maneuverability needed in fast-paced and ever-changing environments for years. Could it be the right solution for your facility? Let’s dive into the star of the show, the C-630-B-2R!

Reason #1: Its Overall Configuration Works Very Well in Many Healthcare Facilities

The design of this cart serves as a valuable layout for a variety of healthcare facilities with many beneficial features including:

  • Twin poly handles
  • A plastic top
  • Four 3″ drawers, one 6″ drawer, and one 12″ drawer
  • Interchangeable drawer fronts with chrome drawer pulls
  • Breakaway lock
  • Dual-wall construction
  • Corner bumpers
  • Premium 5″ swivel casters, two that are locking and one directional
  • Antimicrobial powder coating

Check out our previous blog on how to best arrange your medical crash carts for optimal efficiency here!

Reason #2: It is Available in Steel or Aluminum

This model is available in both steel and aluminum each offering their own benefits. This flexibility in design is another reason why the C-630-B-2R is so popular. The steel build provides extremely durable mobile transport of emergency equipment, supplies, medications, and more. Our aluminum build still offers you a durable solution, but is 50% lighter allowing staff to more easily move the cart when time is of the essence.

Reason #3: It is Long-Lasting and Offers Flexibility

The final main reason why healthcare facilities have chosen this emergency rolling medical cart is the long-lasting quality it provides for them. Investing in medical equipment is not a cheap task, but investing in medical equipment that won’t last you long term can cost you extra in the end. Ensuring your cart will last for years to come is crucial, and our crash carts offer both durability and flexibility. The cherry on top: this cart is made in the USA so it can be shipped to you quickly.

While this cart is our most popular, Lakeside has a wide selection of crash carts available. If you’re not seeing the right fit, connect with us and we can talk about how Lakeside can help create the right cart for your facility.

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Improving Employee Morale at Your Healthcare Facility

Improving Employee Morale at Your Healthcare Facility

It is well known that the healthcare field has been experiencing low levels of employee retention. While there are less employees coming in to work each day, the same amount of patients are still expecting a high quality of care in a timely manner. With less employees and the same patient demands, healthcare workers are put in a tough position.

Employee morale is a great concern for every healthcare facility today as employees are working overtime multiple days a week, often days in a row, causing them to have little to no time for rest. As healthcare workers have experienced staffing shortages for a while now, the effects are starting to be extremely noticeable.

So the question is, how can you help improve employee morale for your team? According to the CDC, “Workplace health programs can improve morale and organization reputation.” Here are a few areas to consider in workplace health programs that not only focus on physical well-being, but mental well-being as well.

Supporting Employee Mental Health:

This aspect of our health affects so many areas of our life, including our energy and drive while at work. Actions speak louder than words, so consider showing employees that you value their mental health rather than just stating that you do. Consider offering mental health PTO days giving your team members an opportunity to care for themselves.

Streamlining Communication:

Creating open communication amongst your team is a great way to increase employee morale as they feel knowledgeable and aware of what is happening amongst the team and at the facility. This also leads to less confusion and uncertainty down the road. An easy way to alleviate stress is communicating ahead of time. While this is not always an option in healthcare as uncertain events are bound to happen, where you are able to offer this, make sure you to offer that open line of communication. When your team knows they can always come to you, this can help reduce stress and improve your teams’ morale.

Employee Recognition:

Consider creating an employee recognition program where team members can submit the name of someone who is doing an outstanding job with patients, working well with the team, or in other areas. Then take time to celebrate that person’s efforts and contributions to your healthcare facility in front of your team. Recognition is a huge motivator from humans.

Investing in Employee Physical Health:

While employee mental health is crucial to focus on in healthcare, it is also important to ensure your teams’ physical health is being prioritized. Your team is on their feet most of the day, moving equipment around to provide care for patients. Using equipment that is designed to reduce injuries is a great way to showcase the importance you place on physical health.

Lakeside offers a selection of Ergonomically Engineered Carts that are built to provide safety, durability, and comfort for your staff. The design of these carts provide ease for daily activities are your healthcare facility and are an investment your team will be sure to thank you for.