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The Right Cart for the Right Job: Your Durability Index Guide

The Right Cart for the Right Job: Your Durability Index Guide

Selecting the Right Utility Cart Using the Durability Index

Utility carts play an essential role in the daily routines of all major healthcare facilities. They are used to store and transport supplies and can add value to many different departments within a hospital. However, when it comes to purchasing a new utility cart for your facility, there is an overwhelming number of options to pick from. How do you know that you’re getting the right cart for the job?

There are so many different types of utility carts to choose from because they can be used for many different applications and in many different ways. When it comes to purchasing new utility carts, it’s important to know exactly what you want to use the cart for and how much you want the cart to be able to hold at once. Lakeside Manufacturing understands that choosing the right utility cart is no easy task, which is why we created our durability index to simplify the purchasing process and ensure that you get the perfect cart for the job.

The durability index for our utility carts has three different tiers that rank the carts into categories based on their capacities, ideal working environments and tasks, ideal floor surfaces to be used on, and ideal daily usage amount. Let’s take a closer look at the different tiers for utility carts in our durability index.

Durability Level 1: Standard Duty

The standard duty utility carts are the most common carts that are probably similar to what you have in your facility today. These carts are great for carrying out daily tasks and transporting supplies to where they are needed. Our standard duty carts have a carrying capacity of 300 lbs. making them ideal for transporting light loads and use in clinical environments. These carts are built on casters that perform best on smooth surfaces like smooth vinyl, vinyl tile floor, and smooth indoor concrete. Additionally, the standard duty utility carts are recommended for a maximum of 3 hours of use per day to ensure their integrity lasts for a long time. Standard duty utility carts are typically constructed with 22-gauge stainless steel shelves and 20-gauge stainless steel legs for a solid level of strength and durability. Some examples of our standard duty utility carts include:

311 Utility Cart: The 311 is Lakeside’s timeless product that has been utilized by facilities for decades. This classic no-frills cart is designed to satisfy all of your basic needs for a utility cart, while ensuring the quality that will last for years.

Standard Duty Plastic Utility Carts: If the 311 model made with stainless steel isn’t right for your facility, a standard duty plastic utility cart might suit your needs better. Our plastic utility carts have all the basic features that you need while also having solid strength and durability.

standard duty utility carts

Durability Level 2: Medium Duty

The medium duty utility carts are the next step up from standard duty and can handle a bit more usage and heavier loads. Medium duty carts work especially well in clinical, central supply, distribution, and storage applications and are perfect for transporting moderate loads. The medium duty carts have a carrying capacity of 500 lbs. and move around best on smooth vinyl, ceramic tile floors, and smooth indoor concrete. Medium duty utility carts are built with stronger materials and designed to last meaning that the ideal daily usage amount is around 4-9 hours per day. These carts are constructed using 20-gauge stainless steel shelves and 16-gauge stainless steel legs. Some examples of Lakeside’s medium duty utility carts include:

411 Utility Cart: The 411 utility cart is the larger version of the 311, with extra carrying capacity and all of the same great standard features. This stainless steel cart is sure to satisfy all of your basic needs for a utility cart.

479 Tubular Frame Stainless Steel Utility Cart: The Tubular Frame Utility Cart is also constructed with stainless steel to ensure strength, durability, and cleanability. This model features dual handles to allow for pushing from either side which can be especially helpful in narrow spaces where it may be tough to turn the cart completely around. The tubular frame design also adds structural strength to the cart and allows for its 500lb. carrying capacity.

Contemporary Design Plastic Utility Carts: If stainless steel isn’t the right fit for your facility, then the 2512 Contemporary Design Plastic Utility Cart may be the perfect solution for you. With a clean, modern design and dual handles this cart is easy to maneuver, and the stain and odor resistant plastic material is easy to sanitize after the cart has been used.

medium duty utility carts

Durability Level 3: Heavy Duty

Heavy duty utility carts are the top of the pyramid of our durability index as they are built with heavy loads and top-tier durability in mind. Heavy duty utility carts are the best solution for receiving goods, and transporting heavy loads with a carrying capacity of 700 lbs. Our heavy-duty carts can perform well wherever your facility may need them including on vinyl and tile floors, carpet, indoor concrete, and even rough surfaces. The heavy-duty utility carts are built using 18-gauge stainless steel shelves and 1/8” thick stainless steel legs which ensure the best strength and durability in its tier. The strong materials and design allow these carts to be used up to  9-12 hours every day while ensuring that they remain in their peak shape. Some examples of our heavy-duty utility carts include:

Angle “U”-Frame Stainless Steel Utility Carts: This heavy-duty utility cart is designed to cover any of your supply transportation or storage needs. The U-shaped frame design provides superior structural strength for large loads up to 700lbs. while the larger 8” front casters allow the cart to transition over uneven surfaces with ease.

Heavy Duty Narrow Width Cart: If you need a utility cart with top-tier strength but is still able to be used in tight spaces, then a Heavy-Duty Narrow Width Cart is the solution for you. The U-shaped frame also gives this model excellent strength and the extended handle and narrower profile make this a very maneuverable cart, even in tight spaces.

heavy duty utility carts

In addition to our 3 tiers of products in the durability index, Lakeside also manufactures numerous products with weight capacities of 1,000 lbs. and even 1,500 lbs. Get in touch with us with any questions about our utility carts and the durability index and let’s find the solution for your facility’s utility cart needs!

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