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2023 Halfway Roundup: Discover Our Must-Read Blogs of the Year

2023 Halfway Roundup Discover Our Must-Read Blogs

It's hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year 2023! Where did the time go? As we look back on these past six months, we couldn’t help but to create a one stop shop for our medical reps who may have missed important information about our key medical carts of 2023.

But if there's one thing for certain: keeping up with all the product news and trends of groundbreaking products in this field is no small task. That said, you don't have to worry about catching up on what has been happening at the 2023 midway mark because we've rounded up our must-read blogs that cover it all! 

From insights about designing the perfect medical case cart to deep dissections about how a narcotics cabinet increases success and safety in an OR, here are our top posts of 2023 (so far...) that will put you well ahead of your peers when it comes to staying informed about our sustainable medical carts.

1. What to Look For in a Case Cart

What to Look For in a Case Cart

Finding the ideal surgical case cart involves considering various factors such as portability, security, worker safety, and workflow changes. With over 75 years of experience in the healthcare equipment industry, Lakeside has perfected their case cart design based on operator feedback. 

When assisting an operator in finding the right fit, three main qualities need to be considered: 

Security, worker safety, and workflow changes. At Lakeside, healthcare operators are offered a wide selection of standard and configurable case carts, with options for customization. Discover how choosing the right case cart enhances efficiency in ORs by providing a durable space for sterile supplies and equipment storage.

Read the full blog by clicking, ‘Choose The Right Cart’.

2. Designing the Ideal Case Cart With Lakeside’s Custom Solutions

Designing the Ideal Case Cart With Lakeside's Custom Solutions

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a brand that offered highly configurable and customizable medical case carts to meet the specific needs of a variety of healthcare operations? Well, good news, there is! 

Enter the world at Lakeside Medical and experience how inspiring it is for an end user to modify our standard case carts for the perfect fit. With options for shelving including wire, solid, and perforated stainless steel, Lakeside’s surgical case carts can be tailored to fit the exact protocols and needs of any surgical or operating room. 

Take a look at three diverse, yet versatile Lakeside Case Carts, ideal for any medical environment below!

Read the full blog by clicking, Design Your Cart’.

3. A Quick Dissection of the Lakeside Narcotics Cabinet

A Quick Dissection of the Lakeside Narcotics Cabinet

Imagine how chaotic it’d be if there was no organization in a hospital. Now imagine if there were limited safety precautions put into place. The results could be deadly for not only patients, but for hospital staff as well. 

However, did you know Lakeside narcotics cabinets have a variety of essential features that can take an operator’s hospital staff to the next level? In this blog, see the keys behind a Lakeside narcotics cabinet and how each creates success and safety in and outside of an OR. Open the doors to find out!

Read the full blog by clicking ‘Unlock Your Box Now’. 

4. Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms With These Lakeside Carts

Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms With These Lakeside Carts

Moving equipment wherever it’s needed is essential during a long operation for a team of surgeons. Surgeons must not only have critical tools at the tips of their fingers, but quick and easy access to supplies on the fly. Secondly, when tools aren’t in reach, time gets wasted by having to leave the operating room to retrieve them. This creates risk for mistakes to happen among a team of surgeons. 

How can operators increase efficiency in their operating rooms? And what type of Lakeside cart is right for the job?

Read the full blog by clicking ‘Break Through The Clutter’. 

5. Don’t Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

Don't Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

The functionality of medical carts goes beyond its drawers and their inventory. Healthcare operators who equip medical utility carts with the right accessories not only optimize the carts’ functionalities but also improve the healthcare providers' efficiency. Lakeside medical carts, for instance, provide ample options for accessories that can be added to the structure and top of a cart to meet the specific needs of the healthcare facility. 

However, before adding any accessory, healthcare operators must carefully weigh their options as each accessory has its pros and cons. From hooks and IV poles to laptop trays and waste baskets, there are a variety of in-demand medical cart accessories that can boost the efficiency of the cart. Whether it’s a crash cart or an anesthesia cart, relying on these accessories can make a big difference in how healthcare is delivered. For more insights on maximizing the functionality of medical carts…

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