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3 Reasons Why People Choose Our Most Popular Emergency Crash Cart

Emergency crash carts play a vital role in all healthcare facilities, but choosing the right medical cart for such emergencies can take lots of time and thought to ensure your facility is prepared for any emergency that may arise. While we know finding the right crash cart can take time, we do know one thing for sure and that is people value knowing what equipment is working well for other facilitates as it might work well for them as well. Our C-630-B-2R crash carts have been offering long-lasting durability and lightweight maneuverability needed in fast-paced and ever-changing environments for years. Could it be the right solution for your facility? Let’s dive into the star of the show, the C-630-B-2R!

Reason #1: Its Overall Configuration Works Very Well in Many Healthcare Facilities

The design of this cart serves as a valuable layout for a variety of healthcare facilities with many beneficial features including:

  • Twin poly handles
  • A plastic top
  • Four 3″ drawers, one 6″ drawer, and one 12″ drawer
  • Interchangeable drawer fronts with chrome drawer pulls
  • Breakaway lock
  • Dual-wall construction
  • Corner bumpers
  • Premium 5″ swivel casters, two that are locking and one directional
  • Antimicrobial powder coating

Check out our previous blog on how to best arrange your medical crash carts for optimal efficiency here!

Reason #2: It is Available in Steel or Aluminum

This model is available in both steel and aluminum each offering their own benefits. This flexibility in design is another reason why the C-630-B-2R is so popular. The steel build provides extremely durable mobile transport of emergency equipment, supplies, medications, and more. Our aluminum build still offers you a durable solution, but is 50% lighter allowing staff to more easily move the cart when time is of the essence.

Reason #3: It is Long-Lasting and Offers Flexibility

The final main reason why healthcare facilities have chosen this emergency rolling medical cart is the long-lasting quality it provides for them. Investing in medical equipment is not a cheap task, but investing in medical equipment that won’t last you long term can cost you extra in the end. Ensuring your cart will last for years to come is crucial, and our crash carts offer both durability and flexibility. The cherry on top: this cart is made in the USA so it can be shipped to you quickly.

While this cart is our most popular, Lakeside has a wide selection of crash carts available. If you’re not seeing the right fit, connect with us and we can talk about how Lakeside can help create the right cart for your facility.

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