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Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms with These Lakeside Carts

Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms With These Lakeside Carts

The Lakeside Carts that Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms

Moving equipment wherever it’s needed is essential during a long operation for a team of surgeons. Surgeons must not only have critical tools at the tips of their fingers, but quick and easy access to supplies on the fly. Secondly, when tools aren’t in reach, time gets wasted by having to leave the operating room to retrieve them. This creates risk for mistakes to happen among a team of surgeons. How can operators increase efficiency in their operating rooms? And what type of Lakeside cart is right for the job?

Operators who are short on space and that lack organization should start with Lakeside Equipment Stands! Here’s a breakdown of the benefits operating rooms can reap.

Spacious Compact Drawers for Efficient Storage 

Operators who are stretched thin on space within their operating room may find a solution in the Lakeside 358 Equipment Stand. This medical equipment cart’s two generous drawers cut down on the need of having to waste time restocking supplies during surgery. These drawers are also spacious, yet compact so that they can easily be pulled out for quick access

For operators with less equipment to haul and store, the Lakeside 356 Equipment Stand with one drawer may be a better fit. It’s important for operators to know that both of these Lakeside Medical Equipment Carts are available with optional locks for further protection.


Spacious, compact, quick access.

Stainless Steel Construction for Hauling Heavy Equipment

Over time, typical medical equipment carts can get excessively worn down by surgeons surgery after surgery. Their carts may not travel in a straight line due to having a bent frame after holding heavy equipment for over thousands of hours. Perhaps the equipment stand has a loose caster that is missing a screw. Operators shouldn’t have to worry about their equipment stands giving away during vigorous operations. 

With Lakeside’s heavy duty equipment stands, surgeons can expect extreme durability and versatility that will serve them for years to come. The Lakeside 359 is a perfect example of being both durable and versatile. Its three shelves can hold a vast amount of surgical equipment without bending under multiple hours of constant stress.


Holds 300-Lb. for 3 Hours

All-Swivel Casters for Effortless Transport

It can’t be said enough how critical it is for surgeons to effectively transport equipment on the fly during surgery around an operating table. Performing surgery requires ultimate focus from surgeons and one slip up could cause detrimental consequences. 

With Lakeside Medical Equipment Stands, moving supplies around an operating table is subtle and effortless, while keeping surgeons in control. All Lakeside Medical Equipment Carts come equipped with ultra smooth all-swivel casters for easy transport in and around tight spaces. Surgeons will have the ability to haul the supplies they need when needed. For operators that want extra stability for their staff, two optional braking casters can be added to a Lakeside Heavy Duty Equipment Stand.


Three small pictures of casters that can be seen on Lakeside Equipment Stands

Why Operating Rooms Are in Trouble

Without question, having space is often an issue that irks operating rooms across the country. 600 square feet is generally the minimum size operating rooms should be. Now that may sound like plenty of room for surgeons to work with, but when you throw in the number of surgeons and amount of equipment needed for an operation, that space shrinks tremendously. 

How in the world is a room the size of 600 square feet going to hold equipment such as IV poles, anesthesia machines, operating lights, a laser, prep tables, trash bins and many other units? 

The size of operating rooms in America is often at a premium, but lack of organization creates inventory management problems among a staff of surgeons. When large units of equipment are underutilized and scattered throughout an operating room, precious space is limited for surgeons to perform surgery at the highest level possible.

The Need to Implement Simplicity

Clutter and lack of space are current problems threatening operating rooms and their safety. An efficient operating room is a successful one that begins with the effort of implementing consistent organization. For operators, condensing storage equipment is a major step in freeing up space in an operating room. Why have five storage carts in the room when only one is needed for a specific surgery? Furthermore, why have three medical equipment carts when one can hold and transport supplies effortlessly around an operating table? Less is more which rings true about Lakeside Equipment Stands. See the difference by clicking ‘Break Through The Clutterbelow!


Break Through The Clutter

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