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How-To: Increase Efficiency in ORs With the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart


Operating rooms are always busy and bustling with healthcare professionals performing lifesaving procedures. In such a high-pressure environment, safety, efficiency, and organization are critical. At the heart of this well-oiled machine is the case cart, responsible for transporting supplies and equipment to the OR. If case carts are not managed properly, chaos can erupt, thus increasing the risk of contamination and injury. In this blog, we’ll break down how to use the Lakeside C242 Case Cart to improve safety and maximize efficiency in the OR.

What Makes This Cart Ultra Durable and Sustainable…

Stainless Steel Dolly Unique To Lakeside Case Carts

One of the standout features of the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart is its stainless steel dolly. This dolly is designed to provide a sturdy and reliable base for the cart, ensuring that it can safely carry heavy loads and withstand repeated use over time. The stainless steel construction is also resistant to rust and corrosion, making it a durable and long-lasting choice for healthcare facilities.

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Doors and Door Hinges

Another overlooked feature of the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart is its heavy-duty stainless steel doors and door hinges. The door hinges are engineered to provide excellent durability and reliability, even when the cart is used heavily on a daily basis. This helps to ensure that the doors of the cart remain securely closed during transport and storage, maintaining complete sterilization of supplies en route to an OR.

Base Corner Bumpers Reduce Impact, Protect Surgical Instruments

In addition to its sturdy base and reliable doors and door hinges, the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart also features base corner bumpers that help to reduce impact and protect the supplies inside. These bumpers are strategically placed at the four bottom corners of the cart, providing a layer of cushioning that helps absorb shocks and prevent damage to delicate equipment or surgical instruments.

Space-Saving Design for Tight Spaces 

Measuring at a compact 43-1/2”W x 28”D x 42”H, the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart is specifically designed to navigate around tight corners, fit in small spaces, and easily slide underneath shelves. This provides an ideal solution for surgeons looking to optimize their space in a packed OR.

Top Left: Stainless Steel Dolly. Top Right: Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Doors and Door Hinges. Bottom Left: Base Corner Bumpers. Bottom Right: Space-Saving Design for Tight Spaces

Prepping The Cart For Maximum Safety and Efficiency

Utilizing Easy To Open Doors Latches 

In order for a healthcare operator to begin prepping the cart, they must first open the doors of the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart. This can be easily done by utilizing the cart’s door latches on each of its stainless steel doors. To open a door, an operator should pull the latch toward their body. This will unlock and open the door. 

Once opened, an operator needs to push the door, making it parallel to the side of the cart. There will be a white hold open latch that secures the door open. An operator needs to pull the hold open latch away from the door in order for the door to tuck in behind. When the door is behind the hold open latch, the latch can be released. This can be repeated when opening up the second door. 

Easy To Open Doors Latches

Pulling Out Shelves For Ease of Loading

Now that an operator has the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart’s doors secured by the hold open latches, it’s now time to stock the cart with surgical instruments. The CC242 comes standard with two solid stainless steel shelves. To pull these shelves out, an operator should grab the shelf from the middle and pull toward their body. 

The shelves are now ready to be stocked with the necessary surgical supplies. With the cart’s maximized interior storage space, operators have the ability to store and transport surgical supplies efficiently and conveniently.

Once stocked, the shelves can be pushed back into the cart. This feature reduces fatigue and saves surgeons time before and during surgery as it allows for quick and effortless stocking functionalities. Note: Shelf slides have an internal slotted stop allowing 50% pullout of shelves to prevent tipping. Shelves can be fully removed by unscrewing the shelf from the shelf slides.

An operator also has the option to choose between perforated shelving or wire shelving. To see more click, ‘Lakeside Shelving’.

Pullout Shelves Have 50% Slotted Stop to Prevent Tipping

Operating The Lakeside CC242 Case Cart For Quiet Transport

Pushing Ergonomic Angled Top-Mount Dual Push Handles

It’s time to transport the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart to the OR! To get started, a healthcare operator will simply need to choose a side of the angled top-mount dual push handles and start pushing. These handles are mounted to the cart’s angled top corners and are ergonomically designed for 24/7 operator comfort.

Ergonomic Top-Mount Push Handles for 24/7 Operator Comfort

Medical Grade Sealed Casters Provide Absolute Silence in ORs

With four high-quality 6" all-swivel plate mounted sealed MedCasters by Colson, this cart not only ensures a hygienic environment, but makes transporting surgical supplies a breeze. The casters are offset for easy maneuvering over thresholds and feature sound deadening pads to minimize noise. 

Two casters have directional locks, while the other two have brakes, allowing for precise control. To engage the casters with directional locking, an operator simply needs to press 'ON' on the green levers. To engage the casters with brakes, an operator needs to press 'ON' on the red levers. To revert back to all-swivel mode, an operator needs to press the 'OFF' switch on each of the four caster’s levers.

Plate Mounted Medical Grade Casters Provide Absolute Silence

Sterilizing Made Simple After Heavy Usage

Flat Interior Sides Create for Easy Cleaning Capabilities

Staying on top of cleanliness in and outside the OR is imperative, and the less time equipment is out of use for cleaning, the more efficient the OR can operate. The Lakeside CC242 Case Cart possesses a flat interior design, which makes it easier to clean than most carts. This design ensures that no areas are missed and reduces the risk of bacteria growth between uses. The cart’s stainless steel construction makes it durable and ensures long-lasting use despite repeated exposure to cleaning agents and high temperatures.

Flat Interior Sides Create for Easy Cleaning Capabilities

Endless Variations and Feature Combinations

In addition to the standard features above, a healthcare operator can also customize the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart to fit their OR’s unique needs. Here are just a few additional options an operator can equip to further increase the safety and efficiency in their ORs.

Door Gasket

The inclusion of a door gasket ensures that medical equipment remains sterile and free from any contaminants during transport. This optional feature is particularly useful for urban hospitals where air quality can impact the cleanliness of surgical supplies.

ID Flag System

An ID flag system can also be added to the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart, making it easy to identify if the cart’s supplies are clean or dirty. This optional feature is beneficial for ensuring maximum safety and organization in and out of the OR.

ID Holder

An ID holder can be added for seamless access to patient identification and supplies information. This optional feature enhances OR efficiency by ensuring that staff can quickly identify the correct cart needed for a specific surgery.

Endless Variations and Feature Combinations. Top Left: Door Gasket. Top Right: ID Holder. Bottom: ID Flag System.

Largest Selection of Case Carts on the Market Such As…

Lakeside CC242 Case Cart With Clear Doors

The Lakeside CC242 model also can come with clear doors instead of stainless steel ones. This allows medical staff to see inside without opening the door. This feature reduces the risk of contamination when a staff member needs to inspect the contents of the cart quickly.

Lakeside CC142 Case Cart

Another option to consider is the Lakeside CC142. This case cart for surgery is thinner than other Lakeside Case Carts with its width measuring at 25-1/2”. However, this feature allows the cart to be maneuvered around tight spaces, which is crucial in many packed ORs. It also features one door. To discover more, click, ‘CC142’.

Largest Selection of Case Carts on the Market Featuring: Lakeside CC242 With Clear Doors and Lakeside CC142.

Increase Efficiency in and Out of the OR With Lakeside Case Carts

In conclusion, safe and efficient ORs need well-designed case carts for surgery to function more effectively. Lakeside Case Carts such as the CC242 work effortlessly in and out of ORs which make it a reliable and efficient addition to any healthcare facility. As a result, healthcare providers can concentrate on providing quality care to patients with the peace of mind that their equipment is within reach and organized correctly, thus ensuring optimum productivity. To see the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart in action, click, ‘Increase OR Efficiencybelow!

Increase OR Efficiency

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How-To: Efficiently Use the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart


In the healthcare industry, medical utility carts are essential in providing the highest quality of care to patients. One of our most popular medical carts with drawers in the market today is the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart. This medical supply cart is built with a durable powder-coated steel construction, spacious drawers, and smooth maneuverability that can cater to various healthcare and long-term care settings.

In this blog, we will provide tips and tricks on how to maximize the use of the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart. From its six drawers in three different sizes to the over 20 available accessories, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on how a healthcare profession can make the most out of this versatile medical utility cart.

Getting Familiar With The Cart’s Sustainable Features…

Rugged Powder-Coated Steel Keeps Supplies Sterilized

Once received, the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart should be ready to roll right out of the box. However, there are some medical supply cart basics an operator should get familiar with before further use. The first thing an operator should be aware of about the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart is its construction. 

This medical supply cart’s rugged powder-coated steel is superior in durability and is built to last. Powder-coated steel is corrosion resistant and protects from unnecessary moisture that could be disruptive to keeping supplies inside the cart sterilized. Plus, it allows the medical cart with drawers to be competitively priced without sacrificing the quality that Lakeside is revered for.

Solid Plastic Corner Bumpers Absorb Hard Impacts

Durability and safety should be the top priorities of any healthcare and long-term care operators. That’s where solid plastic corner bumpers come into play. Located above each caster on the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart, these small yet mighty bumpers can absorb hard impacts, protecting both the medical utility cart and its interior supplies from damage. These solid plastic corner bumpers ensure that valuable equipment and supplies remain intact, even in high-traffic hospitals, clinics and patient rooms. 

Solid Plastic Corner Bumpers Absorb Hard Impacts

Prepping The Cart For Vigorous Transport…

Stocking Functional and Flexible Drawers 

Having a reliable medical cart with drawers is essential, but just having drawers isn’t enough. They need to be functional and flexible to meet the varying needs of healthcare and long-term care professionals. Fortunately, the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart’s six drawers come in three different sizes - four that are 3" tall, one that is 6" tall, and one that’s 9" tall. 

With these spacious drawers, stocking and organizing patient supplies and medicines becomes easy to access and manage. For healthcare and long-term care operators who need enhanced organization, optional modular drawer dividers are available for add on.

Top to Bottom: Rugged Powder Coating 4-3" Drawers 1-6" Drawer 1-12" Drawer

Attaching Optional Accessories For Emergencies

The availability of over 20 accessories makes this medical supply cart even more versatile, catering to a variety of medical settings. With options such as an IV pole, oxygen tank brackets and even a wire basket, the convenience and functionality of this Lakeside Classic Emergency Cart makes it an absolute must-have in any medical facility. 

Attaching accessories on the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart is a breeze. An operator will see many holes on the back and sides of the medical utility cart. These holes are for attaching accessories. Some accessories such as the wire basket will need an accessory bar bracket attached first. These bar brackets act as a support for accessories such as the wire basket to attach onto. 

However, many additional accessories Lakeside offers connect through the holes without an accessory bar bracket.

Accessorize Your Classic Cart With Lakeside Accessory Packages or Individual Accessories

Securing Breakaway Lock Bars To Ensure Supplies Are Sterilized

The last step before a healthcare or long-term care professional is ready to transport the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart, securing it with breakaway lock bars is essential. This is to signify if any supplies in the medical utility cart’s drawers were tampered with before patient care is executed. Once a medical cart with drawers is fully stocked and prepared, it’s time for an operator to seal it with breakaway lock bars. 

To secure the medical supply cart, operators will notice a hinged breakaway panel running along the right side of each shelf. There will be two lock bars to insert the breakaway seals into. To secure the seals after insertion, the operator must connect the two ends of the seal, effectively locking them in place.

Transporting With Ease and Silence…

Ergonomic Push Handles For Easy Pushing Over Long Distances

This medical utility cart is equipped with vertical ergonomic push handles, which may seem small, but make a world of difference when pushing and maneuvering over long distances. Made out of poly, these handles provide added comfort ensuring healthcare and long-term care operators can do their job without discomfort or strain. Our hands do so much; they deserve the best, and the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart delivers that promise.

Casters For Silent and Smooth Maneuverability in Hallways

Silent and smooth maneuverability in both healthcare and long-term care environments is critical. That’s where the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart’s all-swivel casters come in. With its four 5” casters (2 locking, 1 directional) being attached to the cart’s all-welded stainless steel dolly, silent and smooth maneuverability in hallways is consistently achieved. 

Once the classic emergency cart has reached its designated destination, the operator can easily secure its locking casters by using foot-operated levers. Moreover, the directional lock option facilitates smooth maneuvering of the cart in a straight line whenever necessary.

Casters For Silent and Smooth Maneuverability in Hallways

Taking The Lakeside C-630-B-2R To The Next Level…

Standard and Modifiable Colors 

The Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart comes in a standard two-tone color, red with telegraph gray. For operators seeking medical carts in colors other than red, two popular choices are yellow and blue. Yellow designates isolation, while blue designates anesthesia

However, there are over 23 standard colors (solid or two-tone) available for an operator to choose from. For colors that aren’t listed as standard options, an operator can request a custom color to fit their unique needs. Check out Lakeside’s 23 standard color options below!

23 Standard Colors

Endless Variety of Locking Options

What if a healthcare or long-term care operation is looking for a different locking option other than breakaway locks? Luckily, with Lakeside’s endless variety of locking options available, an operator can create a lock system that fits their Lakeside Classic Emergency Cart perfectly. 

At Lakeside, a vast amount of locking options are available including:

  • Key locks. 
  • Breakaway lock bars for individual drawers.
  • Push-button with key override. 
  • Electronic auto-lock with key override.
  • Proximity reader with electronic auto-lock and key override. 

Whether a healthcare or long-term care operator is looking to secure their patient’s or resident’s medical supplies, they can rest easy knowing they have the right locking system in place for added security.

6 Locking Options: Key Lock. Breakaway Lock Bar. IB Individual Breakaway Lock Bars. Push-Button with Key Override. X Proximity Reader with Electronic Auto-lock and Key Override. Electronic Auto-lock with Key Override.

The Classic Emergency Cart For High Quality Patient Care

We hope this blog was helpful in demonstrating the utility of the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart and how it can be effectively used to provide a higher level of care. This cart offers numerous advantages, such as its durable powder-coated steel construction, spacious drawers, and easy maneuverability. By utilizing all that the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart has to offer, healthcare and long-term care professionals can ensure that their patients and residents receive top quality care.

Investing in medical equipment that provides superior quality care is something that every healthcare and long-term care operation should strive for, and the features of this classic emergency cart make it an ideal choice for those looking to increase both patient and resident safety and satisfaction. Click, ‘A New Way To Transport’ to get started now!

A New Way To Transport

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2023 Halfway Roundup: Discover Our Must-Read Blogs of the Year

2023 Halfway Roundup Discover Our Must-Read Blogs

It's hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year 2023! Where did the time go? As we look back on these past six months, we couldn’t help but to create a one stop shop for our medical reps who may have missed important information about our key medical carts of 2023.

But if there's one thing for certain: keeping up with all the product news and trends of groundbreaking products in this field is no small task. That said, you don't have to worry about catching up on what has been happening at the 2023 midway mark because we've rounded up our must-read blogs that cover it all! 

From insights about designing the perfect medical case cart to deep dissections about how a narcotics cabinet increases success and safety in an OR, here are our top posts of 2023 (so far...) that will put you well ahead of your peers when it comes to staying informed about our sustainable medical carts.

1. What to Look For in a Case Cart

What to Look For in a Case Cart

Finding the ideal surgical case cart involves considering various factors such as portability, security, worker safety, and workflow changes. With over 75 years of experience in the healthcare equipment industry, Lakeside has perfected their case cart design based on operator feedback. 

When assisting an operator in finding the right fit, three main qualities need to be considered: 

Security, worker safety, and workflow changes. At Lakeside, healthcare operators are offered a wide selection of standard and configurable case carts, with options for customization. Discover how choosing the right case cart enhances efficiency in ORs by providing a durable space for sterile supplies and equipment storage.

Read the full blog by clicking, ‘Choose The Right Cart’.

2. Designing the Ideal Case Cart With Lakeside’s Custom Solutions

Designing the Ideal Case Cart With Lakeside's Custom Solutions

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a brand that offered highly configurable and customizable medical case carts to meet the specific needs of a variety of healthcare operations? Well, good news, there is! 

Enter the world at Lakeside Medical and experience how inspiring it is for an end user to modify our standard case carts for the perfect fit. With options for shelving including wire, solid, and perforated stainless steel, Lakeside’s surgical case carts can be tailored to fit the exact protocols and needs of any surgical or operating room. 

Take a look at three diverse, yet versatile Lakeside Case Carts, ideal for any medical environment below!

Read the full blog by clicking, Design Your Cart’.

3. A Quick Dissection of the Lakeside Narcotics Cabinet

A Quick Dissection of the Lakeside Narcotics Cabinet

Imagine how chaotic it’d be if there was no organization in a hospital. Now imagine if there were limited safety precautions put into place. The results could be deadly for not only patients, but for hospital staff as well. 

However, did you know Lakeside narcotics cabinets have a variety of essential features that can take an operator’s hospital staff to the next level? In this blog, see the keys behind a Lakeside narcotics cabinet and how each creates success and safety in and outside of an OR. Open the doors to find out!

Read the full blog by clicking ‘Unlock Your Box Now’. 

4. Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms With These Lakeside Carts

Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms With These Lakeside Carts

Moving equipment wherever it’s needed is essential during a long operation for a team of surgeons. Surgeons must not only have critical tools at the tips of their fingers, but quick and easy access to supplies on the fly. Secondly, when tools aren’t in reach, time gets wasted by having to leave the operating room to retrieve them. This creates risk for mistakes to happen among a team of surgeons. 

How can operators increase efficiency in their operating rooms? And what type of Lakeside cart is right for the job?

Read the full blog by clicking ‘Break Through The Clutter’. 

5. Don’t Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

Don't Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

The functionality of medical carts goes beyond its drawers and their inventory. Healthcare operators who equip medical utility carts with the right accessories not only optimize the carts’ functionalities but also improve the healthcare providers' efficiency. Lakeside medical carts, for instance, provide ample options for accessories that can be added to the structure and top of a cart to meet the specific needs of the healthcare facility. 

However, before adding any accessory, healthcare operators must carefully weigh their options as each accessory has its pros and cons. From hooks and IV poles to laptop trays and waste baskets, there are a variety of in-demand medical cart accessories that can boost the efficiency of the cart. Whether it’s a crash cart or an anesthesia cart, relying on these accessories can make a big difference in how healthcare is delivered. For more insights on maximizing the functionality of medical carts…

Read the full blog by clicking ‘Equip The Cart’.

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Innovation Infusion: The Remarkable Transformation of a Lakeside 711 Stainless Steel Utility Cart

Innovation Infusion: The Remarkable Transformation of a Lakeside 711 Stainless Steel Utility Cart

The Backstory of the Specimen Cart:

In the healthcare industry, efficiency and precision are critical. Laboratories require equipment that can handle sensitive test tubes and other specimens while also being easy to transport and maneuver. That's why Lakeside was thrilled when a top-tier hospital reached out to us for a customized version of our Lakeside 711 Stainless Steel Utility Cart. The lab was looking for a customized cart that could safely hold and transport their specimen rack from one location to another. So, without further adieu, let’s dive into the remarkable transformation of the 711 into a cutting-edge specimen cart.

Lakeside 711 Stainless Steel Utility Cart on top left over food. Lakeside Customized 711 Stainless Steel Specimen Utility Cart on bottom right over medical equipment.

How We Executed It:

At Lakeside, we take pride in providing innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Our team worked closely with the lab to ensure that the revamped Lakeside 711 Stainless Steel Utility Cart was precisely what they required. We started by adding horizontal square tube supports to prevent tipping and spills, ensuring that the utility cart would be safe and efficient for transporting sensitive specimen vials and their contaminants.

To ensure accuracy and precision, we meticulously verified measurements and fit with the lab. The result? A cart that can securely hold a custom-sized 18” x 27.5” tray and has a maximum shelf weight capacity of 200-Lb. With fully welded seams and leg bumpers on all four legs, the specimen cart was designed for durability and longevity.

The lack of a handle on the specimen cart allows for easy access from both sides. Additionally, the utility cart features four 5” swivel casters, making it easy to maneuver and move around the lab. This customized Lakeside 711 Stainless Steel Utility is perfect for labs of all sizes, and its durable stainless steel construction will ensure that it lasts for years to come.

Design and Construction Specifications: 430 Grade Stainless Steel Welded Construction. (1) Shelf to Hold 18" x 27.5" Customized Tray. Fully Welded Seams. Maximum Shelf Weight Capacity of 200-Lb. No Handle. Leg Bumpers on All Four Legs. Horizontal Square Tube Supports. (4) 5" Swivel Casters.

A Sustainable Result

The remarkable transformation of the Lakeside 711 Stainless Steel Utility Cart into a cutting-edge specimen cart is a testament to the innovative and sustainable solutions we provide at Lakeside. We worked hand-in-hand with a top-tier hospital to ensure that their needs were met with precision and accuracy. Today, the same cart is currently utilized in labs across the country owned by the same company. We're proud of the work we've done and look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions that contribute to improved healthcare outcomes.

This customized Lakeside 711 Stainless Steel Utility Cart was outfitted to fit an 18" x 27.5" specimen rack on its top shelf.

Feeling inspired? Want to design the perfect cart for your healthcare facility and its needs? Well, as you found out with the specimen cart, no design is too difficult for us to turn into reality. Get started with a free consultation by clicking ‘Design Your Cart’ to speak to our Lakeside customer service team!

Design Your Cart

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How Efficient Medical Carts Help Give Back Time to Patients

Header_How Efficient Medical Carts Help Give Back Time to Patients

The Demand For Medical Carts is Increasing

Medical carts are becoming increasingly essential across the world, with the market expected to soar to over $9 billion by 2030. That’s a whopping growth rate of 16.4% from 2022 to 2030, with a current market size of $2.6 billion. Why is this expected to happen, you ask? Experts predict the demand for medical utility carts will skyrocket due to the growing global population, aging, and higher rates of musculoskeletal problems. For operators in the healthcare industry, it’s recommended to start gearing up with sustainable medical carts to meet the needs of your staff and patients. In this regard, let’s delve into a few versatile Lakeside Medical Carts and see why they’re the best value for healthcare operators around the world.

Lakeside 6-Drawer Classic Emergency Carts:

Lakeside 6-Drawer Classic Emergency Carts give a sustainable solution that provide healthcare operators a sleek combination of durability, functionality, and style. Take for example, the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Lakeside Medical Cart

Drawers of 4 Different Sizes for Storing Items

With 4 different drawer sizes available (4 ea. 3”, 1 ea. 6”, 1 ea. 12”), staff can easily store a wide range of items, from bulkier equipment to smaller medical tools, medicines, and supplies. Additionally, the drawers are secured with breakaway lock bars to provide extra support during transport.

Available in 23 Standard Colors to Suit Any Operation

With a range of color options to choose from, healthcare operators can customize a Lakeside Emergency Medical Cart to match their facility’s colors and style. Whether an operator wants bold red, a calming beige, or bright pink, this Lakeside Medical Cart can be tailored to fit a healthcare operation’s preferences. Not only does this add a personalized touch to a healthcare worker’s workspace, but it also contributes to a more uplifting and positive environment for patients to feel at ease in.

Rugged Powder Coated Construction for Superior Durability

One of the most critical components of any medical utility cart is its durability. The Lakeside 6-Drawer Classic Emergency Cart is built with a rugged antimicrobial powder coated steel construction, which means it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use while still looking brand new. Its steel frame is sturdy and robust, and its antimicrobial powder coating offers protection against scratches, dents, and rust. This ensures a long life for the medical cart and provides a reliable and sustainable solution for years to come.

Lakeside C-630-B-2R Medical Cart. 
- Rugged Powder Coating
- 4-3" drawers
- 1-6" drawer
- 1-12" drawer

23 Standard Colors

Lakeside Classic Isolation Carts:

Healthcare operators that choose to invest in Lakeside Classic Isolation Carts are making a wise decision for their staff and patients. These carts not only have standard benefits such as secure storage and accessibility, but also emotional benefits such as peace of mind and an organized workspace. Take a look at the Lakeside C-330-K-2Y-1 Isolation Cart and its key features below!

Keeps Equipment and Supplies Safe and Secure

With its three full-extension drawers (2 ea. 9”, 1 ea. 12”), medical staff will have easy access to medical essentials without compromising the safety of patients. This feature helps reduce the risk of contamination or loss of important items, which is especially important in a healthcare setting when every second counts.

Standard in Solid Yellow for Isolation Designation

Lakeside Isolation Carts come standard in a solid yellow color, which serves as an immediate visual cue to help designate isolation for staff when they’re working with patients in need of extra precautions.

Key Lock Creates Sterile Environment

With the Lakeside C-330-K-2Y-1 Isolation Cart’s key lock feature, staff can confidently secure anything they need, such as personal protective equipment (PPEs) or medical supplies. This feature can help reduce the spread of pathogens and promote a sterile environment, which is essential when providing care to patients.

Lakeside C-330-K-2Y-1 Isolation Cart.

-Standard in Solid Yellow for Isolation Designation
-2-9" drawers
-1-12" drawer

Key Lock Creates Sterile Environment

How Medical Carts Give Back Time to Patients

56% of patients reported that they would prefer more time with their medical team according to a study done by Wakefield Research. With over 50% of patients wanting more time to talk with their medical team about their care, treatments, and much more. This gap can be a place for operators to set their healthcare facility apart from others by providing patients with an increased amount of time. But how can healthcare operators offer more time to patients? This can be extremely difficult, especially with staff shortages the healthcare field has seen in recent years. However, the right medical cart can be an extra set of hands, helping give back time to patients.

Medical carts have revolutionized the way healthcare providers operate in hospitals and medical facilities across the world. This is because the use of modern medical carts has significantly increased efficiency and saved valuable time for surgeons and their teams. Medical carts come in many different forms and sizes and feature numerous compartments for storing medical equipment and medications.

By having these essential resources readily available, surgeons and their staff can quickly and easily organize their tools, thereby reducing the time spent searching for missing equipment. Time saved can then be used to focus on the patients themselves, resulting in an increase in patient care and satisfaction. Ultimately, medical carts are an excellent investment for healthcare facilities looking to optimize workflow and improve overall patient care.

Healthcare working high fiving a child behind a time clock graphic.

Choose Lakeside Medical Carts

With Lakeside Medical Carts, healthcare operators and staff can invest more time into 1-on-1 patient conversations and care. Here at Lakeside, our goal is to make life easier in the healthcare field with our variety of medical carts, all designed to help optimize workflow in hospitals, medical facilities and urgent-care centers. Check out our selection today to help healthcare operators give patients back the time they deserve.

Give Back Time With Lakeside Medical Carts

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Don’t Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

Don't Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

1. Modular Drawer Dividers

It’s no secret, organization is the key to success for any healthcare facility, but for an operator looking to make sure their staff members have the proper tools for storing medicines and medical supplies, having drawer dividers is essential. These dividers break up nine separate sections of a drawer on a medical cart for exceptional organization. This allows for easy to see medical supplies and materials for staff members to grab. Modular drawer dividers are also easy to attach and detach on all Lakeside Medical Carts such as the C-630-B-2R and C-330-K-2Y-1 for easy cleaning and sanitation.

2. Heavy Duty Railing on Cart Top

Oftentimes, supplies and equipment will be placed on top of a medical cart by an operator’s staff. These heavy duty railings not only ensure that items stay in place during transport, but offer extended options for attachments to be added as well. Healthcare operators will have the ability to attach tools such as tape dispenser trays, label holders, plastic buckets and much more to successfully execute urgent tasks on a daily basis. Check out these heavy duty rails in action below on the Lakeside C-330-K-2Y-1 Isolation Cart!

3. Catheter Holder

An overlooked accessory that can prevent critical injuries to a patient’s urethra is a catheter holder. This accessory allows for external storage for a catheter so it can be quickly and easily accessed when needed. Healthcare operators and their staff will be able to breathe easier knowing they have a secure holder to lock a catheter into place on a medical utility cart. This holder is attached on the side of a Lakeside Medical Cart to allow for additional storage inside or on the top shelf.

4. Attachable Bar Brackets

These bars allow for additional storage to be added to the sides of a medical utility cart, much like a trellis system increases storage space to the top of a Lakeside Medical Cart. This bar allows healthcare operators to attach brackets to wire baskets that can then be equipped to the medical cart with drawers. At Lakeside, healthcare operators can find a wide selection of wire baskets to find the right fit for their specific needs.

5. Extensive Side Shelf

The addition of a side shelf offers an operator’s healthcare staff extended room for writing, setting down supplies, and carrying medical equipment. No matter the task, this additional area can truly make a difference on a medical cart that has a compact layout. It almost acts like a second set of hands for a healthcare staff member who has their plate full with several patients.

Additional Accessories for Operator Success

Maybe the five accessories we listed aren’t exactly what a healthcare operator needs. No fear, at Lakeside there are a variety of additional accessories that can create the perfect medical cart. One of these is an IV pole that can be attached to a Lakeside Medical Cart for enhanced functionality. Other medical accessories healthcare operators can choose from include a defib swivel shelf, oxygen tank brackets, and a container bracket to attach containers to.


Accessorize your classic cart with Lakeside accessory packages or individual accessories. Select a color out of 23 standard colors. Imagery: Emergency medical carts with several accessory options and colors.

Making a Case for Medical Carts

Medical carts house a vast variety of equipment, medications, and supplies within their four walls. Their drawers are filled with supplies for the specific task at hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crash cart or an anesthesia cart, medical utility carts house specific supplies for specific needs. While these drawers house a great variety of items, there is an opportunity for healthcare operators to attach accessories to the outer walls and structure of a medical cart and top of medical carts that allow for functionality to be optimized on rolling medical carts. For healthcare operators, it’s critical to understand the pros and cons of each accessory before adding anything to a medical cart with drawers.

When helping healthcare operators choose the right accessories for their specific needs, the list above is a good place to start. However, there’s more to uncover in our free guide to better assist a healthcare operator navigate through Lakeside’s accessories and accessory packages. See and discover more by clicking ‘Equip The Cartbelow!


Equip the cart

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Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms with These Lakeside Carts

Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms With These Lakeside Carts

The Lakeside Carts that Increase Efficiency in Operating Rooms

Moving equipment wherever it’s needed is essential during a long operation for a team of surgeons. Surgeons must not only have critical tools at the tips of their fingers, but quick and easy access to supplies on the fly. Secondly, when tools aren’t in reach, time gets wasted by having to leave the operating room to retrieve them. This creates risk for mistakes to happen among a team of surgeons. How can operators increase efficiency in their operating rooms? And what type of Lakeside cart is right for the job?

Operators who are short on space and that lack organization should start with Lakeside Equipment Stands! Here’s a breakdown of the benefits operating rooms can reap.

Spacious Compact Drawers for Efficient Storage 

Operators who are stretched thin on space within their operating room may find a solution in the Lakeside 358 Equipment Stand. This medical equipment cart’s two generous drawers cut down on the need of having to waste time restocking supplies during surgery. These drawers are also spacious, yet compact so that they can easily be pulled out for quick access

For operators with less equipment to haul and store, the Lakeside 356 Equipment Stand with one drawer may be a better fit. It’s important for operators to know that both of these Lakeside Medical Equipment Carts are available with optional locks for further protection.


Spacious, compact, quick access.

Stainless Steel Construction for Hauling Heavy Equipment

Over time, typical medical equipment carts can get excessively worn down by surgeons surgery after surgery. Their carts may not travel in a straight line due to having a bent frame after holding heavy equipment for over thousands of hours. Perhaps the equipment stand has a loose caster that is missing a screw. Operators shouldn’t have to worry about their equipment stands giving away during vigorous operations. 

With Lakeside’s heavy duty equipment stands, surgeons can expect extreme durability and versatility that will serve them for years to come. The Lakeside 359 is a perfect example of being both durable and versatile. Its three shelves can hold a vast amount of surgical equipment without bending under multiple hours of constant stress.


Holds 300-Lb. for 3 Hours

All-Swivel Casters for Effortless Transport

It can’t be said enough how critical it is for surgeons to effectively transport equipment on the fly during surgery around an operating table. Performing surgery requires ultimate focus from surgeons and one slip up could cause detrimental consequences. 

With Lakeside Medical Equipment Stands, moving supplies around an operating table is subtle and effortless, while keeping surgeons in control. All Lakeside Medical Equipment Carts come equipped with ultra smooth all-swivel casters for easy transport in and around tight spaces. Surgeons will have the ability to haul the supplies they need when needed. For operators that want extra stability for their staff, two optional braking casters can be added to a Lakeside Heavy Duty Equipment Stand.


Three small pictures of casters that can be seen on Lakeside Equipment Stands

Why Operating Rooms Are in Trouble

Without question, having space is often an issue that irks operating rooms across the country. 600 square feet is generally the minimum size operating rooms should be. Now that may sound like plenty of room for surgeons to work with, but when you throw in the number of surgeons and amount of equipment needed for an operation, that space shrinks tremendously. 

How in the world is a room the size of 600 square feet going to hold equipment such as IV poles, anesthesia machines, operating lights, a laser, prep tables, trash bins and many other units? 

The size of operating rooms in America is often at a premium, but lack of organization creates inventory management problems among a staff of surgeons. When large units of equipment are underutilized and scattered throughout an operating room, precious space is limited for surgeons to perform surgery at the highest level possible.

The Need to Implement Simplicity

Clutter and lack of space are current problems threatening operating rooms and their safety. An efficient operating room is a successful one that begins with the effort of implementing consistent organization. For operators, condensing storage equipment is a major step in freeing up space in an operating room. Why have five storage carts in the room when only one is needed for a specific surgery? Furthermore, why have three medical equipment carts when one can hold and transport supplies effortlessly around an operating table? Less is more which rings true about Lakeside Equipment Stands. See the difference by clicking ‘Break Through The Clutterbelow!


Break Through The Clutter

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The Current Skill-Based Errors That Are Plaguing Operating Rooms

The Current Skill-Based Errors That Are Plaguing Operating Rooms

When was the last time you heard of an incredibly inspiring story? A story about beating the odds. Perhaps even a story about a person getting a second chance at life after a successful surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Aren’t those some of the best stories that involve unbelievable amounts of strength and perseverance? We often envision medical surgeries to be absolutely safe, but… that’s not 100 percent true as errors in operating rooms can occur.

The Current Errors in Operating Rooms

On average, about 4,000 surgical errors occur each year in the United States. About 59 percent of victims suffered from temporary injury, while 33 percent had permanent injuries and 6.6 percent have died. So what are the current skill-based errors made by surgeons that lead to these imperfect numbers? According to a study done by WebMD… 

  • 39 times/week: Surgeons leave a foreign object inside a patient’s body after surgery.
  • 20 times/week: Surgeons perform the wrong procedure. 
  • 20 times/week: Surgeons operate on the wrong body part.

4,000 surgical errors occur each year in the United States.

These mistakes have cost hospitals over $1 billion per year in lawsuit payouts! Quite the costly amount of money lost to avoidable mistakes in the operating room. 

Up to 80 Percent of Patient Harm is Preventable…

So then why are surgeons making careless mistakes such as leaving medical equipment in patients? Why are surgeons performing the wrong procedure on the wrong body part? The answers to those questions stem from factors such as:

  • Distraction – Such as surgeons looking at their digital devices during hours of surgery or overtly talking to other surgeons during surgery. This leads to surgeons forgetting the medical equipment they left in the patient.


  • Lack of Communication – This includes surgeons forgetting critical information and not speaking up, relying on memory, incomplete preoperative assessments, wrong labeling of specimens and multiple surgeons performing more than one procedure at the same time. 


  • Fatigue – Standing in the same spot for hours during a procedure is tiring on its own, but throw in the factor of having to hold medical supplies and your legs, feet, arms, hands, neck and eyes can start to feel fatigue. When surgeons are exhausted, clear thinking in high-pressure situations is almost impossible.

The solutions operators are implementing among their operating room staff:

  • Time-outs. These are critical for operators to incorporate because they give staff members time to catch their breath and to review the patient’s medical records and surgical plans. This helps an operator’s operating room staff remain on the same page for the rest of the operation. 


  • Counting. What does counting have to do with surgery? Everything. Surgical sponges are a common object that gets left in patients. By counting medical tools and objects before and after the performance of surgery, fewer errors will occur. 


  • Organization. Frequent use of surgical checklists goes a long way. Sure, these can be time consuming or even annoying for an operator’s staff to have to fill out, but in terms of error reducing thinking, checklists can ensure objects are not forgotten in a patient.

Reduce errors through: Time-outs Counting Organization

However, these solutions won’t do much unless an operator’s staff has the correct equipment to assist them. We mentioned how much money the medical industry is losing each year due to malpractice settlements. Shall we say it again? Billions! Operators need equipment that can increase profits, not so they can lose out to costly lawsuits due to errors that could’ve been prevented. 

Help Operators Work Smarter Not Harder 

Careful selection of the right medical equipment is a must for any hospital operator to understand. It simply comes down to finding equipment that helps an operator’s staff work smarter, not harder. With Lakeside’s durable line of instrument tables, proper organization, counting, and short breaks are now obtainable for any operating staff, no matter the situation. How can operators and surgeons benefit from instrument tables? Let’s peel back the operating room doors and take a look. 

Enhanced Organization of Surgical Instruments

Clear visibility of surgical instruments is critical in making sure surgeons pick up the correct tool. Surgical instruments must also be easy to access and grab when the time comes. A spacious, yet sturdy medical instrument cart such as the Lakeside 8359 allows an operator’s surgeons to keep track of checklists, surgical instruments, and a place to put down heavy tools for a quick break.

Superb Maneuverability in the Operating Room

Imagine how many more errors or even tragic harm could occur if the correct surgical instruments are nowhere within arm’s reach. What if a surgeon needs a specific sponge to prevent infection? For a surgeon, having all the needed tools at your fingers is vital to the success of any operation. With the Lakeside 8353 surgical instrument table, maneuverability is fast and smooth. The 8353’s compact size is perfect for moving around an operating table with the surgical instruments needed on command. Its four all-swivel casters are quiet and glide easily around tight spaces. For added security, surgeons can apply this instrument table’s two brakes to keep it in place.

Extremely Durable and Easy to Sterilize

Performing medical surgery is a vigorous task that requires long-lasting and easy to clean equipment to stand the test of time. The durability of Lakeside’s selection of instrument tables is unmatched. Our Lakeside 8394 surgical table is made of all welded stainless steel for operation after operation with a weight capacity of 200-Lb. It’s easy to clean, which helps give back time to surgeons after a long operation. This gives confidence to an operator’s surgeons knowing the risk of contamination is zero to none. 

Superb Maneuverability: Model 8353. Enhanced Organization: Model 8359 Extremely Durable Model: 8394

Elevating an OR

Without a doubt, the more complex a situation is, the more prone humans are to mistakes. That’s why assistance from reliable equipment makes all the difference between a patient telling their inspiring story of perseverance or a patient filing damages for errors that injured them. Assist an operator who is looking to eliminate costly surgical skill-based errors in their operating rooms by clicking ‘Elevate an OR’ below!

elevate an OR

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A Quick Dissection of the Lakeside Narcotics Cabinet

A Quick Dissection of the Lakeside Narcotics Cabinet

Imagine how chaotic it’d be if there was no organization in a hospital. Now imagine if there were limited safety precautions put into place. The results could be deadly for not only patients, but for hospital staff as well. 

Let’s scale these scenarios down a bit and apply them to the concept of medication storage. Think about what it would be like if medications were without a label and handled only by hand. Now think about what it would be like if these very same medications were in an out of control climate. You get the idea. That’s where a narcotics cabinet comes in to save the day for everyone, except it doesn’t have a cape!

Lakeside narcotics cabinets have a variety of essential features that can take an operator’s hospital staff to the next level. In this blog, we’ll dissect the keys behind a Lakeside narcotics cabinet and how each creates success and safety in and outside of an OR. Let’s begin by opening the doors for a quick sneak peak!

A Quick Dissection… 


Adjustable Shelves Ultra Secure Locks Customizable Doors


  • Ultra Secure Locks with Keys

Having control, efficient access, and security in an operating room takes unwanted stress off an operator’s staff. Lakeside narcotics boxes such as the LNC-5 master each of those demands at a high-level. With its two locks on its single door, the Lakeside LNC-5 narcotics cabinet ensures that an operator’s staff has control over medication organization, access with easy to use keys, and security by knowing medications are tamper proof with the narcotics box’s two locks. 

  • Customizable Mounted Doors

The adjustable mounted doors on Lakeside narcotics cabinets such as the LNC-6D not only play an integral role in the protection of medications, but offer easier access to an operator’s medical staff while performing care or a surgery. At any time for any situation, operators can choose to mount the doors on either the right or left. This is critical for staff who may have their hands tied with other tasks. However, before an operator chooses a Lakeside narcotics box, it's crucial for them to know left sided mounting is standard and mounting hardware is not included. 

  • Versatile Adjustable Shelves

A key aspect for any hospital operator to take into consideration for the overall success of patient care is inventory tracking. An operator must make sure their staff is consistently organized for the best possible production. With the adjustable shelves of a Lakeside narcotics cabinet, organization is made effortless. No matter if the model is the Lakeside LNC-11D with one shelf or the Lakeside LNC-5 with three shelves, all shelves are made adjustable for extended versatility. This allows personalized organization for medications of all sizes fitted to the exacting needs of a patient. 

  • Constructed with Robust Powder Coated Steel

Promoting a sterile and hygienic environment is quintessential to the safety of patient narcotics. If medications aren’t stored in a clean and safe narcotics cabinet, the consequences could be detrimental. Lakeside narcotics boxes are outfitted with a durable power coated steel to protect narcotics from dangerous pathogens that could cause serious infection. Lakeside narcotics cabinets are made of powder coated robust steel to inhibit the entrance of unnecessary pathogens from entering its doors. This added layer of protection adds additional security during storage of patient’s medications. 

  • Clean Beige Color

AND… don’t overlook the physical appearance of a Lakeside narcotics cabinet. Each narcotics box comes standard in the color beige that makes for a simple, yet attractive appearance in and out of the operating room. An operator’s staff will have no difficulty finding a narcotics cabinet in a packed room. The interior and exterior of a Lakeside narcotics box are also easy to clean and sanitize. This will help give back critical time to an operator’s staff, as they will be able to put their focus on more urgent tasks.

Creating the ULTIMATE Narcotics Cabinet

If those features are not enough to satisfy and fit an operator’s needs, they can still create the ultimate Lakeside narcotics cabinet by customizing a standard model. Check out the possibilities below!

  • Electronic Locking System with Key Override

Sometimes key locks can be difficult especially when a key becomes lost. The choice of an electronic locking system with key override offers medical staff to create a code for over 250 possible users for enhanced security. Use the key override in case of emergencies or forgotten codes. 



  • Fixed or Adjustable Shelves

Are two shelves not enough for the needs of an operator’s staff and patients? No fear, Lakeside offers the option of the modification of a narcotics cabinet with up to four shelves, fixed or adjustable.

  • Scale Size of Narcotics Box

Lakeside narcotics boxes can be enhanced in several sizes. An operator can choose between the sizes of compact, small, medium, large, and extra large. 

Unlocking the Box

Proper storage of medical drugs can make an impactful difference as less medication errors can occur. This helps medical staff tremendously by allowing them to go above and beyond for their patient’s needs, instead of having to constantly correct mistakes regarding safety and organization. For more information and tips on creating the perfect solution for a hospital operator, talk to a Lakeside narcotics cabinet expert today to start strategizing! But before you reach out, explore our wide line of narcotics cabinets to jumpstart your game plan!

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Designing the Ideal Case Cart With Lakeside’s Custom Solutions

Designing the Ideal Case Cart With Lakeside's Custom Solutions

An essential piece of medical equipment is the case cart. It not only transports supplies and materials from one area to another, but projects and stores critical contents. To ensure that a surgical cart meets all needs, Lakeside offers highly configurable, completely customizable, and durable solutions. Let’s take a closer look at why these carts could be ideal for your medical facility. 

Completely Customizable and Configurable

A great benefit of Lakeside medical case carts is that they are completely customizable. You can customize the size and shape of a cart as well as its other specifications. This ensures that you get exactly what you need out of your cart without compromising on quality or performance.  

Lakeside surgical case carts are highly configurable to suit any clinical setting. With options for shelving including wire, solid, and perforated stainless steel, as well as customizable casters designed for specific floor surfaces to achieve precise mobility requirements, these surgical carts can be tailored to fit the exact protocols and needs of any surgical or operating room. 

Furthermore, case cart sizes can be customized for maximum utility and efficiency with accessories such as a towing package for easy transport of multiple surgical carts, extra shelves, clean/dirty indicator system, document holder, optional gravity latch, locking latch, and tamper proof latches. Plus, all models come standard with a paddle latch ensuring even higher security from tampering. With these features you can easily equip your surgical team with the best in medical cart convenience and reliability!

three types of case cart shelving: wire, solid, and perforated

Endless Variations of Durable Solutions

The quality and dependability of surgical case carts is instrumental in the healthcare industry, making sourcing reliable case carts essential. Lakeside offers a range of medical case carts, providing a durable solution for safe and secure transport of surgical supplies. Each surgical cart is constructed with a welded stainless steel frame which ensures uncompromised ruggedness and provides increased protection against rust and corrosion due to exposure to moisture or chemicals found in medical environments. 

When it comes to case carts, Lakeside medical carts are designed for maximum durability. Made from stainless steel and other durable materials, these carts won't let you down when it matters the most. Not only do these case carts offer maintenance-free use, its extra features like stainless steel casters and bumpers provide ultimate maneuverability and protect walls and furnishings in any environment. Even better, there are no nuts and bolts that can cause issues during transport. Its plate mounted casters provide advantageous silent mobility, while its heavy duty slide outs gives your cart an ultra slick modern look.

All this adds up to make Lakeside surgical case carts an ideal choice for those who don't have time to deal with breakdowns or replacements. No matter if used for storing surgical instruments for surgeries or transferring supplies around the hospital, Lakeside surgical case carts are designed to stand up to wear-and-tear and keep your facility running efficiently.

two case carts in front of a welder welding stainless steel.

Examples of Lakeside's Versatile Case Carts:

Below are samples of Lakeside’s most versatile medical carts that can be tweaked and customized to your exacting specifications. See the many benefits that you can reap from Lakeside!

Lakeside 6935 with Stainless Steel Wire Shelving

When surgical supplies need to stay safe and sterile while in transport, the Lakeside 6935 closed case cart with stainless steel wire shelving is an ideal option. This surgical case cart ensures necessary protection (with two tall sealed doors) as well as accessibility thanks to its hold-open latch. Its interior stainless steel wire shelving allows airflow, making it possible for medical facilities to restock and clean these carts quickly and easily. With its rugged design, this surgical cart is sure to meet the needs of any surgical facility and elevate its standards to new heights. 

Lakeside 6952S with Solid Stainless Steel Shelving

The Lakeside 6952S surgical closed case cart with solid stainless steel shelving not only helps to increase efficiency in your operating room, but also provides years of durability and easy sanitation. This medical cart is designed to optimize storage space with a sizable interior and configurable shelves that can be custom tailored to meet any needs. Furthermore, this case cart has all-swivel casters, making it incredibly helpful for transporting items quickly through the operating room. With its flexible design and features, this unit offers an excellent and reliable solution for any surgical staff's requirements.

Lakeside CC242 Deluxe Case Cart with Multiple Doors

The Lakeside CC242 deluxe enclosed case cart is an ideal surgical cart for medical settings, providing ultimate control in the operating room. Not only does it save critical space with its low profile design, but it is also made of reinforced stainless steel so it can transport heavier loads while being extremely easy to sanitize. Further features include extended push handles for easier navigation down tight hallways and two deluxe stainless steel sealed doors to protect case contents and maximize interior storage space. Make your surgical operations run more seamlessly with this surgical case cart from Lakeside.

two case carts in a hospital hallway

Lakeside offers an ideal option for designing the perfect case cart, open or closed, for any medical environment—allowing you to maximize efficiency while ensuring optimal safety standards are met throughout your facility. We recognize that sometimes the standard product configurations just don't cut it. That's why our incredible engineering and manufacturing team is here to help you make modifications or create a custom case cart that suits you and your operating room’s specific needs. 

We strive to provide the best customer service to make sure you have everything you need to meet your requirements. Let us know what you're looking for - even if it's something we've never done before!