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Don’t Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

Don't Miss These in Demand Medical Cart Accessories

1. Modular Drawer Dividers

It’s no secret, organization is the key to success for any healthcare facility, but for an operator looking to make sure their staff members have the proper tools for storing medicines and medical supplies, having drawer dividers is essential. These dividers break up nine separate sections of a drawer on a medical cart for exceptional organization. This allows for easy to see medical supplies and materials for staff members to grab. Modular drawer dividers are also easy to attach and detach on all Lakeside Medical Carts such as the C-630-B-2R and C-330-K-2Y-1 for easy cleaning and sanitation.

2. Heavy Duty Railing on Cart Top

Oftentimes, supplies and equipment will be placed on top of a medical cart by an operator’s staff. These heavy duty railings not only ensure that items stay in place during transport, but offer extended options for attachments to be added as well. Healthcare operators will have the ability to attach tools such as tape dispenser trays, label holders, plastic buckets and much more to successfully execute urgent tasks on a daily basis. Check out these heavy duty rails in action below on the Lakeside C-330-K-2Y-1 Isolation Cart!

3. Catheter Holder

An overlooked accessory that can prevent critical injuries to a patient’s urethra is a catheter holder. This accessory allows for external storage for a catheter so it can be quickly and easily accessed when needed. Healthcare operators and their staff will be able to breathe easier knowing they have a secure holder to lock a catheter into place on a medical utility cart. This holder is attached on the side of a Lakeside Medical Cart to allow for additional storage inside or on the top shelf.

4. Attachable Bar Brackets

These bars allow for additional storage to be added to the sides of a medical utility cart, much like a trellis system increases storage space to the top of a Lakeside Medical Cart. This bar allows healthcare operators to attach brackets to wire baskets that can then be equipped to the medical cart with drawers. At Lakeside, healthcare operators can find a wide selection of wire baskets to find the right fit for their specific needs.

5. Extensive Side Shelf

The addition of a side shelf offers an operator’s healthcare staff extended room for writing, setting down supplies, and carrying medical equipment. No matter the task, this additional area can truly make a difference on a medical cart that has a compact layout. It almost acts like a second set of hands for a healthcare staff member who has their plate full with several patients.

Additional Accessories for Operator Success

Maybe the five accessories we listed aren’t exactly what a healthcare operator needs. No fear, at Lakeside there are a variety of additional accessories that can create the perfect medical cart. One of these is an IV pole that can be attached to a Lakeside Medical Cart for enhanced functionality. Other medical accessories healthcare operators can choose from include a defib swivel shelf, oxygen tank brackets, and a container bracket to attach containers to.


Accessorize your classic cart with Lakeside accessory packages or individual accessories. Select a color out of 23 standard colors. Imagery: Emergency medical carts with several accessory options and colors.

Making a Case for Medical Carts

Medical carts house a vast variety of equipment, medications, and supplies within their four walls. Their drawers are filled with supplies for the specific task at hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crash cart or an anesthesia cart, medical utility carts house specific supplies for specific needs. While these drawers house a great variety of items, there is an opportunity for healthcare operators to attach accessories to the outer walls and structure of a medical cart and top of medical carts that allow for functionality to be optimized on rolling medical carts. For healthcare operators, it’s critical to understand the pros and cons of each accessory before adding anything to a medical cart with drawers.

When helping healthcare operators choose the right accessories for their specific needs, the list above is a good place to start. However, there’s more to uncover in our free guide to better assist a healthcare operator navigate through Lakeside’s accessories and accessory packages. See and discover more by clicking ‘Equip The Cartbelow!


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