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How-To: Efficiently Use the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart


In the healthcare industry, medical utility carts are essential in providing the highest quality of care to patients. One of our most popular medical carts with drawers in the market today is the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart. This medical supply cart is built with a durable powder-coated steel construction, spacious drawers, and smooth maneuverability that can cater to various healthcare and long-term care settings.

In this blog, we will provide tips and tricks on how to maximize the use of the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart. From its six drawers in three different sizes to the over 20 available accessories, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on how a healthcare profession can make the most out of this versatile medical utility cart.

Getting Familiar With The Cart’s Sustainable Features…

Rugged Powder-Coated Steel Keeps Supplies Sterilized

Once received, the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart should be ready to roll right out of the box. However, there are some medical supply cart basics an operator should get familiar with before further use. The first thing an operator should be aware of about the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart is its construction. 

This medical supply cart’s rugged powder-coated steel is superior in durability and is built to last. Powder-coated steel is corrosion resistant and protects from unnecessary moisture that could be disruptive to keeping supplies inside the cart sterilized. Plus, it allows the medical cart with drawers to be competitively priced without sacrificing the quality that Lakeside is revered for.

Solid Plastic Corner Bumpers Absorb Hard Impacts

Durability and safety should be the top priorities of any healthcare and long-term care operators. That’s where solid plastic corner bumpers come into play. Located above each caster on the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart, these small yet mighty bumpers can absorb hard impacts, protecting both the medical utility cart and its interior supplies from damage. These solid plastic corner bumpers ensure that valuable equipment and supplies remain intact, even in high-traffic hospitals, clinics and patient rooms. 

Solid Plastic Corner Bumpers Absorb Hard Impacts

Prepping The Cart For Vigorous Transport…

Stocking Functional and Flexible Drawers 

Having a reliable medical cart with drawers is essential, but just having drawers isn’t enough. They need to be functional and flexible to meet the varying needs of healthcare and long-term care professionals. Fortunately, the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart’s six drawers come in three different sizes - four that are 3" tall, one that is 6" tall, and one that’s 9" tall. 

With these spacious drawers, stocking and organizing patient supplies and medicines becomes easy to access and manage. For healthcare and long-term care operators who need enhanced organization, optional modular drawer dividers are available for add on.

Top to Bottom: Rugged Powder Coating 4-3" Drawers 1-6" Drawer 1-12" Drawer

Attaching Optional Accessories For Emergencies

The availability of over 20 accessories makes this medical supply cart even more versatile, catering to a variety of medical settings. With options such as an IV pole, oxygen tank brackets and even a wire basket, the convenience and functionality of this Lakeside Classic Emergency Cart makes it an absolute must-have in any medical facility. 

Attaching accessories on the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart is a breeze. An operator will see many holes on the back and sides of the medical utility cart. These holes are for attaching accessories. Some accessories such as the wire basket will need an accessory bar bracket attached first. These bar brackets act as a support for accessories such as the wire basket to attach onto. 

However, many additional accessories Lakeside offers connect through the holes without an accessory bar bracket.

Accessorize Your Classic Cart With Lakeside Accessory Packages or Individual Accessories

Securing Breakaway Lock Bars To Ensure Supplies Are Sterilized

The last step before a healthcare or long-term care professional is ready to transport the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart, securing it with breakaway lock bars is essential. This is to signify if any supplies in the medical utility cart’s drawers were tampered with before patient care is executed. Once a medical cart with drawers is fully stocked and prepared, it’s time for an operator to seal it with breakaway lock bars. 

To secure the medical supply cart, operators will notice a hinged breakaway panel running along the right side of each shelf. There will be two lock bars to insert the breakaway seals into. To secure the seals after insertion, the operator must connect the two ends of the seal, effectively locking them in place.

Transporting With Ease and Silence…

Ergonomic Push Handles For Easy Pushing Over Long Distances

This medical utility cart is equipped with vertical ergonomic push handles, which may seem small, but make a world of difference when pushing and maneuvering over long distances. Made out of poly, these handles provide added comfort ensuring healthcare and long-term care operators can do their job without discomfort or strain. Our hands do so much; they deserve the best, and the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart delivers that promise.

Casters For Silent and Smooth Maneuverability in Hallways

Silent and smooth maneuverability in both healthcare and long-term care environments is critical. That’s where the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart’s all-swivel casters come in. With its four 5” casters (2 locking, 1 directional) being attached to the cart’s all-welded stainless steel dolly, silent and smooth maneuverability in hallways is consistently achieved. 

Once the classic emergency cart has reached its designated destination, the operator can easily secure its locking casters by using foot-operated levers. Moreover, the directional lock option facilitates smooth maneuvering of the cart in a straight line whenever necessary.

Casters For Silent and Smooth Maneuverability in Hallways

Taking The Lakeside C-630-B-2R To The Next Level…

Standard and Modifiable Colors 

The Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart comes in a standard two-tone color, red with telegraph gray. For operators seeking medical carts in colors other than red, two popular choices are yellow and blue. Yellow designates isolation, while blue designates anesthesia

However, there are over 23 standard colors (solid or two-tone) available for an operator to choose from. For colors that aren’t listed as standard options, an operator can request a custom color to fit their unique needs. Check out Lakeside’s 23 standard color options below!

23 Standard Colors

Endless Variety of Locking Options

What if a healthcare or long-term care operation is looking for a different locking option other than breakaway locks? Luckily, with Lakeside’s endless variety of locking options available, an operator can create a lock system that fits their Lakeside Classic Emergency Cart perfectly. 

At Lakeside, a vast amount of locking options are available including:

  • Key locks. 
  • Breakaway lock bars for individual drawers.
  • Push-button with key override. 
  • Electronic auto-lock with key override.
  • Proximity reader with electronic auto-lock and key override. 

Whether a healthcare or long-term care operator is looking to secure their patient’s or resident’s medical supplies, they can rest easy knowing they have the right locking system in place for added security.

6 Locking Options: Key Lock. Breakaway Lock Bar. IB Individual Breakaway Lock Bars. Push-Button with Key Override. X Proximity Reader with Electronic Auto-lock and Key Override. Electronic Auto-lock with Key Override.

The Classic Emergency Cart For High Quality Patient Care

We hope this blog was helpful in demonstrating the utility of the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart and how it can be effectively used to provide a higher level of care. This cart offers numerous advantages, such as its durable powder-coated steel construction, spacious drawers, and easy maneuverability. By utilizing all that the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Classic Emergency Cart has to offer, healthcare and long-term care professionals can ensure that their patients and residents receive top quality care.

Investing in medical equipment that provides superior quality care is something that every healthcare and long-term care operation should strive for, and the features of this classic emergency cart make it an ideal choice for those looking to increase both patient and resident safety and satisfaction. Click, ‘A New Way To Transport’ to get started now!

A New Way To Transport

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How Efficient Medical Carts Help Give Back Time to Patients

Header_How Efficient Medical Carts Help Give Back Time to Patients

The Demand For Medical Carts is Increasing

Medical carts are becoming increasingly essential across the world, with the market expected to soar to over $9 billion by 2030. That’s a whopping growth rate of 16.4% from 2022 to 2030, with a current market size of $2.6 billion. Why is this expected to happen, you ask? Experts predict the demand for medical utility carts will skyrocket due to the growing global population, aging, and higher rates of musculoskeletal problems. For operators in the healthcare industry, it’s recommended to start gearing up with sustainable medical carts to meet the needs of your staff and patients. In this regard, let’s delve into a few versatile Lakeside Medical Carts and see why they’re the best value for healthcare operators around the world.

Lakeside 6-Drawer Classic Emergency Carts:

Lakeside 6-Drawer Classic Emergency Carts give a sustainable solution that provide healthcare operators a sleek combination of durability, functionality, and style. Take for example, the Lakeside C-630-B-2R Lakeside Medical Cart

Drawers of 4 Different Sizes for Storing Items

With 4 different drawer sizes available (4 ea. 3”, 1 ea. 6”, 1 ea. 12”), staff can easily store a wide range of items, from bulkier equipment to smaller medical tools, medicines, and supplies. Additionally, the drawers are secured with breakaway lock bars to provide extra support during transport.

Available in 23 Standard Colors to Suit Any Operation

With a range of color options to choose from, healthcare operators can customize a Lakeside Emergency Medical Cart to match their facility’s colors and style. Whether an operator wants bold red, a calming beige, or bright pink, this Lakeside Medical Cart can be tailored to fit a healthcare operation’s preferences. Not only does this add a personalized touch to a healthcare worker’s workspace, but it also contributes to a more uplifting and positive environment for patients to feel at ease in.

Rugged Powder Coated Construction for Superior Durability

One of the most critical components of any medical utility cart is its durability. The Lakeside 6-Drawer Classic Emergency Cart is built with a rugged antimicrobial powder coated steel construction, which means it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use while still looking brand new. Its steel frame is sturdy and robust, and its antimicrobial powder coating offers protection against scratches, dents, and rust. This ensures a long life for the medical cart and provides a reliable and sustainable solution for years to come.

Lakeside C-630-B-2R Medical Cart. 
- Rugged Powder Coating
- 4-3" drawers
- 1-6" drawer
- 1-12" drawer

23 Standard Colors

Lakeside Classic Isolation Carts:

Healthcare operators that choose to invest in Lakeside Classic Isolation Carts are making a wise decision for their staff and patients. These carts not only have standard benefits such as secure storage and accessibility, but also emotional benefits such as peace of mind and an organized workspace. Take a look at the Lakeside C-330-K-2Y-1 Isolation Cart and its key features below!

Keeps Equipment and Supplies Safe and Secure

With its three full-extension drawers (2 ea. 9”, 1 ea. 12”), medical staff will have easy access to medical essentials without compromising the safety of patients. This feature helps reduce the risk of contamination or loss of important items, which is especially important in a healthcare setting when every second counts.

Standard in Solid Yellow for Isolation Designation

Lakeside Isolation Carts come standard in a solid yellow color, which serves as an immediate visual cue to help designate isolation for staff when they’re working with patients in need of extra precautions.

Key Lock Creates Sterile Environment

With the Lakeside C-330-K-2Y-1 Isolation Cart’s key lock feature, staff can confidently secure anything they need, such as personal protective equipment (PPEs) or medical supplies. This feature can help reduce the spread of pathogens and promote a sterile environment, which is essential when providing care to patients.

Lakeside C-330-K-2Y-1 Isolation Cart.

-Standard in Solid Yellow for Isolation Designation
-2-9" drawers
-1-12" drawer

Key Lock Creates Sterile Environment

How Medical Carts Give Back Time to Patients

56% of patients reported that they would prefer more time with their medical team according to a study done by Wakefield Research. With over 50% of patients wanting more time to talk with their medical team about their care, treatments, and much more. This gap can be a place for operators to set their healthcare facility apart from others by providing patients with an increased amount of time. But how can healthcare operators offer more time to patients? This can be extremely difficult, especially with staff shortages the healthcare field has seen in recent years. However, the right medical cart can be an extra set of hands, helping give back time to patients.

Medical carts have revolutionized the way healthcare providers operate in hospitals and medical facilities across the world. This is because the use of modern medical carts has significantly increased efficiency and saved valuable time for surgeons and their teams. Medical carts come in many different forms and sizes and feature numerous compartments for storing medical equipment and medications.

By having these essential resources readily available, surgeons and their staff can quickly and easily organize their tools, thereby reducing the time spent searching for missing equipment. Time saved can then be used to focus on the patients themselves, resulting in an increase in patient care and satisfaction. Ultimately, medical carts are an excellent investment for healthcare facilities looking to optimize workflow and improve overall patient care.

Healthcare working high fiving a child behind a time clock graphic.

Choose Lakeside Medical Carts

With Lakeside Medical Carts, healthcare operators and staff can invest more time into 1-on-1 patient conversations and care. Here at Lakeside, our goal is to make life easier in the healthcare field with our variety of medical carts, all designed to help optimize workflow in hospitals, medical facilities and urgent-care centers. Check out our selection today to help healthcare operators give patients back the time they deserve.

Give Back Time With Lakeside Medical Carts