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Getting By with a Small Budget: How to Use One Cart in Multiple Ways

Getting By with a Small Budget: How to Use One Cart in Multiple Ways

For the first time in history, overall health spending decreased in 2020 because of COVID-19. The hospital systems had to focus on dealing with the coronavirus and because of this, a lot of other areas of care substantially decreased or even stopped altogether. Many hospitals had less capital to spend on equipment and supplies than in previous years which caused some clinics to be forced to get by with what they already have.  


Getting by without buying new equipment isn’t too difficult if a hospital has invested in good quality, multi-functional equipment. Versatile equipment was instrumental in the success that many healthcare facilities had dealing with COVID, as it allowed them to utilize the equipment and supplies that they already had in different ways than they previously had. It’s always a good idea for hospitals to have the types of equipment that allows them to be flexible and change things up when need be 


Lakeside manufactures many products to be multifunctional and versatile, so that hospitals can utilize them in many different ways.  


The 311 Utility Cart is one of the best examples of an extremely functional product that can add value to any clinicThis utility cart was the first product ever made by Lakeside Manufacturing and is still one of the most popular products for a good reason. The 311 boasts durable, unitized electronically welded stainless steel angle leg design as well as reinforced stainless steel shelves. The legs are constructed from 20 gauge stainless steel, the sound deadening panels under the shelves ensure that there are minimal vibrations and noise during transport. To put it simply, this cart is built to last and will add value to any facility for many years to come.  


The 311 Utility Cart is not only built to be super strong and durable, it’s also very versatile and can be used in many different ways. Here are just some of the ways that the 311 Utility Cart can be utilized: 


Transport: This utility cart is a great option for transporting all sorts of supplies throughout hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The 311 uses sturdy 3.5” casters and is equipped with bumpers to protect other furniture, equipment, and walls while moving the cart. This ultimate utility cart can be used to transport a large variety of supplies, up to 300 lbs. Some of the items that hospitals have found the 311 to be useful in transporting include medical instruments, disposables, PPE, and even ventilators. The 311 is also commonly used for food transport from the cafeteria to patient rooms all throughout a facility.  


Storage: The 311 Utility Cart is a perfect solution for additional storage space in any facility. The 300 lb. carrying capacity of the utility cart allows it to be loaded up with any supplies or other medical equipment. Additionally, the 311 can be maneuvered to fit into a lot of different spaces so that your facility can add storage space wherever it needs it.  


Extra Work Surface: Another way to use the 311 is for additional work surface. A smooth top that is 24” x 15 ½“ provides plenty of space for staff to set up a laptop or computer and still have extra room for a notebook or other supplies. Easy maneuverability allows healthcare workers to set up the 311 wherever it may be needed for a work area. Another area where the 311 can be used for work surface is in the cafeteria or kitchen. This utility cart is a great way to add space for food prep, and can double as the delivery method.  


Another great product that is versatile and can add value in different ways is the 356 Compact Utility Stand. This equipment stand is the perfect solution for adding a little extra work surface in an OR, and provides an area to keep important surgical equipment. This stand is the most compact cart that Lakeside offers, but because of its sturdy stainless steel design it still boasts a carrying capacity of 300 lbs.  


The 356 Compact Utility Stand can be used for many different applications including: 


Storage Space: This equipment stand can be loaded up to 300lbs, meaning that it can hold almost anything that can fit on it. The stand is also very compact, measuring at just 18 ¾” wide x 16 ¾” longwhich allows it to be placed in small areas where other carts couldn’t fit. This helps add storage space where it oftentimes cannot be added with other equipment. This cart also comes with the option of a lock for the drawer which allows a facility to keep valuables in a convenient storage space.  


Extra Work Surface: The 356 is also a great way to add some extra work surface to a room that doesn’t have a lot of extra space. The compact equipment stand is easy to move into small spaces and comes with the option for braking casters to secure the cart once it’s placed where it’s needed. Whenever a surgeon or other doctor needs a little bit of extra space to keep their supplies and medical equipment, the 356 is a great solution for doing so.  


The future is always uncertain, especially in the healthcare industry which was displayed with the coronavirus pandemic. Although we may not know what will happen next, we do know one of the best ways to be prepared for the future, is to be prepared for anything by investing in versatile equipment. Medical equipment that is single-function and cannot be adapted has its place, but multi-functional equipment is a true game changer when it comes to emergency preparedness. The ability to be flexible with room configurations and equipment placement was very crucial for hospitals dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to be very important for healthcare facilities to be able to deal with any situation that may come their way in the future.   

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