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5 Steps to Designing Your Perfect Rolling Medical Cart

Just 5 steps, and you have designed the perfect medical cart for your healthcare facility! Designing a medical cart can be a task that takes a considerable amount of time and effort, but it is crucial to understand how the layout, structure, and build of the cart will impact healthcare providers and patients for years to come. Crafting the right set-up of drawers, locks, color, and material can seem daunting as different combinations bring about different benefits. We have created this 5 step guide to help you design the perfect rolling medical cart for your healthcare facility. 

Why is a Medical Cart so Important?

Medical carts provide the organization, storage, and maneuverability needed for equipment, medication, and supplies. Rolling medical carts are used for a variety of purposes in healthcare: emergency carts, anesthesia carts, isolation carts, procedure and treatment carts, general purpose carts, hyperthermia carts, pediatric crash carts, and suture storage carts to name a few. These carts allow healthcare personnel to focus all efforts and energy on providing quality care to patients. Designing your perfect Lakeside cart is easy with our Classic Series, so let’s go over these 5 steps to help you determine what you need in your medical cart. 

1. Determine the Total Number of Drawers Needed

Depending on what you will be using the cart for, you will need different amounts of drawers and with that, you will need different drawer sizes to accommodate storage needs.  Whether you want three large drawers, or you are in need of a cart that has ten small drawers, Lakeside classic carts allow you to design it your way! Our carts have four different drawer height options that can be configured in any way: three inches, six inches, nine inches, or twelve inches. 

2. Select the Appropriate Cart Size to Accommodate Your Drawers

Now that you have determined how many three inch, six inch, nine inch, and twelve inch drawers you need, it is time to calculate the cumulative total drawer space needed and find which standard cart size your total drawer height adds up to. Our height options for classic medical carts are twenty-one inches, twenty-four inches, twenty-seven inches, or thirty inches with each having a width of thirty-two inches. Your total drawer space must equal one of these four standard height options. 

3. Choose a Lock Type

Having some form of a lock on your cart is important to ensure the cart is only accessed by the appropriate healthcare staff. We have seven lock options to choose from to accommodate different needs:

  • Standard Key Lock to lock the entire cart
  • Breakaway Lock Bar to lock the entire cart – ideal for emergency carts that need to be accessed quickly 
  • Individual Breakaway Lock Bars to lock each drawer separately – ideal for carts used in emergencies 
  • Push-Button with key override feature 
  • Proximity Reader with Electronic Auto-lock and key override feature
  • Electronic Auto-Lock with keypad and key override feature
  • LPR-SW Optional Audit Software for use with Electronic locks & Proximity Reader – ensures authorized personnel are using the cart

4. Select a Color

Depending on the carts’ purpose, you may want to select a certain color. For example, emergency carts usually are red to indicate they are only to be used in emergency situations and an anesthesia cart is typically blue so healthcare workers know exactly what that cart is used for and the supplies it holds. While there are standard colors for some cart types, we have a full selection of twenty-three colors to choose from. These shell and drawer colors are comprised of an antimicrobial powder coating. Either choose one color for your entire cart or choose two colors, one for the shell and one for the drawers. 

5. Specify Construction Material 

Our classic carts have two options for the construction material, either steel or aluminum. Both provide you with a durable piece of equipment, but the aluminum option is 50% lighter which may be of benefit for carts that are moved often or need to be moved quickly in a short time frame. Lakeside medical carts are proudly made in the USA. 

No matter what type of cart you need, make it uniquely your own by configuring the size and number of drawers, lock types, color and construction material. Classic series medical carts will be sure to provide a long-lasting and flexible rolling medical cart. 

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3 Reasons Why People Choose Our Most Popular Emergency Crash Cart

Emergency crash carts play a vital role in all healthcare facilities, but choosing the right medical cart for such emergencies can take lots of time and thought to ensure your facility is prepared for any emergency that may arise. While we know finding the right crash cart can take time, we do know one thing for sure and that is people value knowing what equipment is working well for other facilitates as it might work well for them as well. Our C-630-B-2R crash carts have been offering long-lasting durability and lightweight maneuverability needed in fast-paced and ever-changing environments for years. Could it be the right solution for your facility? Let’s dive into the star of the show, the C-630-B-2R!

Reason #1: Its Overall Configuration Works Very Well in Many Healthcare Facilities

The design of this cart serves as a valuable layout for a variety of healthcare facilities with many beneficial features including:

  • Twin poly handles
  • A plastic top
  • Four 3″ drawers, one 6″ drawer, and one 12″ drawer
  • Interchangeable drawer fronts with chrome drawer pulls
  • Breakaway lock
  • Dual-wall construction
  • Corner bumpers
  • Premium 5″ swivel casters, two that are locking and one directional
  • Antimicrobial powder coating

Check out our previous blog on how to best arrange your medical crash carts for optimal efficiency here!

Reason #2: It is Available in Steel or Aluminum

This model is available in both steel and aluminum each offering their own benefits. This flexibility in design is another reason why the C-630-B-2R is so popular. The steel build provides extremely durable mobile transport of emergency equipment, supplies, medications, and more. Our aluminum build still offers you a durable solution, but is 50% lighter allowing staff to more easily move the cart when time is of the essence.

Reason #3: It is Long-Lasting and Offers Flexibility

The final main reason why healthcare facilities have chosen this emergency rolling medical cart is the long-lasting quality it provides for them. Investing in medical equipment is not a cheap task, but investing in medical equipment that won’t last you long term can cost you extra in the end. Ensuring your cart will last for years to come is crucial, and our crash carts offer both durability and flexibility. The cherry on top: this cart is made in the USA so it can be shipped to you quickly.

While this cart is our most popular, Lakeside has a wide selection of crash carts available. If you’re not seeing the right fit, connect with us and we can talk about how Lakeside can help create the right cart for your facility.

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No Need to Crash and Burn, Choose the Right Crash Cart

Finding yourself in any situation where you do not feel 100% prepared is never how we want things to be, especially when it comes to caring for patients. Crashing and burning is just not an option in the healthcare field. In order to ensure teams are ready for any situation, planning ahead and investing in the right equipment will help make sure they are ready for any medical scenario that could come their way. Not every facility needs the same exact Crash Cart, so let’s break down the differences.

To start, let’s be clear on the purpose of a Crash Cart. While each facility may have different needs for their Crash Cart, they all provide the equipment, medications, and tools needed in medical emergencies. According to the ACLS Training Center, “Any environment in which a patient may unexpectedly experience a medical emergency needs to have the equipment to deal with that emergency efficiently.”

So what options are there for Crash Carts and what are the benefits of each? Let’s dive in!

Classic Crash Carts:

Lakeside’s Crash Carts come in a variety of sizes and styles designed to fit your needs. Our Classic Crash Carts are perfect for heavy duty use at a great value. These Crash Carts are long-lasting to ensure equipment investment goes the distance while continuing to provide for facilities for years to come. With flexible configurations, the right cart can be found to meet the needs of a certain facility based on the equipment and supplies that must be able to fit on their new Crash Cart. Choose from four height options: 36″, 39.75″, 42.25″, 46.25″. We also have pre-configured drawer sizes of 3″, 6″, 9″, and 12″. Don’t see the height, drawer size, or number of drawers you want on a standard model? We make custom solutions to make sure healthcare teams have the equipment that best serves their needs.

Preferred Crash Carts:

Choosing the preferred Crash Carts allows for additional workspace and accessory flexibility and has a hybrid mix of steel and aluminum in its build. With this combination, preferred Crash Carts are 20% lighter than traditional all-steel carts. Some of the benefits of these line of Crash Carts include:

  • Durable dual-wall steel frame with lightweight aluminum drawers
  • Dual pull-out on ball bearing glides for additional work space
  • Outrigger bumper system for stability and damage protection
  • Accessory mounting panels eliminating the need for pre-drilled holes

Preferred Crash Carts have four standard model height options of 36″, 39.75″, 42.75, and 46.25″. These carts also have pre-configured drawer sizes of 3″, 6″, 9″ and 12″. If you’re not seeing the right combination of overall height, number of drawers, and drawer size needed, no problem! We create custom solutions for that exact reason because no healthcare facility is the same in their needs. Preferred Crash Carts deliver the long-lasting durability and lightweight maneuverability needed in fast-paced, and ever-changing environments.

Preciso™ Crash Carts:

Preciso™ is more than just a cart,  it is a hospital-wide lean replenishment system for supply handling and logistics. Choose this style of a Crash Cart for an aluminum and plastic hybrid packed with integrated features for life-saving emergency response. These carts offer removable and interchangeable storage components saving time and letting staff focus on what matters most, the patient. This fully configurable cart can be used with drawers, doors, bins, and trays that easily swap in and out during resupply of a Crash Cart after being used easy and efficient. Learn more about the importance of a streamlined restocking process in last week’s blog. Customize a  Preciso™ cart with drawer configurations best suited for specific applications needed. Choose Preciso™  for an attractive, modern design that offers the ultimate flexibility.

Planning ahead and evaluating equipment to find the right solution helps facilities to be prepared for any possible medical emergency. Talk with a Lakeside specialist today about configuring the perfect Crash Cart solution!