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How to Choose the Right Utility Stand for Your Equipment

choosing a utility stand

In order to make sure you’re storing your equipment properly, it’s important to find the right utility stand for your specific equipment needs. Some stands are designed to provide more space around your equipment or offer additional storage spaces. It’s important to consider all options before making your purchase. In addition, it’s helpful to make sure that you choose a stand that will hold your equipment safely while still being easy to move and store when necessary. Consider some of these factors when you’re trying to find the right utility stand for your equipment needs and your healthcare facility. 

Define Needed Weight Capacity: 

If you are looking for a utility stand, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing. First, think about what the stand will be holding and how many pounds it will need to hold. If the stand only needs to hold 100 lbs., then a smaller stand will be a good fit. However, if the stand needs to support over 300 lbs., then it is worth investing in a heavier duty utility stand built to hold a greater amount of weight. When looking for a new utility stand, take a look at all the items this new stand will be responsible for holding and housing. If multiple pieces of heavy equipment will be held on the top shelf with a variety of supporting supplies underneath, it would be recommended to purchase a cart that is rated to hold up to 500 lbs. While some operational needs would require a utility stand to have a larger weight capacity, some may not. 

If the utility stand will be holding lighter weight items and supplies at your facility, a lower weight capacity stand can be used. Bigger is always better, or so they say. This is not always true when it comes to equipment. Find the weight capacity you need, and purchase based on that requirement. Sometimes having large equipment that is not being used to its fullest ability can be taking up valuable space that could be used to house another piece of vital equipment. Have a general gauge on how much weight the stand will need to hold and round up some to make sure there is room to add more if needed. 

utility stand weight capacities

Determine the Size: 

It is important to choose the right size utility stand for your equipment. This will depend on the space you have and the equipment size. For example, if you have a small space with only one or two pieces of equipment, a smaller stand may work better than a large stand. If you plan on storing more items on the utility stand along with equipment and a good amount of room for the stand, a larger stand might be best. Lakeside offers two sizes of utility stands to allow facilities the opportunity to select which would work better for their operations. As mentioned above, having a larger piece of equipment is not always the right choice. 

Choosing between a compact stand size and a full-size utility stand is a step that needs to be taken in the decision of purchasing a new utility stand. The compact size offers a smaller footprint while still offering a durable storage solution. The compact utility stand size has a width of nearly 19 inches. The compact cart is able to fit into smaller spaces where equipment may be needed for patients or into storage spaces with limited room. A full-size stand on the other hand has a width of just over 36 inches offering more space. While taking a look at what the stand will need to hold is important, where the stand will primarily live will also need to be factored in. Some spaces at a facility may have more available space than another. Rooms can be packed full of carts, stands, equipment, and supplies so make sure to take a look at how much room the cart will take up in the space it will primarily be stored in. With Lakeside utility stands being mobile, glancing into transporting practicality is also important. 

Some utility stands will be moved seldomly, some will just be moved about within a single room, and some may be needed across a department at different points. If the stand will be used to transport equipment and supplies throughout a facility quite often, make sure to play out the functionality of moving the stand. Each healthcare facility has a different layout, so making sure the size you choose will be able to be transported easily in your facility is a crucial consideration in this process. 

utility stand sizes

Consider Enclosed Drawers: 

Having enclosed storage may be a feature that is required of a new utility stand for your facility. Enclosed drawers offer a variety of solutions. The most notable solution they offer is their ability to house items in a secure and closed location. Supplies are meant to be used only by authorized personnel on the facilities team. Making sure they are stowed away in a safe and secure location is extremely important. While some utility stand applications may not need the enclosed drawers that offer a lockable storage space, some applications require this. Lakeside has utility stands with and without enclosed drawers so that they are an option if needed, but not an extra expense for those who do not need this secure space. 

These drawers do offer a secure location to store and lock supplies, but it also is an area that lose items can be placed into if the cart is needed elsewhere. During transport, items can shift around, especially lightweight ones. Having a drawer to put these items into while it is being moved helps to ensure everything is as it should be and available as soon as the cart is to its new location. Enclosed drawers offer various benefits to those who need this extra space. Take a look at what the cart will all be holding and see if a drawer would be a viable option for your new utility stand. 

utility stand enclosed drawers

Choosing the right utility stand comes with answering a few questions based on the weight it will need to hold, the size it should be, and whether or not a secure enclosed drawer is needed. Mobile utility stands offer the ability to move equipment easily to where it is needed when it is needed to provide the best care for each and every patient that walks through your doors. Lakeside manufacturers a selection of equipment utility stands to hold your lightest or heaviest equipment. Find your new utility stand today!

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