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Anatomy of an Anesthesia Cart: Top Doctor-Requested Features

Choosing the Right Anesthesia Cart

It’s important for hospitals to remain organized in order to function to the best of their abilities and keep track of all the different patients with various ailments at the same time.

The best way for healthcare facilities to keep track of everything they have going on is to have the right equipment solutions in place in order to continue operating smoothly and efficiently. One specific area where having the right equipment is truly essential is anesthesia.

Anesthesia is a very important part of many operations in order to ensure the patient is comfortable and safe. There’s not always a lot of time to prepare and make sure that all of the supplies are where they need to be.

For instance, if a patient comes to a hospital in an ambulance and is in immediate need of surgery, staff won’t have much time to prepare an OR for them. This is why anesthesia carts are so crucial for hospitals to have ready to go at any time.

So how do you know that you have the right anesthesia cart for your facility?

Lakeside manufactures various styles of anesthesia carts to make sure that you can find the perfect fit for your hospital, and many features are modifiable to make sure it fits right in with your facility’s other equipment.

Classic Anesthesia Carts:

Lakeside’s Classic Anesthesia Carts are the a great option if you’re looking for a standard cart that will meet all of your needs. Additionally, the Classic line is highly customizable and comes in 23 standard colors to help maintain organization throughout your facility. An essential part of a well-made anesthesia cart is a locking system. Our Classic Carts come with a choice of electronic lock or proximity card reader which both have a key override for emergencies. It’s always smart to keep your anesthesia supplies locked to make sure that the appropriate staff are the only ones with access.

We offer various sizes of the Classic Anesthesia Cart, but all have customizable drawer and panel options to make sure your staff have quick and easy access to the supplies they need.

All models feature dual-wall construction and an outrigger stabilizing frame for top-of-the-line durability and to ensure stability while transporting the cart. To further aid in quick and easy transport of the cart, they are equipped with world-class 5” sealed bearing, non-marking casters and twin ergo push handles. Our classic line of anesthesia carts also features premium ball-bearing drawer glides for simple opening and closing of the drawers. We also offer a wide range of accessory packages to complete you anesthesia cart with everything you could need.

The Classic Anesthesia Carts have the following accessory kit options:

Standard: Includes utility hooks, trays, and drawer dividers.

Elite: Includes Trellis System, Tilt 5-bin unit, HD railing, Side Shelf, Waste Container and accessory bar bracket.

Ultimate: Includes all accessories in Elite kit plus tape dispenser, divided organizer with lid, catheter holder, tray with dividers and ampule holders, label holders, and a wire basket.

Preferred Anesthesia Carts:

The Preferred Anesthesia Carts offer the same level of flexibility, security, and organization as the Classic Carts, but also come with extra benefits. Mainly, the Preferred Anesthesia Carts are 20% lighter than the Classic models, making them easier to maneuver around a facility quickly and saving staff from unnecessary strain from moving around heavy loads. The Preferred models also have integrated twin ergo push handles, an outrigger stabilizing frame, and attractive 5” non-marking casters.

Adding accessories to any of our Preferred Carts is made simple by mounting them to the integrated extruded corners and accessory mounting panels on the sides and back of the carts. Another innovative feature of the Preferred models is two slide-out shelves which provide extra work surface and prep area. The Preferred Anesthesia Carts are also offered in 23 standard colors to ensure the attractive design works with your facility’s color scheme.

The Preferred Anesthesia Carts have the following accessory kit options:

Standard: Includes glove box holder, waste container, trays, and dividers.

Elite: Includes narrow single shelving unit, hanging bar, tilt 5-bin unit, and a sharps bracket in addition to the standard kit accessories.

Ultimate: Includes all of the elite kit accessories plus Trellis system, tilt 4-bin unit, tubular rail, tape dispenser, wire basket, waste container with touch top, and ampule holders.

Mini Tower Anesthesia Carts:

If your facility is in need of an anesthesia cart that won’t take up too much space then the Mini Tower Anesthesia Cart is the solution for you.

These models feature a slim profile and compact design to help save space at your facility. Although they may be slimmer, the Mini Tower Carts are just as durable as other models as they also feature dual-walled construction.

They also have quiet ball-bearing drawer glides for full extension drawer opening. Like our other anesthesia carts, these models also come in 23 standard color options and have plenty of accessories to make the perfect cart for your hospital.

Wide Anesthesia Cart:

Another option if you find that you’re running out of storage space, is the Wide Anesthesia Cart. This model adds the most value when you need a lot of storage space for your anesthesia supplies. The cart uses aluminum construction in order to reduce its weight. The Wide Anesthesia Cart comes with all of the same great features as the Classic models, but adds extra storage space so you don’t have to restock as frequently.

Accessory Options: All of our anesthesia carts have various accessory options available to add on to your order to personalize your cart and make sure it is the best solution for your facility.

Check out our Anesthesia Carts online for a comprehensive look at all of the customizable options! Get in touch to see how our Anesthesia Carts can help your facility function efficiently!

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