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Designing the Ideal Case Cart With Lakeside’s Custom Solutions

Designing the Ideal Case Cart With Lakeside's Custom Solutions

An essential piece of medical equipment is the case cart. It not only transports supplies and materials from one area to another, but projects and stores critical contents. To ensure that a surgical cart meets all needs, Lakeside offers highly configurable, completely customizable, and durable solutions. Let’s take a closer look at why these carts could be ideal for your medical facility. 

Completely Customizable and Configurable

A great benefit of Lakeside medical case carts is that they are completely customizable. You can customize the size and shape of a cart as well as its other specifications. This ensures that you get exactly what you need out of your cart without compromising on quality or performance.  

Lakeside surgical case carts are highly configurable to suit any clinical setting. With options for shelving including wire, solid, and perforated stainless steel, as well as customizable casters designed for specific floor surfaces to achieve precise mobility requirements, these surgical carts can be tailored to fit the exact protocols and needs of any surgical or operating room. 

Furthermore, case cart sizes can be customized for maximum utility and efficiency with accessories such as a towing package for easy transport of multiple surgical carts, extra shelves, clean/dirty indicator system, document holder, optional gravity latch, locking latch, and tamper proof latches. Plus, all models come standard with a paddle latch ensuring even higher security from tampering. With these features you can easily equip your surgical team with the best in medical cart convenience and reliability!

three types of case cart shelving: wire, solid, and perforated

Endless Variations of Durable Solutions

The quality and dependability of surgical case carts is instrumental in the healthcare industry, making sourcing reliable case carts essential. Lakeside offers a range of medical case carts, providing a durable solution for safe and secure transport of surgical supplies. Each surgical cart is constructed with a welded stainless steel frame which ensures uncompromised ruggedness and provides increased protection against rust and corrosion due to exposure to moisture or chemicals found in medical environments. 

When it comes to case carts, Lakeside medical carts are designed for maximum durability. Made from stainless steel and other durable materials, these carts won't let you down when it matters the most. Not only do these case carts offer maintenance-free use, its extra features like stainless steel casters and bumpers provide ultimate maneuverability and protect walls and furnishings in any environment. Even better, there are no nuts and bolts that can cause issues during transport. Its plate mounted casters provide advantageous silent mobility, while its heavy duty slide outs gives your cart an ultra slick modern look.

All this adds up to make Lakeside surgical case carts an ideal choice for those who don't have time to deal with breakdowns or replacements. No matter if used for storing surgical instruments for surgeries or transferring supplies around the hospital, Lakeside surgical case carts are designed to stand up to wear-and-tear and keep your facility running efficiently.

two case carts in front of a welder welding stainless steel.

Examples of Lakeside's Versatile Case Carts:

Below are samples of Lakeside’s most versatile medical carts that can be tweaked and customized to your exacting specifications. See the many benefits that you can reap from Lakeside!

Lakeside 6935 with Stainless Steel Wire Shelving

When surgical supplies need to stay safe and sterile while in transport, the Lakeside 6935 closed case cart with stainless steel wire shelving is an ideal option. This surgical case cart ensures necessary protection (with two tall sealed doors) as well as accessibility thanks to its hold-open latch. Its interior stainless steel wire shelving allows airflow, making it possible for medical facilities to restock and clean these carts quickly and easily. With its rugged design, this surgical cart is sure to meet the needs of any surgical facility and elevate its standards to new heights. 

Lakeside 6952S with Solid Stainless Steel Shelving

The Lakeside 6952S surgical closed case cart with solid stainless steel shelving not only helps to increase efficiency in your operating room, but also provides years of durability and easy sanitation. This medical cart is designed to optimize storage space with a sizable interior and configurable shelves that can be custom tailored to meet any needs. Furthermore, this case cart has all-swivel casters, making it incredibly helpful for transporting items quickly through the operating room. With its flexible design and features, this unit offers an excellent and reliable solution for any surgical staff's requirements.

Lakeside CC242 Deluxe Case Cart with Multiple Doors

The Lakeside CC242 deluxe enclosed case cart is an ideal surgical cart for medical settings, providing ultimate control in the operating room. Not only does it save critical space with its low profile design, but it is also made of reinforced stainless steel so it can transport heavier loads while being extremely easy to sanitize. Further features include extended push handles for easier navigation down tight hallways and two deluxe stainless steel sealed doors to protect case contents and maximize interior storage space. Make your surgical operations run more seamlessly with this surgical case cart from Lakeside.

two case carts in a hospital hallway

Lakeside offers an ideal option for designing the perfect case cart, open or closed, for any medical environment—allowing you to maximize efficiency while ensuring optimal safety standards are met throughout your facility. We recognize that sometimes the standard product configurations just don't cut it. That's why our incredible engineering and manufacturing team is here to help you make modifications or create a custom case cart that suits you and your operating room’s specific needs. 

We strive to provide the best customer service to make sure you have everything you need to meet your requirements. Let us know what you're looking for - even if it's something we've never done before!