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A Quick Dissection of the Lakeside Narcotics Cabinet

A Quick Dissection of the Lakeside Narcotics Cabinet

Imagine how chaotic it’d be if there was no organization in a hospital. Now imagine if there were limited safety precautions put into place. The results could be deadly for not only patients, but for hospital staff as well. 

Let’s scale these scenarios down a bit and apply them to the concept of medication storage. Think about what it would be like if medications were without a label and handled only by hand. Now think about what it would be like if these very same medications were in an out of control climate. You get the idea. That’s where a narcotics cabinet comes in to save the day for everyone, except it doesn’t have a cape!

Lakeside narcotics cabinets have a variety of essential features that can take an operator’s hospital staff to the next level. In this blog, we’ll dissect the keys behind a Lakeside narcotics cabinet and how each creates success and safety in and outside of an OR. Let’s begin by opening the doors for a quick sneak peak!

A Quick Dissection… 


Adjustable Shelves Ultra Secure Locks Customizable Doors


  • Ultra Secure Locks with Keys

Having control, efficient access, and security in an operating room takes unwanted stress off an operator’s staff. Lakeside narcotics boxes such as the LNC-5 master each of those demands at a high-level. With its two locks on its single door, the Lakeside LNC-5 narcotics cabinet ensures that an operator’s staff has control over medication organization, access with easy to use keys, and security by knowing medications are tamper proof with the narcotics box’s two locks. 

  • Customizable Mounted Doors

The adjustable mounted doors on Lakeside narcotics cabinets such as the LNC-6D not only play an integral role in the protection of medications, but offer easier access to an operator’s medical staff while performing care or a surgery. At any time for any situation, operators can choose to mount the doors on either the right or left. This is critical for staff who may have their hands tied with other tasks. However, before an operator chooses a Lakeside narcotics box, it's crucial for them to know left sided mounting is standard and mounting hardware is not included. 

  • Versatile Adjustable Shelves

A key aspect for any hospital operator to take into consideration for the overall success of patient care is inventory tracking. An operator must make sure their staff is consistently organized for the best possible production. With the adjustable shelves of a Lakeside narcotics cabinet, organization is made effortless. No matter if the model is the Lakeside LNC-11D with one shelf or the Lakeside LNC-5 with three shelves, all shelves are made adjustable for extended versatility. This allows personalized organization for medications of all sizes fitted to the exacting needs of a patient. 

  • Constructed with Robust Powder Coated Steel

Promoting a sterile and hygienic environment is quintessential to the safety of patient narcotics. If medications aren’t stored in a clean and safe narcotics cabinet, the consequences could be detrimental. Lakeside narcotics boxes are outfitted with a durable power coated steel to protect narcotics from dangerous pathogens that could cause serious infection. Lakeside narcotics cabinets are made of powder coated robust steel to inhibit the entrance of unnecessary pathogens from entering its doors. This added layer of protection adds additional security during storage of patient’s medications. 

  • Clean Beige Color

AND… don’t overlook the physical appearance of a Lakeside narcotics cabinet. Each narcotics box comes standard in the color beige that makes for a simple, yet attractive appearance in and out of the operating room. An operator’s staff will have no difficulty finding a narcotics cabinet in a packed room. The interior and exterior of a Lakeside narcotics box are also easy to clean and sanitize. This will help give back critical time to an operator’s staff, as they will be able to put their focus on more urgent tasks.

Creating the ULTIMATE Narcotics Cabinet

If those features are not enough to satisfy and fit an operator’s needs, they can still create the ultimate Lakeside narcotics cabinet by customizing a standard model. Check out the possibilities below!

  • Electronic Locking System with Key Override

Sometimes key locks can be difficult especially when a key becomes lost. The choice of an electronic locking system with key override offers medical staff to create a code for over 250 possible users for enhanced security. Use the key override in case of emergencies or forgotten codes. 



  • Fixed or Adjustable Shelves

Are two shelves not enough for the needs of an operator’s staff and patients? No fear, Lakeside offers the option of the modification of a narcotics cabinet with up to four shelves, fixed or adjustable.

  • Scale Size of Narcotics Box

Lakeside narcotics boxes can be enhanced in several sizes. An operator can choose between the sizes of compact, small, medium, large, and extra large. 

Unlocking the Box

Proper storage of medical drugs can make an impactful difference as less medication errors can occur. This helps medical staff tremendously by allowing them to go above and beyond for their patient’s needs, instead of having to constantly correct mistakes regarding safety and organization. For more information and tips on creating the perfect solution for a hospital operator, talk to a Lakeside narcotics cabinet expert today to start strategizing! But before you reach out, explore our wide line of narcotics cabinets to jumpstart your game plan!