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How-To: Increase Efficiency in ORs With the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart


Operating rooms are always busy and bustling with healthcare professionals performing lifesaving procedures. In such a high-pressure environment, safety, efficiency, and organization are critical. At the heart of this well-oiled machine is the case cart, responsible for transporting supplies and equipment to the OR. If case carts are not managed properly, chaos can erupt, thus increasing the risk of contamination and injury. In this blog, we’ll break down how to use the Lakeside C242 Case Cart to improve safety and maximize efficiency in the OR.

What Makes This Cart Ultra Durable and Sustainable…

Stainless Steel Dolly Unique To Lakeside Case Carts

One of the standout features of the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart is its stainless steel dolly. This dolly is designed to provide a sturdy and reliable base for the cart, ensuring that it can safely carry heavy loads and withstand repeated use over time. The stainless steel construction is also resistant to rust and corrosion, making it a durable and long-lasting choice for healthcare facilities.

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Doors and Door Hinges

Another overlooked feature of the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart is its heavy-duty stainless steel doors and door hinges. The door hinges are engineered to provide excellent durability and reliability, even when the cart is used heavily on a daily basis. This helps to ensure that the doors of the cart remain securely closed during transport and storage, maintaining complete sterilization of supplies en route to an OR.

Base Corner Bumpers Reduce Impact, Protect Surgical Instruments

In addition to its sturdy base and reliable doors and door hinges, the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart also features base corner bumpers that help to reduce impact and protect the supplies inside. These bumpers are strategically placed at the four bottom corners of the cart, providing a layer of cushioning that helps absorb shocks and prevent damage to delicate equipment or surgical instruments.

Space-Saving Design for Tight Spaces 

Measuring at a compact 43-1/2”W x 28”D x 42”H, the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart is specifically designed to navigate around tight corners, fit in small spaces, and easily slide underneath shelves. This provides an ideal solution for surgeons looking to optimize their space in a packed OR.

Top Left: Stainless Steel Dolly. Top Right: Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Doors and Door Hinges. Bottom Left: Base Corner Bumpers. Bottom Right: Space-Saving Design for Tight Spaces

Prepping The Cart For Maximum Safety and Efficiency

Utilizing Easy To Open Doors Latches 

In order for a healthcare operator to begin prepping the cart, they must first open the doors of the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart. This can be easily done by utilizing the cart’s door latches on each of its stainless steel doors. To open a door, an operator should pull the latch toward their body. This will unlock and open the door. 

Once opened, an operator needs to push the door, making it parallel to the side of the cart. There will be a white hold open latch that secures the door open. An operator needs to pull the hold open latch away from the door in order for the door to tuck in behind. When the door is behind the hold open latch, the latch can be released. This can be repeated when opening up the second door. 

Easy To Open Doors Latches

Pulling Out Shelves For Ease of Loading

Now that an operator has the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart’s doors secured by the hold open latches, it’s now time to stock the cart with surgical instruments. The CC242 comes standard with two solid stainless steel shelves. To pull these shelves out, an operator should grab the shelf from the middle and pull toward their body. 

The shelves are now ready to be stocked with the necessary surgical supplies. With the cart’s maximized interior storage space, operators have the ability to store and transport surgical supplies efficiently and conveniently.

Once stocked, the shelves can be pushed back into the cart. This feature reduces fatigue and saves surgeons time before and during surgery as it allows for quick and effortless stocking functionalities. Note: Shelf slides have an internal slotted stop allowing 50% pullout of shelves to prevent tipping. Shelves can be fully removed by unscrewing the shelf from the shelf slides.

An operator also has the option to choose between perforated shelving or wire shelving. To see more click, ‘Lakeside Shelving’.

Pullout Shelves Have 50% Slotted Stop to Prevent Tipping

Operating The Lakeside CC242 Case Cart For Quiet Transport

Pushing Ergonomic Angled Top-Mount Dual Push Handles

It’s time to transport the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart to the OR! To get started, a healthcare operator will simply need to choose a side of the angled top-mount dual push handles and start pushing. These handles are mounted to the cart’s angled top corners and are ergonomically designed for 24/7 operator comfort.

Ergonomic Top-Mount Push Handles for 24/7 Operator Comfort

Medical Grade Sealed Casters Provide Absolute Silence in ORs

With four high-quality 6" all-swivel plate mounted sealed MedCasters by Colson, this cart not only ensures a hygienic environment, but makes transporting surgical supplies a breeze. The casters are offset for easy maneuvering over thresholds and feature sound deadening pads to minimize noise. 

Two casters have directional locks, while the other two have brakes, allowing for precise control. To engage the casters with directional locking, an operator simply needs to press 'ON' on the green levers. To engage the casters with brakes, an operator needs to press 'ON' on the red levers. To revert back to all-swivel mode, an operator needs to press the 'OFF' switch on each of the four caster’s levers.

Plate Mounted Medical Grade Casters Provide Absolute Silence

Sterilizing Made Simple After Heavy Usage

Flat Interior Sides Create for Easy Cleaning Capabilities

Staying on top of cleanliness in and outside the OR is imperative, and the less time equipment is out of use for cleaning, the more efficient the OR can operate. The Lakeside CC242 Case Cart possesses a flat interior design, which makes it easier to clean than most carts. This design ensures that no areas are missed and reduces the risk of bacteria growth between uses. The cart’s stainless steel construction makes it durable and ensures long-lasting use despite repeated exposure to cleaning agents and high temperatures.

Flat Interior Sides Create for Easy Cleaning Capabilities

Endless Variations and Feature Combinations

In addition to the standard features above, a healthcare operator can also customize the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart to fit their OR’s unique needs. Here are just a few additional options an operator can equip to further increase the safety and efficiency in their ORs.

Door Gasket

The inclusion of a door gasket ensures that medical equipment remains sterile and free from any contaminants during transport. This optional feature is particularly useful for urban hospitals where air quality can impact the cleanliness of surgical supplies.

ID Flag System

An ID flag system can also be added to the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart, making it easy to identify if the cart’s supplies are clean or dirty. This optional feature is beneficial for ensuring maximum safety and organization in and out of the OR.

ID Holder

An ID holder can be added for seamless access to patient identification and supplies information. This optional feature enhances OR efficiency by ensuring that staff can quickly identify the correct cart needed for a specific surgery.

Endless Variations and Feature Combinations. Top Left: Door Gasket. Top Right: ID Holder. Bottom: ID Flag System.

Largest Selection of Case Carts on the Market Such As…

Lakeside CC242 Case Cart With Clear Doors

The Lakeside CC242 model also can come with clear doors instead of stainless steel ones. This allows medical staff to see inside without opening the door. This feature reduces the risk of contamination when a staff member needs to inspect the contents of the cart quickly.

Lakeside CC142 Case Cart

Another option to consider is the Lakeside CC142. This case cart for surgery is thinner than other Lakeside Case Carts with its width measuring at 25-1/2”. However, this feature allows the cart to be maneuvered around tight spaces, which is crucial in many packed ORs. It also features one door. To discover more, click, ‘CC142’.

Largest Selection of Case Carts on the Market Featuring: Lakeside CC242 With Clear Doors and Lakeside CC142.

Increase Efficiency in and Out of the OR With Lakeside Case Carts

In conclusion, safe and efficient ORs need well-designed case carts for surgery to function more effectively. Lakeside Case Carts such as the CC242 work effortlessly in and out of ORs which make it a reliable and efficient addition to any healthcare facility. As a result, healthcare providers can concentrate on providing quality care to patients with the peace of mind that their equipment is within reach and organized correctly, thus ensuring optimum productivity. To see the Lakeside CC242 Case Cart in action, click, ‘Increase OR Efficiencybelow!

Increase OR Efficiency