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The Best of Utility Carts

Utility carts are used in many different industries to transport equipment and supplies around facilities, and they are especially useful in hospitals. Although utility carts may seem like they are all similar, there are many different styles and models that can be utilized in healthcare facilities. Utility carts are used primarily for transporting supplies but can come in handy in other ways as well, such as doubling as a work surface or storage space. Here are the healthcare blogs from 2020 that highlight the importance of utility carts in hospitals:

1. Getting By with a Small Budget: How to Use One Cart in Multiple Ways

One of the first products manufactured by Lakeside was the 311 Utility Cart. Today, it is still a staple of our products and a favorite among our customers for good reasons. The 311 can be used to store and transport supplies of up to 300lbs. at a time, and its solid stainless steel construction ensures that it will last for many years. The 311 also comes in very handy for extra work surface or prep areas in healthcare facilities that do not have a lot of extra space.

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2. Saving Space at Your Healthcare Facility 

Healthcare facilities come in many different sizes, but one thing most facilities can agree on is the need for more space. Being able to spread out supplies and equipment helps everything stay neat and organized, but as hospitals get filled up with supplies and staff, space starts to run out. Since renovation and construction of new spaces can be extremely expensive and take a long time, the best way to gain space is to use what you have more efficiently. There are many versatile Lakeside products that can help your facility utilize its space more effectively, including our innovative utility carts!

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3. Best Equipment for Pharma and Medical Clean Rooms

Cleanrooms are specialized rooms designed to ensure that there are minimal contaminants in the air and on the equipment. These rooms are used in various industries including multiple medical fields such as pharmaceuticals. Due to the extreme cleanliness standards, most equipment must be designed to be very easy to sanitize and remain so for extended periods of time. Stainless steel is one of the best materials for easy cleaning protocols and has some innate properties which allow it to remain clean. Lakeside uses stainless steel to manufacture many different types of equipment, but stainless steel utility carts can be very useful for storage and transporting supplies around cleanrooms.

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4. The Top 5 Equipment Essentials for Vaccination Stations

When the COVID pandemic first emerged, many healthcare facilities had to rush to find solutions to treat patients with the highly infectious virus. Now that there are multiple vaccines for COVID, facilities are finding innovative ways to administer the vaccine to patients. To set up vaccination stations capable of vaccinating as many people as possible efficiently, some good quality equipment is necessary. Lakeside has various products that can be used to help set up vaccination stations including many different types of utility carts, some of which can even be used on uneven and rough surfaces for outdoors vaccination tents.

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5. The Right Cart for the Right Job: Your Durability Index Guide

Utility carts are crucial for hospitals to transport supplies around their facilities. Utility carts can vary in size and strength, which is why Lakeside categorizes them using a durability index. The durability index takes a few different factors into account including capacity, ideal working environment and tasks, ideal floor surfaces to be used on, and ideal daily usage amount. The three main categories of utility carts are standard duty, medium duty, and heavy duty, and some carts go above these classes with extremely high capacities.

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