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Essentials of Procedure and Supply Carts

2021 was a difficult year for hospitals and healthcare facilities. They had to try their best to get back to normal and continue with scheduled meetings and operations, while still dealing with the COVID pandemic. Throughout the year there were ups and downs, but one thing that flourished in the chaotic environment was versatile healthcare equipment. Good equipment in the healthcare industry saves time, money, and hassle for healthcare workers who have already been put under immense stress from the pandemic. Here are the highlights of out healthcare blogs which feature procedure and supply carts!

1. How much can upgraded equipment really improve a facility?

Replacing or upgrading the equipment in a healthcare facility is a large task to take on. Many hospitals avoid upgrading because they don’t see immediate issues with the equipment they are using. Even if the older equipment that they have is still functional, upgrading to newer, more versatile equipment could improve the workflow and overall efficiency of the facility immediately upon its implementation. The Lakeside Preferred Medical Carts are an innovative product that can improve staff efficiency and will lead to time and money savings in the long run.

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2. Specialization in Medical Organizations

Healthcare facilities have a huge number of things to keep in order from managing supplies to maintaining patient meeting times. Because of this, a common issue in hospitals in organization. There are many ways to improve the organization in healthcare facilities and one simple way to do so is by implementing Preciso Medical and Logistics Carts into your facility. The Preciso cart system is designed with organization and efficiency in the top of mind and can improve the way that a facility works.

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3. The Gold Standard of Care: Preciso

In order for hospitals and other healthcare facilities to run smoothly, they need to have the right equipment that allows them to function at peak efficiency. This is exactly what the Preciso line is designed to do; improve efficiency and save time for your staff. The Preciso system is more than just medical and logistics carts, it’s a hospital-wide lean replenishment system designed to improve efficiency and productivity.

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4. The Top Equipment Essentials for Vaccination Stations

To combat the spread of COVID-19, many hospitals had to set up vaccination stations in order to administer vaccines to the public in a timely and organized manner. There were many equipment needs to ensure that these stations were disinfected, organized, and efficient. One piece of equipment that came in very handy for these facilities is PPE Storage Carts. With the increased awareness about the importance of PPE, facilities needed to be able to store large amounts of it and have it in the areas that needed it most, one of which is vaccination stations.

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5. Anatomy of an Anesthesia Cart: Top Doctor-Requested Features

Anesthesia is a crucial part of good healthcare, and in many instances, hospitals don’t have an abundance of time to gather all the necessary supplies to use anesthesia for a patient. This is why anesthesia carts are so important for healthcare facilities to have ready to go with all of the supplies. There are a lot of different types of anesthesia carts on the market, so how do you know which cart is right for your facility?

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