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Best Equipment for Pharma and Medical Clean Rooms

Organization: a common issue that many hospitals have.

Cleanrooms have some of the strictest cleanliness standards out of any facilities, and are ranked in different levels depending on the amount of contaminants present in the air.

Lakeside Manufacturing specializes in producing mobile equipment for the healthcare and foodservice industries, but our equipment can be used in many other industries as well. Specialized medical fields like pharmaceuticals and labs can benefit from Lakeside’s mobile equipment, and with Lakeside Custom Solutions, we have the ability to build the perfect answer for your facility’s needs.

Some medical fields have extremely stringent requirements and sanitary standards, and Lakeside has products that are designed to be easily cleaned and remain sanitary for long periods of time. Let’s look at laboratories for example, which are crucial for research and testing of medical products. Due to the extreme precision that these labs need, they can’t risk allowing contaminants to interfere with their studies and potentially produce wrong results. Because of this, labs have extremely tight standards for cleanliness and the equipment that they can use.

This is where Lakeside can help, with products than ensure no outside contaminants can interfere with the test results. Surgical Case Carts for example, are designed to ensure the contents remain sanitized and are ready to use whenever they are needed. This is another field with very strict sanitary requirements, and Lakeside has perfected the case cart to ensure that these standards are met with flying colors.

Case carts and other mobile equipment can be very useful for labs that need to store their equipment or even their test results while ensuring that they will not be effected by the outside environment. Some other products that can be utilized in labs include utility carts, medical carts, equipment stands, instrument tables, and other specialized medical carts depending on what the lab is working on. However, in addition to all of the great standard products that add value in laboratories, Lakeside Custom Solutions can make the vision you have in your mind come to life when it comes to specialized equipment.

Another medical field where Lakeside’s equipment can be utilized is the pharmaceutical industry. This field also has very strict requirements as they can’t risk anything getting into their drugs and medications. Creating medicine is a crucial part of the healthcare industry and the testing and manufacturing of these drugs faces intense regulations in order to ensure their safety. Lakeside is here to help with the equipment side of the industry because having the right equipment to store and transport supplies is an essential part of the pharmaceutical process.

Some pharmaceutical facilities need very specialized equipment depending on what type of medication they are working on. For example, some medications need to be stored at extremely low temperatures, such as some of the COVID-19 vaccines which were recently rolled out. Lakeside has the capabilities to facilitate this with products such as the Hyperthermia Cart which has a built-in integrated refrigerator. Other facilities will need to transport very heavy machinery and equipment around, which Lakeside’s Utility Carts have proven to be able to execute without hiccups.

The capacity of the utility cart depends on the model, but Lakeside manufactures carts with capacities up to 1,500 lbs. which are still able to be maneuvered and transported with relative ease. Whatever your pharmaceutical facility may need in the equipment department, Lakeside has the solution.

Cleanrooms are an important aspect of both medical labs as well as pharmaceutical facilities, and are used in many other industries as well. Cleanrooms have some of the strictest cleanliness standards out of any facilities, and are ranked in different levels depending on the amount of contaminants present in the air.

Cleanrooms also control variables like temperature, humidity, and air flow in order to create the perfect environment for testing, manufacturing or whatever it is being used for. Lakeside understands the extreme standards that these cleanrooms have for outside contaminants and makes many different products which could be used in these spaces.

Well-made, sturdy, and sanitary utility and case carts can be helpful for cleanrooms when they need to store and transport supplies and materials. Lakeside uses high-quality stainless steel to make these essential mobile pieces of equipment, and if the standard product offerings aren’t sufficient, then Lakeside Custom Solutions can create the perfect cart to meet any and all strict requirements that cleanrooms have.

Contact us to learn how our products can help make your lab, pharmaceutical facility, cleanroom, or other specialized department run more efficiently. Additionally, check out the Lakeside Custom Solutions website to learn more about our capabilities and projects that we’ve worked on in the past.

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