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Everything You Need to Know About Crash Carts

Crash carts are used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities where there may be a sudden medical emergency. They carry essential medical supplies that are used to save lives and designed to get these supplies where they need to be and distribute them as efficiently as possible. Most crash carts feature a similar design which allows staff to recognize the cart and know exactly where the supplies they need t are located. Crash carts play a crucial role in healthcare facilities all over the world, here’s some of the blogs from 2021 that highlight this lifesaving piece of equipment:

1. Crash Course on Crash Carts

Crash carts are super useful for medical professionals that must deal with sudden health declines, because they contain all the supplies needed to treat patients in these situations. Most crash carts are very similar in design and contents so that staff are confident that they have everything that they need in a common place. In general working in healthcare is extremely stressful, but crash carts help take some of that stress away when it comes to gathering supplies. This allows the workers to focus their energy on the patient and treat them immediately without having to worry about having the right supplies and equipment.

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2. Classic Crash Carts: The Solution for Health Emergencies

Out of all our crash carts, the classic line is a favorite among our customers. The classic line has four different size options available, allowing your facility to get exactly what it needs. Although they differ in size, all the Classic Crash Carts share some great features including breakaway locks, twin ergonomic push handles, 5” sealed bearing, non-marking casters, and different options for the finish and color. In addition to the features that come standard with these crash carts, there are three different accessory packages to round out your cart!

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