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The Top Caster Types for your Medical Carts

Mobile equipment is crucial to the efficiency of healthcare facilities by moving around supplies to the places they need to be. Medical carts, utility carts, and case carts are all very common in hospitals because they make it easier for staff to move around essential supplies, whether it is heavy equipment or medications, carts will get the supplies to their destinations more effectively. At the end of the day, mobile healthcare equipment is only as good as the casters that it is built upon to transport it throughout a facility.

Lakeside understands the importance of good quality casters that are built to last, as they are the foundation for many mobile product solutions. Two of the most important design elements that make or break a cart’s durability are the caster size and wheel material. Lakeside uses a variety of casters for our carts to best fit their specific applications. Let’s take a closer look at some of the casters that we use on our carts.

8″ Diameter Wheel, Axle Mount:

These casters are built for long distance transport and designed for heavy equipment and loads. These casters are non-swivel allowing them to support more weight and last longer than swivel casters. These casters are best fit for transporting equipment and supplies over tile, hard flooring, carpet, elevators, door sills, and even uneven surfaces. We utilize these durable casters on our heavy-duty and extreme-duty utility carts.

Round TPR Cushion Tread, Plate Mount:

Our Round Thermo-Plastic Rubber casters provide extra cushion during transport making it very smooth to move around facilities. These casters are typically an all-swivel design which makes the carts they are used on super easy to maneuver. We recommend these casters for use in hospitals and senior care facilities. They work best when used on tile, hard surfaces, thin carpet, and can work on uneven surfaces as well. We use these casters on some models of heavy-duty utility carts.

Hi-Temp Nylon, Plate Mount:

This specialized caster is specially designed to withstand high temperature environments up to 400° F. These casters perform the best on tile and other hard surfaces, and you will find them on our heavy-duty and extreme-duty utility carts.

Pneumatic, Rubber Grated Tread Wheel:

This heavy-duty caster and wheel are designed to withstand any surface that it may be transported over. These casters are perfect for environments where transporting equipment and supplies over uneven surfaces is necessary. These casters are great for hospitals and have been especially useful throughout the pandemic for medical facilities that set up outdoors clinics and COVID tents. These casters can perform well on most surfaces but excel on uneven and rough surfaces including outdoors. Lakeside utilizes these casters on our Extreme-Duty Utility Carts.

Braking, Swivel-Lock, Plate Mount:

The swivel-lock feature in these casters makes them perfect for transporting supplies over long distances. The braking feature also allows for the carts that utilize these casters to remain sturdy in place while supplies are unloaded and enables the cart to function as added work surface. These casters perform best on tile, thin carpet, and other hard surfaces. These casters are utilized primarily on our heavy-duty carts.

Corner Stem-Mount, Hard Rubber Wheel:

The corner stem-mount caster is made to provide upright stability for tall equipment. The slim profile also allows for the equipment that use them to be maneuvered into tight spaces. These casters work best on hard surfaces and are utilized for taller carts and mobile equipment.

In addition to the highlighted casters, Lakeside uses a lot of different high-quality casters on all our mobile healthcare equipment. Many of our medical carts use 5” swivel casters with two locking and one directional for added functionality. We look at all the different options and utilize the casters that help our equipment perform the best it can for its specific application while adding versatility to the equipment at the same time.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the premium casters that we use, and how it can improve the functionality of your mobile medical equipment!

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