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The Gold Standard of Care: Preciso

Hospitals are a pivotal part of our society and we rely on them to provide care and advice when we need it most.

In order for hospitals to run smoothly, they need to have the right equipment to function at peak efficiency. One of the key components of any hospitals’ equipment is the standardized cart system which has a large impact on the overall efficiency of the facility.

Being able to keep supplies, medications, and other essentials organized is key to improving a hospital’s productivity, and it’s all made easy with the France Hopital and Lakeside collaboration.

The Preciso line is more than just carts, it’s a hospital-wide lean replenishment system designed to improve productivity and efficiency.

But what exactly makes the Preciso line superior to other standardized cart systems?

What puts Preciso a step ahead?

The most innovative feature of the Preciso system is the completely removable and interchangeable storage components. Being able to remove the drawers out of a cart and immediately replace it with another stocked drawer saves loads of time and allows your staff to perform their tasks more effectively. The carts can be configured to work with drawers, trays, doors, and bins that can all be switched out for each other with ease, making sure that you have the right supplies for the job with you, whatever the job may be in the facility.

How does it work?

There are many different models of Preciso Medical Carts, but the best way to keep them all organized and ready to transport to their destination is by using the Logistics Supply Carts. The logistics carts are made to be placed in a central storage location that your staff can then go to in order to refill and stock the smaller, easy to maneuver, medical carts. The logistics carts are large supply storage carts that accommodate all different types of drawers, trays, and bins where you can store large amounts of supplies. Instead of having to completely restock all of the medical carts, an already stocked tray can simply be switched over from the logistics carts to the medical carts which can then be immediately transported to a patient room or other destination.

This system supports lean principles and efficient operations and saves your staff tons of time and hassle that would be spent individually restocking each cart. The Preciso system allows your staff to focus on the most important thing in the hospital: the patients.

What other features do Preciso Carts have?

Preciso medical carts are built to last using a plastic-aluminum hybrid construction with the back and side walls being reinforced with aluminum and polyethylene for added durability. The top and base are made with molded ABS plastic that allows for easy sanitization after use with patients.

Push and Go Drawers

The Preciso carts come equipped with heavy-duty, full extension push and go drawers that help save time and won’t get stuck open or closed. The drawers also come with a front handle for easy access, as well as a label holder and color I.D. tag for clear identification of the contents.

Extendable Side Shelf

Work surface area can be limited in some rooms of the hospital, which is why the Preciso Medical Carts come standard with a convenient extendable side shelf.

Dual Wheel Casters

These carts are built on top of 5” non-marking anti-thread casters which make moving the cart around to various locations in your facility simple for the staff. There are brakes on two of the casters to ensure the cart stays in its location when necessary.

Lock options available

Preciso medical carts also come with various locking methods available. If you have valuable supplies or medications that need to be secured, you have the option for either a key lock or push button locking system for extra security.

Modern Design

The entire line of Preciso carts is designed to fit right in with any hospital’s design scheme, with multiple color options available, and an attractive modern design, these carts take your equipment to a whole new level.

The equipment that is used in hospitals is more important than many believe. With the right equipment solutions, hospital staff can save loads of time and effort that is sometime spent on the wrong tasks, especially when it comes to standardized cart systems that healthcare facilities rely on to transport their supplies around.

The Preciso line of carts is designed with lean principles in the front of mind and will save your staff plenty of unnecessary trips to the central supply hub, boosting productivity and allowing you to focus on your patients.

For a better visual on how the Preciso System really works, check out this video that shows off some of the great innovative features of the carts. Get in touch with us for more information about the Preciso system and how it can improve your hospital’s workflow!