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How Much Can Upgraded Equipment Really Improve a Facility?

How Much Can Upgraded Equipment Really Improve a Facility?

Now that the coronavirus pandemic is beginning to appear in the rearview mirror, hospital are trying to figure out the future of healthcare facility design. COVID-19 brought to light some of the mishaps of current styles and designs, and provided a framework of how facilitates should look going forward. 


Hospitals are one of the trickiest facilities to design or upgrade and renovate because there are so many different factors to consider. Healthcare facilities have to be highly functional, provide a comforting environment for patients, integrate multiple departments seamlessly, be built in a cost-effective way, as well as meet all of the strict regulatory requirements for healthcare facilities among many other considerations. 

The most important factor to consider when upgrading a hospital or building a new facility is undoubtedly the infrastructure. A hospital can only be as good as its infrastructure, and according to a report from the Royal College of Physicians, the infrastructure should facilitate the seven domains of quality. These domains are patient experience, effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness, safety, equity, and sustainability. Hospital infrastructure is very complex and encompasses many different things such as the building design, equipment, IT, systems and processes, sustainability initiatives, staff and more. 


Let’s take a closer look at the importance of equipment in hospital infrastructurePurchasing and effectively implementing the right equipment for a hospital is imperative for the facility to run efficiently and maintain a high quality of care for patients. 


Most businesses believe that the customer comes first, and healthcare is no different, expect instead of a customer, it’s a patient. The patient experience is one of the most important factors to consider when setting up a healthcare facilities infrastructure because if the patient feels comfortable and safe in a hospital, they are likely to go back to the same hospital for any future healthcare needs.


The patient experience depends upon many things as well, but setting up a facility with a comforting design and high quality equipment certainly improves it. Whether a patient comes in for a quick check-up, or must stay in the hospital for weeks, having the right equipment in place is important to making their stay go smoother.


The Lakeside Preferred Hybrid Elite Medical Carts are the perfect solution for any healthcare facility that is looking to upgrade its equipment in the wake of COVID. These medical carts help improve a facilities infrastructure in just about every domain of quality. 


Patient Experience: Investing in high-quality medical equipment such as the Preferred Elite Medical Carts from Lakeside is a great way to improve the patient experience. These carts come in 23 different colors so that they fit seamlessly into any facilities color scheme. The sharp design works with all types of hospital styles, and can improve how a patient views the hospital. When all of the equipment is high quality and looks the part, the patient is likely to have a better opinion of the care they receive. 


Effectiveness: Not only do the Preferred Elite Carts look great, but they are very effective at improving staff performance. Thworld-class sealed bearing, non-marking 5” casters along with twin ergonomic push handles make it a breeze for any staff member to maneuver these carts around a facilityThe carts come equipped with loads of great features and also add workspace which makes it easy for doctors and nurses to carry out all the necessary tasks. 


Efficiency: Lakeside’s Preferred Elite Carts are the ultimate efficiency booster in the hospital. These carts weigh 20% less than traditional steel carts while adding flexibility. The Preferred Elite Carts are constructed with a hybrid of aluminum and steel, which helps them weigh less while still providing top-quality durability. 


Safety: As the COVID-19 pandemic proved, cleanliness is key in healthcare facilities. The Preferred Elite Carts from Lakeside are made to be easily cleaned and sanitized. With a powder coated steel frame, aluminum drawers, and a removeable plastic top tray, these carts are simple to disinfect. Additionally, for added security and safety, these carts have an array of lock options available in order to protect the supplies inside. 


Sustainability: While they are 20% lighter than traditional all steel medical carts, the Preferred Elite Carts are just as strong and durable. The steel frame with durable aluminum drawers, dual-wall construction, and outrigger stabilizing frame ensure that these carts will last for years to come. With a Lakeside cart, facilities don’t need to worry about replacing them in a few years


Lakeside’s medical equipment is all great quality, and is sure to improve any facility’s infrastructure. There are loads of super versatile and good looking products that will help staff excel at their jobs, while also looking great to patients. Lakeside’s equipment, such as the Preferred Elite Medical Carts, allow nurses and doctors to rest assured that they have the right supplies and equipment at hand. When the staff doesn’t have to worry about their supplies, they can spend more time worrying about the patient, which makes a better experience for everyone. 



Browse our website and take a look at all the great products that will take your facility to the next level. Get in contact, and let us know how we can help upgrade your facility’s equipment to improve the hospital experience for staff and patients alike!

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