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Square or Oval Plate Dispensers

Square or Oval

Mobile Plate Dispensers

Easily Transport and Distribute Heated or Non-Heated Plates at the Point of Service

Easy-Glide™ for Smooth, Consistent Plate Dispensing

Easy-Glide™ design provides quiet, non-stick operation, while preventing jams. Self-leveling dispenser height tension is hand adjustable without tools to accommodate various plate weights.

25″ Stacking Height Capacity

Each dish dispenser has a 25” stacking height capacity to accommodate a wide variety of plates or bowls. Single wall, stainless steel construction is easy to clean and sanitize. Corner bumpers protect cabinet, furniture, and doors.

Heats Plates in 2 Hours

Heated models feature individual thermostatic control from 100 F (38 C) to 175 F (79 C). A 300 to 450 watt radiant element heats plates in about 2 hours. On-off switch and power indicator light is mounted on top flange of dispenser.

Mobile Plate Dispensers – Square or Oval

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Dish Shape
Accommodates Plate Size (in)
Number of Stacks
Body Style
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Plate Size Range
Dish Shape
Number of Stacks
Item Length x Width x Height (in)
40.13 in x 26 in x 41.25 in
36.88 in x 25.75 in x 74.25 in
27 in x 21 in x 32 in
27.5 in x 21 in x 32 in
50.25 in x 31 in x 34 in
64.5 in x 31.75 in x 34 in
38.5 in x 31.63 in x 42.56 in
39 in x 30 in x 41 in
53 in x 30 in x 41 in
48.25 in x 24.25 in x 72.25 in
60.25 in x 24.25 in x 72.25 in
48 in x 24 in x 80 in