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Modified and Custom

Modified and Custom Solutions

for Foodservice Products

Lakeside can modify existing standard products or completely custom build one, offering you an endless variety of options. Our process is easy.


Let us know which model needs modification for your application. If you don’t see anything close from our standard offering, tell us your idea for a completely custom product.


With our years of design and customer service experience, we’ll provide immediate feedback on a practical solution.


When a design for a modification or custom product is agreed upon, we’ll provide a quote.


If a modified or custom product is recommended, we’ll produce line drawings to make sure we’re on the right track.


We’ll build and ship the product in 6 to 8 weeks (dependent on quantity) after the design and price approval and your order is placed.


Once the product is in use, we’ll be around for follow up to solve any possible issues to ensure your complete satisfaction.

In order to provide the ideal product solution for your application, in addition to our standard catalog products offers:

  • Modifiable
  • Modified version of a Standard product, beyond available configurations and options offered in the catalog. (Look for the ‘Modified’ symbol throughout this catalog, indicating products that are readily modified to meet your needs.)
  • Custom
  • Specially designed product for your unique application that is not based on any standard product shown in the catalog.

Modified Custom Case Study Library

Soup Station

The “Soup Station” helped a restaurant introduce more options to customers with the matching aesthetics of its existing salad bar.

Motorized Stainless Steel Platform Truck

The “Motorized Stainless Steel Platform Truck” was based on the Lakeside 456 Mobile Platform Truck. It was designed to effortlessly haul more heavy boxes in less trips for a high school in California.

Outdoor Portable Bar

The “Outdoor Portable Bar” was based on the Geneva 76511 Chalet Portable Bar. Its white IPE wood slats created an upscale and modern look for one hotel’s casolare restaurant.

Seafood Cart

The “Seafood Cart” was based on the Geneva 67105 Daypart Cart and Geneva 70260 Liquor Cart. It created versatility for a restaurant that needed to serve oysters and other seafood offerings.

Silverware Cart

The “Silverware Cart” was custom-designed to meet the unique needs of a prominent university. It provided easy restocking with prefilled cylinders, and offered an ergonomic experience with slide-out shelves.

Outdoor Merchandising Cart

The “Outdoor Merchandising Cart” was based on the Lakeside 68322 Merchandising Cart. With a little ingenuity, we were able to make it the ideal choice for serving beverages and snacks outdoors to K-12 students.

Specimen Cart

The “Specimen Cart” was based on the Lakeside 711 Stainless Steel Utility Cart. It was customized to secure and carry a specimen rack without tipping or spillage.

Refreshment Cart

The “Refreshment Cart” was based on the Lakeside 958 Stainless Steel Utility Cart. It was used by a hospital to bring beverages and snack foods to multiple floors.

Insulated Soup Pot Cart

The “Insulated Soup Pot Cart” was based on the Lakeside 543 Stainless Steel Utility Cart. It was designed to hold up the weight capacity, daily usage, and distance traveled to serve large volumes of bulk food for a non-profit meal delivery program.

Inclusive K-5 Condiment Cart

The “Inclusive K-5 Condiment Cart” was based on the Lakeside 70510 Condi Express Cart. It was designed to meet the unique needs of an elementary school, making it an inclusive choice for the school’s young students to effortlessly pump condiments onto their lunch trays.

The Lakeside Advantage

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