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Mobile Merchandising & Serving Equipment

Mobile Merchandising
& Serving Equipment

Create new vending opportunities, increase serving capacity, or improve overall customer satisfaction with attractive mobile foodservice equipment. Durable stainless steel construction with a variety of configurations from induction cooktops to insulated bins help maintain safe food temperatures to not only feed, but stand out in a crowd.

Mobile Foodservice Merchandising


Breakfast Carts

Improve Student Participation & Nutrition

Mart Carts

Compact Grab & Go Vending


Mobile Concession Stands

Cashier Stands

Improve Flow, Reduce Congestion

Merchandising Carts

Create Upsell Opportunities

Condiment Stations

Improve Meal Satisfaction, Reduce Waste

Mobile Serving Equipment


Action Stations

Interactive or Demonstration Cooking

Serving Tables

Linenless Serving with Modular Tables that Link

Daypart Carts

Light Meal Service for Meetings & Events

Room Service Tables

Square or Round – Folds to Save Space

Mobile Hand Washing Stations

Self-Contained to Comply with Health Codes

SuzyQ Meal Delivery Carts

Engage Residents During Meal Service

Mobile Beverage Service


Portable Bars

Enhance the Guest Experience

Beverage Carts

Transport & Serve Refreshments

Ice Carts

Safely Transport & Replenish Ice

Hydration Stations

Full & Self Service Models

Server, Bussing & Waste/Recycling Stations


Mobile Server Set-Up Stations

Fits POS Terminal plus Enclosed Storage

Mobile Bussing Stations

Bus Tub Storage, Trash & Liquid Waste Drain

Waste and Recycling Stations

Top or Front Access, Combined Receptacles

The Lakeside Advantage

Prompt Quotes, Accurate Drawings, Reliable Ship Dates
Superior Lead Times

Setting the Standard for Safety, Productivity, Durability Since 1946
Design Excellence

Durable Stainless Steel Construction with an Easy to Clean Finish for Lasting Customer Satisfaction
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Guaranteed Quality

More than 10,000 Standard Utility Cart Configurations with the Ability to Modify Standard Products or Custom Build
No Minimums
Modifiable & Custom

Shorten the Supply Chain with a Domestic Manufacturer and Trusted Innovation Partner
Made in the USA

100% Recyclable Stainless Steel and Aluminum Components Yield Durable Products with a Long Service Life
Sustainable Choice