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About Us

About Us

From Founders to Future

At Lakeside, we embody a rich legacy of innovation and dedication to excellence. Since our inception, we have continually evolved, pioneering new solutions and setting industry standards. Our journey is rooted in a deep commitment to quality, driven by the vision of our founders and the passion of our team.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an agile organization that has a “can do” behavior that is easy and enjoyable to do business with.

Our Story

You can create a lot of history in 75 years, and the team here at Lakeside understands that more than just about anyone. We were founded by a World War II Navy Veteran with a creative and independent spirit. From those very first days until now, the same characteristics remain – Lakeside can provide a solution for you.

Lakeside’s team understands many environments – K-12, college and university, B&I, healthcare, hospitals, long term care, rehabilitation homes, laboratories, and so much more. From food service to medical; laboratory supplies to material handling – we offer high quality durable stainless steel and other mobile solutions for nearly any facility.

Innovative, sustainable and efficient mobile equipment combined with extensive online resources to ultimately help enhance your safety and sanitary needs.

Our History

Lakeside’s First Product

Bob Moon started the company with his brother Dick. The first Lakeside product was a wooden grill that was sold in 1946. The family always tested out their products. Pictured here in 1960, you can see Mary Jane Moon and her children, Scott, Debby, and Larry, using the wooden barbeque.

World’s First Stainless Steel Utility Cart

Lakeside continues to produce the 311, the world’s first stainless steel utility cart engineered by Herb Moon, Bob’s father, in 1946. In 1950, the 311’s innovative design was recognized by the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) for its advanced modern design.

Early Adapter of Outgoing Watts Lines

Bob and Dick worked together until 1962 when they decided to pursue different paths. In 1962, Lakeside was recognized by Wisconsin Bell for pioneering the use of outgoing Watts lines to directly communicate with dealers via mailed postcards. This innovation allowed Lakeside’s sales team to schedule regular long-distance calls, a notable event at the time. This practice continued for many years thereafter.

Aris Product Line

In 1980, Lakeside purchased Aris Manufacturing. Aris was a company located in San Francisco, California. Larry Moon (current Chairman and CEO) joined the company to run this new acquisition as a division of Lakeside. The operation was moved to Milwaukee after the purchase.

The Future

Since 1998, the additions of Alliance, Multiteria, Made-to-Drain, and Alluserv have supported the continued growth of the Sandstone Group, which also includes Lakeside. Innovative products such as case carts, Stealth carts, and Modified/Custom solutions are all helping to shape our future.