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Regular, Non-Heated

Mobile Plate Dispensers

Non-heated plate dispensers simplify salad or dessert service where heated plates are not required, while reducing breakage.

Easy-Glide™ for Smooth, Consistent Plate Dispensing

Easy-Glide™ design provides quiet, non-stick operation, while preventing jams. Self-leveling dispenser height tension is hand adjustable without tools to accommodate various plate weights.

Available in 1 – 4 Stacks

Each dish dispenser has a 25” stacking height capacity to accommodate a wide variety of plates or bowls. Single wall, stainless steel construction is easy to clean and sanitize. Corner bumpers protect cabinet, furniture, and doors.

The Lakeside Advantage

Prompt Quotes, Accurate Drawings, Reliable Ship Dates
Superior Lead Times

Setting the Standard for Safety, Productivity, Durability Since 1946
Design Excellence

Durable Stainless Steel Construction with an Easy to Clean Finish for Lasting Customer Satisfaction
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Guaranteed Quality

More than 10,000 Standard Utility Cart Configurations with the Ability to Modify Standard Products or Custom Build
No Minimums
Modifiable & Custom

Shorten the Supply Chain with a Domestic Manufacturer and Trusted Innovation Partner
Made in the USA

100% Recyclable Stainless Steel and Aluminum Components Yield Durable Products with a Long Service Life
Sustainable Choice

Mobile Plate Dispensers – Regular, Non-Heated

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