Lakeside 163421 Push-Pull Utility Cart, 3 Shelf: 21″ x 33″, Heavy-Duty 700-Lb. Capacity


Push-Pull Utility Carts by Lakeside Manufacturing provide flexibility of pushing and safely pulling actions when hauling heavy-duty loads. The Lakeside 163421 Push-Pull Utility Cart with (3) shelves measuring 21″ x 33″ has a weight capacity of 700-Lb. The Lakeside cart’s swing-out handle allows for safe pushing or pulling action, while its hinged handle locks securely in the upright position for conventional pushing action. This utility cart’s all-welded stainless steel construction is easy to clean and sanitize. This foodservice cart on wheels is equipped with 5” cushion tread casters, 2 ea. fixed, 2 ea. swivel with brake for smooth maneuverability. This cart’s durable 700-Lb. carrying capacity allows for easy transport of heavy-duty loads over long distances. It provides full visibility when pulling cart to ensure operator safety. This cart is offered with an optional on-board hitch bar system that allows for towing of multiple carts. This multifunctional piece of equipment that helps save money, time, and space. Easy to load and unload. Push or pull loads for ultimate flexibility. Endless variety of customizable options. Lakeside has unbeatable lead times. Made in the USA.


Caster Size (in)


Caster Type

2 Ea. Swivel W/ Brake, 2 Ea. Fixed




Stainless Steel



Number of Shelves


Shelf Clearance (in)


Shelf Size (in)

21 in x 33 in

Weight Capacity (lbs)


Country of Origin


Item Length x Width x Height (in) 38 in x 21 in x 41.75 in
Specification Sheet View the 163421 specification sheet
Weight 125 lbs 56.7 kgs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 42.5 in x 26 in x 40.5 in 107.95 cm x 66.04 x cm 102.87 cm
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Lakeside model 163421 is of welded stainless steel U-frame construction. Shelves are 18-gauge and U-frame is 1″ x 1″ x 1/8″ angle stainless steel. Full-height tubular handle is hinged at the bottom to swing out for pulling action, and locks in upright position for pushing action. Optional on-board hitch bar system includes receiver bushing and connects frame cross members to allow for towing of multiple carts. Casters are 5″ (2 ea. fixed and 2 ea. swivel with brake) non-marking with cushion tread, fastened to reinforced 18-gauge stainless steel cross members for extra strength.

  • Transport up to 3X More and Make 3X Fewer Trips when Towing Multiple Push-Pull Utility Carts
  • Save labor and make fewer trips by towing multiple carts using optional on-board hitch bar system
  • Stay out in front while pulling for full visibility of the path ahead and safe navigation of crowded spaces
  • Take full strides with the swing-out handle and reduce ankle contact while pulling
  • Swing-out handle with integrated latch lowers for pulling and towing multiple carts
  • On-board hitch bar system includes hitch receiver bushing to reduce friction and component wear, plus convenient on-board storage for the optional drawbar when not in use
  • Optional #169168 Stowable Drawbar with on-board storage required to connect multiple Push-Pull carts.
  • Available as Trailing Cart # 169167 without swing-out handle for dedicated towing applications
  • All-welded stainless steel construction is easy to clean and sanitize
  • Durable 700 lb. (300 kg) capacity is ideal for the continuous moving of heavy loads over most standard floor surfaces