Geneva 70029 Mobile Serving Cart, Round Top, Bordeaux Veneer Finish, (1) Pull-Out Shelf with Side Handles, (1) 29 1/2 x 32 5/8-in. Shelf


Create a lasting first impression. It’s more that great food. It’s a great presentation, it’s theatre. And what could be more impressive than seeing your culinary creations showcased on an elegant serving cart being rolled to your guest’s table. The oval styles have the understated grace that will make the dining experience a meal to remember. Unique round design, constructed of wood veneer overlay with satin varnish finish. Solid beech wood legs, stained and varnished. Rails and push handles are polished stainless steel. Attractive chrome casters with quiet, non-marking wheels.



Serving Cart-Bordeaux, 29-1/2″W x 32-5/8″H, pull-out shelf on end, side handles, round shaped top, (1) shelf, solid beech wood legs, stained and varnished, 304 stainless handles and rails, wood veneer overlay construction with satin varnish finish, 5″ plastic core wheel with non-marking bonded rubber exterior (2) with brakes

  • BORDEAUX veneer only: Durable MDF wood veneer overlay with satin varnish finish
  • Solid beech wood legs, stained and varnished
  • Handles and rails are stainless
  • Plastic core wheel with quiet, nonmarking bonded rubber exterior
  • Freight Class: 125