You can create a lot of history in 75 years, and the team here at Lakeside understands that more than just about anyone. We were founded by a World War II Navy veteran who decided he didn't want to work for anyone else, and from those very first days until now, the same sentiment exists -- Lakeside can make it happen, and we're going to have fun doing it.

Now, that brings us to the stories. Being successful for so many decades as a “can-do” company doesn't just happen. You have to learn from the “can't dos” first. Our history here at Lakeside has led us from barbecue grills to wooden playhouses and from cadaver coolers to motorized wheelchairs. We've gone from the shores of Lake Michigan to the beaches of St. Croix, and we've had periods of time when we've focused internally and then opened the windows -- quite literally -- and listened to the outside world. There are hundreds of anecdotes in between, and all of them add up to a single point:

There are reasons and stories behind everything we manufacture, and they've helped us refine our products to be the best in the industry.

So thank you for your partnership. Thank you for the memories. And thank you for your loyalty to Lakeside. Whether you're a customer or an employee, none of this would be possible without your hard work, input, and ingenuity, and we're very grateful for the 75 years you've helped provide.

Cheers to 75 more!

Foodservice from Lakeside

Tomorrow's foodservice director must be an expert in all aspects of the growing demand for innovative equipment to support well-managed meal prep, delivery, retail and catering operations.

Lakeside's sole mission is to help you tackle tomorrow's challenges and elevate the strategic value of foodservice in your facility.

Understanding Your Foodservice Needs

Lakeside's team understands all types of foodservice environments - K-12, colleges and universities, B&I, healthcare, hospitals, assisted living communities, nursing homes, rehabilitation homes, etc. We can help by providing you innovative, sustainable and efficient food service equipment combined with extensive online resources to ultimately help enhance your customers' experiences and so much more.

Let's partner to create a better future for foodservice.

Lakeside helps you build a profitable organization with progressive and value-added solutions.

How: Lakeside provides 24/7 online resources and innovative equipment that help you and your foodservice team optimize food quality, satisfaction and services.