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Open or Closed Case Carts: What is Best for your Facility?

Case carts play an extremely important role in the workflow of healthcare facilities everywhere. They are primarily used to transport surgical instruments to and from the OR in hospitals, but they can add value in various other ways depending on the model implemented in your facility. On the market, there are many different types of case carts available, but the two primary options to choose from are an open or closed style. What are the differences between these styles and what will be more useful for your facility?

Open Case Carts:

Open case carts are designed with easy access to surgical instruments and supplies in mind. Lakeside Manufacturing designs open case carts in a variety of sizes, ranging from small at 38 ½” x 28 ¾” x 38 ½” (WxLxH) to extra-large at 52 ½” x 27 ½” x 61 ½” (WxLxH). The small sizes can accommodate up to 5 shelves, while the extra-large can fit up to 9. The medium and large sizes fit in between, and the best option for size really depends on your facility’s needs. If you find staff frequently making trips between central supply and the OR, then the large or extra-large may be a better option, but if you don’t transport supplies as often, or not in large quantities, then the small or medium size could fit better in your facility.

When it comes to shelving, Lakeside Manufacturing offers a few different options. First, all our Open Case Carts have highly configurable shelving options so that you can ensure your cart will be able to store and transport the right number of supplies for your facility. We offer three different types of shelving to choose from for these carts: stainless steel, stainless steel with dividers, and wire shelves. Depending on what you are looking to get out of your case carts, all of these are good options. Stainless steel is a great choice if you want sturdy shelving that can support heavy loads. The stainless steel with dividers adds easy organization of supplies and surgical instruments. The wire shelving is a more lightweight option that still has plenty of strength and durability to hold supplies. Additionally, many of our carts use a combination of the shelving options for added versatility.

Open case carts are a great option for hospitals and other healthcare facilities with an OR. Open case carts are much lighter than closed case carts, which makes them easier to maneuver around a facility to and from the OR. The open design also allows for added visibility which can be helpful for some staff that struggle transporting the heavier closed case carts. The open design also makes it very clear where all the supplies are and allows for very quick unloading of surgical instrument packs.

open lakeside case carts

Closed Case Carts:

Closed case carts are designed with maximum protection of the contents in mind. Surgical instruments must be kept in a way that ensures they are sanitized and ready to go when an operation is needed. Case carts are the perfect solution for ensuring clean surgical instruments won’t be contaminated on their way to the OR, and closed case carts add an extra level of protection for the supplies compared to the open style. Lakeside Manufacturing has various sizes and styles of closed case carts that are offered standard. These styles include one-door and two-door designs, and either come in 39” or 54” heights.

Lakeside’s closed case carts are available with three different shelving options, that all have their various benefits. The stainless steel shelves are a staple in our case carts with top-of-the-line strength and durability, as well as easy sanitation practices. Another option is the perforated stainless steel shelf, which has the added benefit of extra airflow inside the carts, making them dry faster as well as preventing the settling of dust and debris inside the carts even if they are in storage for periods of time. Lastly, the wire shelves are another option that allows for the most possible airflow and prevents the settling of dust even more while still having the strength and durability needed to transport surgical instruments to and from the OR.

Although they may be heavier than the open style, Lakeside’s closed case carts are still highly maneuverable in a healthcare facility and add versatility. The closed case carts design allows for the top to be used as added workspace in the OR, or in central supply where they will be loaded. The closed style also adds extra protection against contamination for the supplies and surgical instruments during transportation to the OR, ensuring that they are ready to be used in an operation. This extra protection also works in the reverse way, by ensuring that surgical instruments that have been used and contaminated won’t spread their germs and bacteria to any other areas of the hospital. Additionally, if these carts are going to be moved throughout any areas of the facility where there may be curious patients, the closed design will ensure that they won’t see any bloody supplies, which is always a good idea to not turn patients off from the facility.

closed lakeside case carts

Case carts are extremely important to maintain the workflow and improve efficiency in healthcare facilities with an operating room. There are many different options available, which is why Lakeside will work with you to ensure that you get the perfect solutions for your facility! Even if none of our standard case carts are the right fit for your hospital, then we will work together to custom design and build a solution that will add the most value for your facility! Get in touch with us, and let’s talk case carts!

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