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3 Vital Benefits of Lakeside Compact Enclosed Case Carts

Case carts play a vital role in the OR by ensuring equipment and supplies remain sterile before and during a procedure. With various types of case carts on the market, it can be hard to decide and differentiate when looking to purchase a new case cart. Deciding between a full-sized cart or a compact cart and wire shelving or solid shelving are just two of the many decisions that go into this process. Today we will be reviewing the compact case cart style and the three main benefits Lakeside case carts provide to a facility’s OR and staff. 

1.Stainless Steel Construction

Ensuring a case cart remains rust free is crucial as case carts are sanitized regularly. Stainless steel construction offers many other benefits aside from its ease of cleaning and sanitizing. Nearly all of the features on Lakeside case carts are built from stainless steel. The recessed paddle latches, made of stainless steel, offer ease of use for healthcare staff. The heavy-duty stainless steel slide-out shelves offer extra durable storage space. Having equipment that withstands years of use is crucial in the healthcare industry. Investing in equipment that will be with you for the long run not only ensures quality equipment, but it is also budget friendly. 

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2.Increased Mobility

Being able to move a case cart is an essential element to the piece of equipment. After it has been used, it must be able to be transported to the sanitation space with ease. Not only is this maneuverability important after the cart has been used, but it is also important while in use. If the cart needs to be moved within the room during a procedure, it must be able to do so quickly and efficiently. Lakeside compact case carts offer top-notch mobility. With base corner bumpers, the cart can be moved without worrying about damaging any walls, doorways, or corners. Low profile ergonomic handles make moving the cart easy for staff. Pair these qualities with its all-swivel casters and you have a durable mobile cart solution.

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3.Optimal Storage

While these carts are a compact size, they still offer a vast amount of storage space to ensure all supplies and equipment have a space. The Lakeside compact case carts have a construction built with no center post to allow for more storage space. Maximizing the interior stage space provides ORs with even more space to store needed supplies and equipment in a sterile environment. These also offer space flexibility with their adjustable shelving. Whether the wire shelves or solid shelves are used, these height-adjustable shelves are able to be configured in different ways to make sure there is the proper height needed to store various items in the cart. Having optimal storage is vital to a case cart. 

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Lakeside offers over a hundred standard case cart configurations to allow healthcare facilities to design their ideal case cart. While standard configurations are available, Lakeside specializes in making customs and modified medical equipment to ensure each cart solution fits your exact needs. Learn more about Lakeside case carts today!

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