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Shelving Options: What’s Best When it Comes to Case Carts?

Case carts are an essential piece of equipment for any hospital.

Having good sturdy case carts can help an operating room run very smoothly and ensure that all of the necessary supplies are on hand. Additionally, case carts guarantee the sterility of surgical instruments and other surgical supplies during storage or transportation. No personnel should have to carry armfuls of trays to and from an operating room, and case carts are the clear best way to manage this.

Some facilities use various pieces of equipment to transport surgical instruments, but closed case carts are the best solution for the transportation of surgical supplies to and from an OR. Open case carts can be used as well, but closed case carts provide an extra layer of security in preventing contamination. Case carts are great for bringing clean instruments to the OR, but they also play an important role in taking used surgical supplies out of the OR without risking contamination. Additionally, no hospital visitors want to see dirty, bloody supplies being wheeled around as it could cause extra worry and anxiety that isn’t needed. Closed case carts ensure that this isn’t a possibility.

When choosing out the right case cart system for your healthcare facility, there’s a lot of different options out there. Case carts come in different sizes, shapes, weights, and more, but an important aspect of case carts that is often overlooked is the type of shelving in the cart. Let’s take a look at the different types of shelving available in Lakeside’s closed case carts.

Stainless Steel Shelf

The stainless steel shelf is a classic that it’s hard to go wrong with. The stainless design provides top-notch durability and also ensures that the shelves are easy to sanitize before and after use. The stainless steel shelf is perfect for case carts that are mainly used for transporting surgical supplies to and from the OR.

Perforated Steel Shelf

The perforated stainless steel shelf provides some benefits that the normal stainless steel doesn’t. Mainly, the perforation allows for extra airflow which limits the amount of dust and debris that can settle inside. This means that these shelves are a great option for case carts that may be in storage in between use.

Wire Shelf

Wire shelving promotes even more airflow inside of the closed case carts, and is still very easy to clean due to its stainless steel design. Although the wire shelving is not quite as strong as the other stainless shelves, it is plenty durable. Wire shelves are a great option for case carts that will be in storage for extended periods of time.

Pull Out Option

All of these different shelving designs are also available with a pull out feature. The pull out shelves making loading and unloading the carts a breeze. These shelves are also very sturdy inside the closed case carts so you don’t have to worry about unruly banging coming from inside the carts during transport. Additionally, being able to pull the shelves out make it easier to clean inside and the shelves themselves after use. The pull out shelves are a great option for case carts that are used frequently, or are used in situations where the supplies must be taken out and used immediately.

Case carts are a very important part of high functioning OR, and so are the shelves inside of them. Get in touch with us, and let us know if you have any more questions about the benefits of different shelving options in your case carts!

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