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Made in USA Products are the Solution to Supply Chain Problems

When the coronavirus nearly brought the world as we knew it to a halt, supply chain issues and shortages of essential goods impacted everyone, but especially impacted the healthcare industry. US hospitals and other healthcare facilities struggled to get the PPE and other essential equipment that they needed to fight the pandemic.  


The US healthcare supply chain was very dependent on Asian countries, specifically China, to supply the needed healthcare equipment and supplies. However, as the pandemic hit China and other Asian counties first, the supply of equipment that was usually shipped over to the US was needed in their own countries, and the shipments began to slowdown and stop altogether.  


In response to the shortages of PPE and other essential medical equipment, many US manufacturers stepped up and shifted their production in order to help meet the healthcare needs. Lakeside shifted its production and began to manufacture IV poles in order to help meet the increased demand that came with the pandemic. Other US suppliers completely changed their products in order to help out with the new demand as well. Tito’s for example, an Austin based distiller, began to produce and supply hand sanitizer instead of their usual vodka. Smaller material and clothes manufacturers also shifted from their usual products to begin making masks in order to protect the public and supply needed PPE to Americans.  


Although things are starting to get back to normal since the start of the pandemic, it’s important to remember the shortcomings of the healthcare supply chain that were highlighted during the early stages of COVID and take them into consideration going forward. Domestic sourcing for healthcare supplies and medical equipment is crucial for sustaining normal day-to-day operations in the case of another global disaster. In addition to supporting local suppliers and boosting the domestic economy, products that are “Made in USA” have many benefits that international products can’t match.  


Here are a just a few of the benefits of purchasing medical equipment that is made in America:  


Helps create and maintain jobs in the US: Purchasing goods from US suppliers helps boost the economy by ensuring that manufacturers have a demand for their product. This demand allows them to allocate more money into manufacturing and creates stable jobs for Americans for years to come.  


Improves the independence of the US: As illustrated by the pandemic, the United States healthcare industry has been very dependent on foreign countries to supply essential medical supplies. However, in the case of a global pandemic or other global disruption, this supply can’t always be trusted to come through and help in times of need. Purchasing medical supplies from US-based manufacturers proves that there is a market for the products, and promotes increased domestic manufacturing, which allows for better responses to future disasters. Additionally, purchasing domestic products improves the overall independence of the country and allow for the US to no have to rely on foreign entities for essential supplies.  


Reduces shipping time and costs: When you purchase equipment from US suppliers, you don’t have to worry about waiting a long time just for the equipment to be shipped into the country. Depending on what type of equipment a facility is looking to purchase, they could have to wait months for it to actually get to them after the order if they purchase from a foreign manufacturer. Meanwhile, products that are made in the USA are able to be shipped and arrive at a facility much faster than comparable international products.  


Better quality and safety standards: The United States has much higher standards for workers’ safety than some international manufacturers, which means that buying from domestic manufacturers ensures safe work environments. US suppliers are also able to manage the manufacturing process very closely and ensure that the equipment is the best possible quality. Purchasing medical equipment from US suppliers means that the products were made in a safe and sustainable way.  


Improved ability for customization: Another great benefit of purchasing from US manufacturers is that they will likely be more willing to work with you to create the perfect equipment fit for your facility. Many US manufacturers have the capability and willingness to listen to what your facility needs and work with you to make it happen. Most foreign suppliers will just try to sell you what they already have in stock, even if it isn’t the exact solution you’re looking for. Lakeside Manufacturing on the other hand, has Lakeside Custom Solutions, which is completely dedicated to listening to customer needs and designing the perfect solution for your healthcare facility.  


Lakeside understands these various benefits, which is why all of our products are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Wisconsin. In addition to our products proudly being made in the USA, we are still dedicated to supplying our healthcare system with the supplies that they need to deal with COVID. Our Rapid Response Quick-Ship products are designed to supply all the essential equipment necessities to deal with the coronavirus. These products are in stock and ready to be shipped out immediately so you don’t have to wait months to get the equipment that you need now. Check out these innovative essentials here, and get in touch with us for a quote and lead time information!  

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