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How to Save Space in Your Hospital

Saving Space with Compact Equipment Solutions

Most hospitals have one thing in common: the need for more space.

Expanding a building’s space can be extremely expensive, time consuming, and can put certain parts of your facility out of service for extended periods of time due to construction. The better option for most healthcare facilities is to use the space that they currently have more efficiently and effectively. So how can a facility make better use of their space?

Space efficiency starts with the initial design of the healthcare facility, and should absolutely be taken into consideration when building new departments, or adding on to an existing space. However, many hospitals have been around for a long time and when they were first designed, using the space inside the facility the most efficiently may not have been taken into account. If this is the case, then the hospital must learn how to use its space in a more efficient way.

There are various ways to begin using space more effectively, and it can vary for different departments inside of a hospital.

For example, the waiting room should be designed and used in a much different way than the operating room in order to achieve optimal space efficiency. However, with all of the various spaces inside of healthcare facilities, there is one universal way to save space and work smarter: Investing in good quality, versatile equipment that is designed to save space.

Let’s take a look at some of the space-saving equipment solutions that Lakeside manufactures.

Case Carts

One piece of equipment that every hospital needs is good quality case carts for surgical operations and other day-to-day tasks.

Case carts can come in various shapes and sizes, and all different models have their benefits. If your facility’s already struggling with creating enough space for surgeons to work comfortably and the operating room is crammed, then the space-saving case cart solutions are the best option.

Lakeside has various space-saving case cart models, including the Deluxe 1-Door Case Cart. This case cart is designed to fit in small spaces and functions as an additional work surface. The cart comes with an adjustable, pull-out stainless steel shelf with the option to choose from wire, solid stainless, or perforated stainless, all of which have their own advantages. Being a smaller cart, you might expect that the Deluxe 1-Door Case Cart isn’t as strong as some of the other solutions that Lakeside offers, but this cart is still super durable.

In fact, the shelves are mounted on polyoxymethylene heavy-duty, low friction slides that allow for 50% pull-out of shelves to prevent tipping and hold up to 70 lbs. of supplies. The door on this compact case cart opens to 270 degrees and includes a slam/catch to hold the door in the open position, allowing easy access to the contents. Additionally, this deluxe case cart has built-in, integrated angled handles that allow for easy maneuvering along with the premium sealed MedCasters that it is built upon.

Another great space-saving solution is the Deluxe 1-Door Low Profile Case Cart. This cart comes with all of the same amazing standard features as the Deluxe 1-Door Case Cart, but is built with a lower frame which can save even more space in a crammed operating room. The internal cavity of the Deluxe 1-Door Case Carts is designed for easy cleaning and draining with an optional integrated floor drain with or without a plug for faster drying after sanitization.

Lakeside Manufacturing understands the need for space in the healthcare industry and is dedicated to creating solutions to optimize the space in your facility. Get in touch with us and ask us how we can help save space in your facility!

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