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Elective Surgeries are Back on Track

Elective Surgeries are Back on Track

COVID-19 has affected our healthcare system dramatically, with hospitals having to completely shift gears in order to treat patients infected with the coronavirus. This shift changed what procedures hospitals were able to complete after having to make room in beds for COVID patients. One of the areas of care that almost completely stopped was elective surgeries.  


Elective surgeries are all types of surgical procedures which do not pose an immediate health threat or qualify as an emergency. This doesn’t mean that they are optional, rather it means that they can be scheduled in advance. Elective surgeries range from less vital cosmetic surgeries such as removing a wart or mole, to very serious and important procedures like removing a kidney stone or a hip replacement. Elective surgeries are an essential part of healthcare and keeping the country healthy in the long term 


While the coronavirus pandemic is not yet over, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally appearing, and with that light comes the return of normal healthcare procedures, including long put-off elective surgeries. In fact, a study done by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery found that there will be a cumulative backlog of about 1 million elective surgeries 2 years after the end of elective surgery deferment. This means that it’s going to take quite some time before our healthcare system returns to normal, even after the end of COVID-19 concerns.  


The end of the deferment of elective surgeries certainly seems like it’s beginning, as many reports of hospitals beginning to perform elective surgeries again have come out over the past few weeks. Coronavirus cases are down, but even more importantly, coronavirus patients that are in need of hospital care are down as well, which has opened up space for facilities to perform other procedures once again.  


With all of the changes that hospitals had to make in order to care for coronavirus patients, it may take a little time getting back to normal functioning because facilities changed how their equipment was being used. With that in mind, it is very important for hospitals to make sure that they have the right equipment in operating rooms for elective surgeries.  


Some of the most important equipment that is necessary in an OR are good quality surgical case carts. Keeping an OR sterile and disinfected has always been of utmost importance in hospitals, but with the COVID-19 pandemic not quite behind us yet, it is even more crucial. One of the best ways to maintain a sterile environment is to utilize equipment which can be cleaned and disinfected very quickly and easily.  


Lakeside’s stainless steel closed case carts are the perfect solution for transporting surgical tools and supplies into the OR. Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to sanitize and ensure that no germs are being transported along with the essential equipment. Lakeside also offers case carts in various sizes and configurations in order to work perfectly in any healthcare facility.  



A great option for a facility in need of smaller capacity and very maneuverable cart would be the 6930 Classic Case Cart. The cart is 39” tall and utilizes all-welded stainless steel construction for top-of-the-line durability and quality. The cart includes 270° opening doors for easy access with a pull-out stainless wire shelf. The 6930 also comes standard with a paddle latch to secure contents during transport. Additionally, the cart is highly configurable and customizable with all of the accessories that your facility may need.  



Another awesome option if your facility is in need of some more space is the 6945P Classic Case Cart. This cart comes equipped with all of the same great features as the 6930, but on bigger frame. The cart is 54” tall and boasts two stainless wire shelves in the double door frame. This product is a great solution for added workspace as well as transporting essential surgical supplies. Built on 4 premium 6” all-swivel Medcasters with precision ball bearings and two standard brakes, this cart is extremely easy to maneuver around a facility and bring into the OR when it is needed.  



Lakeside has much more to offer than just carts, here’s some other equipment that can improve productivity in the OR.  


Mayo Stands are an essential part of any operating room, and Lakeside has some great options in that department. The Double Post Mayo Stand is constructed of chrome plated steel tubing with a round surface to ensure that there are no corners where dirt or grime can collect. This stand also comes with a removeable stainless steel tray for easy disinfection after use. The tray height is adjustable from 34 to 53 so that it will be the perfect height for any surgeon.  



Instrument Tables are another key part of operating rooms. Lakeside has a line of stainless steel nesting instrument tables for all needs. The stainless steel construction ensures that they can be easily disinfected after use, and will be super durable. Additionally, when not in use, the tables will nest together to take up the least amount of space possible, and can be easily moved to expand work surface area.  



Another great addition to any OR is the Compact Utility StandThis stainless steel stand boasts a 300 lb. capacity and is super versatile. With 3.5” all-swivel casters, the stand is super easy to maneuver and its compact design can fit in tight spaces. The Compact Utility Stand is a perfect solution for operating rooms that need extra work and storage area, but don’t have room for lots of additional equipment.  


With elective surgeries back on track, it is extremely important for hospitals and other healthcare facilities to have all of the right equipment in place. 


Lakeside Manufacturing is here to help, with a full line of Case Carts, as well as tons of other great products for use in the OR. Get in touch, and let us know how we can help your facility get back on track in the return to normalcy! 

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