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Case Study: Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms

Clean rooms are a very important feature of pharmaceutical, laboratories, research and other specialized healthcare fields. Clean rooms have some of the most intense sanitary requirements of any space in the healthcare industry. In order to hold themselves to those high standards, cleanrooms have to be equipped with the right equipment.

The main requirements for cleanrooms comes in the form of air quality. In fact, there are different classifications for cleanrooms based on the amount of particulates that circulate in the air.

To give an idea of how clean the air in these specialized facilities is, the air in a typical room has around 35,000,000 particles that are larger than or equal to 0.5μm. Meanwhile a class 100 or ISO 5 cleanroom, which is in the middle of the cleanroom classification system, has about 3,500 particles of the same size. There are various methods that are used to achieve this extremely high air quality, but it comes mainly through highly sophisticated air purification systems.

In order to maintain the extreme air quality, all of the equipment and supplies that are inside of a cleanroom have to be easy to clean and sanitize, as well as remain sanitized for extended periods of time. This means that the equipment inside of the room is almost, if not just as important as the initial design and construction of the space.

Lakeside understands these intense requirements for cleanrooms in specialized medical fields, and has many pieces of mobile equipment that can be utilized in these spaces. Additionally, because of the extremely high cleanliness standards, some equipment that is used in cleanrooms has to be custom designed and built for the specific application in these areas.

This is where Lakeside Custom Solutions can help by working with you to create the perfect solution for your facility. We’ve done it in the past for these specialized spaces and we are always up to the challenge of creating the best equipment solutions for your cleanroom.

The Project

When a state of the art pharmaceutical lab needed specialized equipment for their clean room environment, they came to Lakeside Custom Solutions to design and bring to life the equipment that they had in their minds for the space. This lab needed custom designed workstations for processing lab samples and tests in their clean room environment.

The Challenge

This project had its challenges due to the specific application that the workstations were needed for. Each workstation had to accommodate four centrifuges that required extreme stability in order to get accurate results. The centrifuges were designed to apply centrifugal force to the test tube contents in order to separate solids and fluids of different densities.

In addition to being super stable, the workstations also had to be able to support test processing end-to-end without a technician leaving the station. This meant that the stations had to be adequately comfortable to allow for a technician to remain for extended periods of time without aches and pains.

In order to develop the best solution for this pharmaceutical lab’s cleanroom, Lakeside had to take all of these different elements into consideration to create the perfect all-in-one workstation. The final design and manufactured product had to be comfortable for the technician to work from, stable enough to support the testing, and easily sanitized to work in the extreme clean room environment.

The Solution

The workstation solution featured overhead shelving for extra sanitary storage space. The final product also contained a table mounted bio trash bin for secure disposal of spent supplies. In order to eliminate any table movement from the centrifugal force, the solution also featured high gauge stainless steel cross sections with large diameter legs. This sturdy design ensured accurate test results from the workstation as well as the safety of the technicians who worked there.

This is just one example of how Lakeside Custom Solutions can improve your facility’s effectiveness in these specialized areas, but we also have many standard products that can be useful for these areas. Well-built, sturdy equipment is a staple in the healthcare industry, and in the testing space where results are key, this high quality equipment is even more important.

Different equipment categories such as case carts, equipment stands, and surgical tables can all be very useful in a clean room environment for various needs. Additionally, special equipment such as the Hyperthermia Cart can be extremely useful if certain tests needs to be kept at cold temperatures in a clean, sanitary environment.

If your facility has equipment needs for your cleanroom or other specialized medical field, get in touch with us and we can explore standard options that can add value to your facility. If the standard products aren’t quite what you’re looking for, then Lakeside Custom Solutions will work with you to create the perfect pieces of equipment to achieve your goals!

If you’re not convinced that we’ll be able to bring your vision to life, check out some of the other projects that we’ve worked on!

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