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How-To: Setup a Lakeside Portable Bar for Any Event

How To Set Up A Lakeside Portable Bar For Any Event

When it comes to providing refreshments at a successful event, something as simple as a portable bar can make all the difference. With the right setup, an operator’s guests can enjoy custom cocktails, cold beer, and other refreshments, all while adding a stylish touch to a resort or convention center. For operators considering a portable bar on wheels, a Lakeside Portable Bar with an ice bin and sustainable stainless steel finish is a great option. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at how to set one up for an event, including finding the right location, maximizing functionality, and cleaning up after the day is over.

Finding a Location and Setting Up

The first step in setting up a ready to roll - right out of the box Lakeside Portable Bar is by finding the right location. A flat surface is essential for stability, and an operator will want to make sure it's easily accessible to guests without being in the way of oncoming traffic. 

To move the Lakeside Portable Bar on wheels, push it from one of its (2) sides. Once a spot is found, an operator should check the stainless steel portable bar’s (4) 5” all-swivel casters. There will be (2) casters with stainless steel brake levers that read 'On' and 'Off'. To lock the brakes down, an operator will need to press down on the side that reads 'On'. Making sure these levers are locked are crucial before any refreshments are to be served. This will eliminate the risk of injuring guests and the operator themselves. 

If the Lakeside stainless steel portable bar needs to be moved to another location, an operator will have to unlock the brake levers. This can be achieved by pushing down on the sides that read 'Off'. Moving the Lakeside Portable Bar to a new location should be easy with its ultra smooth all-swivel casters.

Find a Flat Surface for Stability Push from Either Side Lock and Unlock Brakes w/Foot

Workstation Functionalities

Generous Work Shelf and Backsplash

Once the Lakeside Portable Bar is in place, it's time to maximize its functionality. Starting with its stainless steel work shelf and backsplash. This functional backsplash not only adds a sleek touch to the portable bar with an ice bin, but also safeguards unnecessary spills or splashes when serving drinks. This Lakeside Portable Bar’s stainless steel work shelf is easy to clean, use, and has a durable surface for years of service life.

Generous Work Shelf and Backsplash

Built-in Ice Bin(s)

Depending on the model, at least one built in ice bin is standard on all Lakeside Portable Bars. These portable bars on wheels each have a conveniently located ice bin next to the work shelf that allows easy access to fresh ice when a drink calls for it. These ice bins are corrosion resistant and can hold up to 40-Lb and 80-Lb. of ice. When adding ice, operators should do so with care and caution. Once the ice bin is filled, operators can be assured that drinks will be refreshing and cold when they are served to a guest.

Note: Models 884 and 887 feature (1) 40-Lb. ice bin, while model 886 features (2) 80-Lb. ice bins.

Built-in 40-Lb. or 80-Lb. Ice Bin(s) depending on model

Removable Stainless Steel Speed Rail(s)

Equipped with removeable 7-bottle speed rails, Lakeside Portable Bars provide quick and easy access to beverages, saving an operator time and energy during busy periods. No more fumbling around for bottles or searching through cabinets. Operators are able to attach and detach speed rails on the fly on the side of their Lakeside Portable Bar’s work shelf. With Lakeside, serving up drinks has never been easier.

Note: Model 884 features (1) 7 bottle speed rail, while models 886 and 887 feature (2) 7 bottle speed rails.

Removeable Stainless Steel Speed Rail(s) Offer Quick and Easy Access to Beverages

Spacious Storage Areas

With spacious interiors, these portable bars with ice bins feature stainless steel compartments that provide ample space for the storage of beverages and necessary supplies. These compartments ensure that back-up items and supplies can be stored in a discreet manner, so that bartenders have quick and easy access to the supplies they need. Not only are these storage areas practical, but they also add to the sleek and polished look of the stainless steel portable bars' interiors. These storage areas can be found underneath the work shelf and ice bin. With Lakeside Portable Bars, an operator’s bar can be well-stocked and stylish, all at the same time.

Spacious Storage Areas Provide Ample Space for Supplies

Cleaning Up and Using the Ice Bin Drain

When the event is over, cleaning a Lakeside Portable Bar is a breeze. Its stainless steel finish and 1-¼” thick, waterproof laminate top shelf are easy to maintain with simple soap and warm water, but first…

Operators should make sure any large debris and supplies are cleared. That means any remaining ice or liquid still visible in the ice bin. To drain the ice bin, an operator needs to disconnect the drain's plug. From there, any remaining liquid will direct to a bussing bin underneath the ice bin.

Before, during, and after ice bin drain is used to drain remaining liquid.

Standard and Modifiable Exterior Finishes

Lakeside understands that an operator's vision for their portable bar business is unique and important. That's why we offer not only a wide selection of standard laminate exterior finishes, but also customized finishes. We want to ensure that our stainless steel portable bars fit seamlessly into any establishment, no matter the design or color scheme. Our team works with each operator to create a custom finish that meets their specific needs and elevates their business. With Lakeside Portable Bars, the variations are endless.

Standard Exterior Finishes Lakeside offers for its line of portable bars.

A Lakeside Portable Bar is an excellent choice for hospitality success for operators of any kind who do business at a variety of convention centers and resorts. For operators, following these simple steps will help you to quickly and easily set up and take down your Lakeside Portable Bar, maximizing its functionality and keeping it clean and sustainable.

With a Lakeside Portable Bar on wheels, operators can impress guests with a professional setup that's sure to be a hit. Click ‘Ready to Roll’ to get a Lakeside Portable Bar rolling to your requested destination today!

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