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Innovation Infusion: Crafting the Perfect Seafood Tableside Service Cart

Innovation Infusion: Crafting The Perfect Seafood Tableside Service Cart

Every restaurant has its unique requirements, and every establishment wants to leave its customers with a memorable experience. That’s why it’s essential for operators to have something that sets their service apart from the competition. In such cases, delivering the best experience is only possible through the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and affordability. These core ingredients often get ignored in the recipe for success, but not by one prominent restaurant on the East Coast, as it sought to enhance the dining experience of its customers with a cart that was never before created.

The Innovation Behind the One-Of-A-Kind Seafood Cart

It all began when one of our dealers was working with a restaurant to find the perfect seafood cart. The restaurant wanted a cart that was both versatile and elegant, handcrafted from the finest wood. Unfortunately it couldn’t find anything with those features on the market, which led them to turn to us for help in bringing its vision to life.

The restaurant specifically wanted the cart to be used for oyster service, but also large enough to handle other seafood offerings. The main challenge was that the restaurant had a tight budget, which meant if it wanted a cart made entirely of wood construction, it would exceed its financial constraints.

Thankfully, we were able to find a solution. We combined two of our existing Geneva models, the 67105 Mobile Multi Daypart Cart in amber maple laminate, and the 70260 Liquor Merchandising Cart in bordeaux veneer. By using a standard laminate that matched the restaurant’s décor, we were able to achieve its desired look without exceeding its budget. 

Let’s dive more into what made this cart sustainable and truly one of a kind.

The restaurant wanted a cart that was both versatile and elegant, handcrafted from the finest wood while being budget-friendly.


How We Executed It

Laminated Wood Base in Red Maple Laminate

The first step we took was to design a base that was durable and aesthetically pleasing. We chose a laminated wood base in red maple laminate because it looked visually appealing and blended well with the restaurant’s interior design. Although laminated wood is a more affordable option for operations that are on a budget, don’t be fooled, as it's exceptionally durable and resistant to scratches.

Ebony Granite Solid Surface Top with Built-in Handles and Cutout for Drain in Ice Pan

Next, we thought of the countertop material. The restaurant wanted something that would complement the wood base yet offer a hard, durable surface for meal preparation. That’s why we chose an ebony granite solid surface top with built-in handles and a cutout for the drain in the ice pan. Granite is an excellent choice for a countertop because it is heat-resistant, durable, and easy to clean, making it perfect for food preparation. The cutout made for easy cleaning and draining of leftover ice that kept the seafood chilled.

Stainless Steel Insulated Ice Pan with Drain

One of the things we knew the seafood cart needed was an ice pan. We helped the restaurant choose a stainless steel insulated ice pan with a drain, measuring 32”L x 21.5”W x 5.86”H. This size was perfect for accommodating a seafood tower measuring 18” in diameter which could be utilized for various seafood offerings. The insulated ice pan kept the seafood chilled and prevented any condensation from forming and causing unnecessary leaks.

PVC 1” Ball Valve

To make sure the ice pan was functional, we added a drain that worked efficiently. Therefore, we added a PVC 1” ball valve to make it easy to open and close the drain. This valve was designed to work smoothly, ensuring that the seafood cart remained clean and operational for future use.

Adjustable Mid-Shelf Inside Cart and Stainless Steel Rails on Side Shelves

To maximize the functionality of the seafood cart, we added an adjustable mid-shelf inside the cart. This additional shelf offers extra space for storage, allowing the cart to hold more items. Additionally, this feature allowed ease of serving seafood to customers as it offered an inclusive height to the restaurant’s staff. The stainless steel rails on the cart’s side shelves provided support and security for supplies and condiments during transport.

(4) 4” Swivel Casters, 2 with Brakes

Finally, we added four 4” swivel casters, two with brakes for easy movement of the seafood cart. These casters are incredibly durable while also being easy to maneuver, making the cart versatile and easy to use for indoor or outdoor foodservice. Two casters with brakes were also installed to ensure that the cart stayed in place during service.

Left: Ebony granite solid surface top with built-in handles and cutout for drain in ice pan. PVC 1" ball valve. Adjustable mid-shelf inside cart and stainless steel rails on side shelves. 

Right: Stainless steel insulated ice pan with drain. Laminated wood base in red maple laminate. (4) 4" swivel casters, 2 with brakes.

An Enhanced Customer Experience

The seafood cart we designed showcases our commitment to creating contemporary and practical designs that meet our customers’ demands while remaining affordable. The seafood cart we designed for the restaurant on the East Coast achieved a sustainable outcome by enhancing the overall customer experience. It provided a creative and innovative way to showcase the restaurant's seafood offerings while aligning with the aesthetics and décor of its dining room interior. This resulted in a visually appealing presentation that not only met the restaurant's overall goal, but also contributed to increased seafood sales.

For restaurants looking to enhance its sales and customer experience, a seafood cart can be a valuable addition. These carts provide several benefits, such as increased impulse sales and the ability to display a variety of chilled food options. By incorporating a seafood cart, restaurants can create engaging and experiential opportunities, which can lead to upselling and encouraging customers to try their favorite seafood items.

The seafood cart we designed for the restaurant on the East Coast achieved a sustainable outcome by enhancing the overall customer experience.


Create Your Dream Design With Lakeside’s Cart Experts!

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