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Importance of Custom Modified Equipment in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

Every hospital and healthcare facility is unique, so why should they have the same exact medical equipment as each other?

Some things such as surgical tools and other procedural tools are bound to be the same, as doctors and surgeons need to be able to learn to use them before joining a hospital team. However, mobile equipment such as carts and tables shouldn’t have to be the same exact model as every other facility, when it’s not the best solution. Lakeside Manufacturing understands that not all hospitals are the same and offers much more than just the standard product options. Many of the products in Lakeside’s catalog are completely modifiable beyond the standard configurations. Additionally, if none of the standard products are close enough to the picture in your head, Lakeside has the capacity to completely customize the right solution for your facility.

Lakeside Custom Solutions was created to bring your innovative ideas to life, and that’ exactly what they do. Let’s take a look at an example of the original custom solutions that Lakeside is able to create.

Robotic Medical Transport

When the coronavirus first hit, innovation was needed to be able to continue to living our daily lives. An Asian government entity needed innovation in order to handle the outbreak, and decided that the solution to their problems was carts manned by autonomous vehicles. These carts were tasked with transporting supplies and PPE around a convention center converted into a makeshift COVID-19 hospital. The government entity needed the right carts for the job, and contacted Lakeside Custom Solutions to bring this idea to life.

Due to the highly contagious nature of the coronavirus and many unknowns about the virus at the beginning of the pandemic, there were many additional unique challenges with this project. With the autonomous carts they had to: minimize hospital staff interaction with patients, engineer carts to fit multiple sized robot, and only final product versions were to be sent meaning that there was no time for demo carts to be tested.


In order to create these carts that would fit with multiple sized autonomous robots, Lakeside Custom Solutions decided to use laser cutting to ensure precision sizing and fitting for multiple robots. Additional special considerations were also needed for the carts in order to perform to the best of their abilities. Specialty casters were sourced from Australia for smooth transport with the robots, and special wire was sourced from China to be used in the innovative carts. The carts were completely preassembled before shipping so that they could be used immediately upon arrival to the convention center to deliver crucial supplies and medications to patients.


This whole process from design to doorstep took less than four weeks and the Asian government entity was able to start utilizing the carts in a time that they were desperately needed to minimize the interactions between staff and patients without proper protective measures.


Lakeside Custom Solutions is able to achieve these unmatched lead times through a six step process.

Contact Us

Let us know what models you would like to modify or tell us your vision if none of the standard models are close to the idea in your head.


We’ll lean on our years of design and customer service experience to provide immediate feedback on a practical solution.


When a modified or completely custom design is agreed upon, we’ll promptly provide a quote to keep things moving.


When the custom product is agreed upon, we’ll sketch some detailed line drawings to make sure that everyone is on the same page about the product.


We’ll build and ship the product within two to four weeks after the design and price approval, and your order will be on the way. Lead times are highly dependent on product quantity.

Service after the sale

Once the product is in use, we’ll be around to follow up with any potential issues and ensure that the solution is everything that you’ve ever wanted.

Just like every healthcare facility has its differences and unique features, so do the hospital staff. One worker may be a foot taller than another, so why would it make sense that they have to push around the same mobile equipment with a handle that will really only work for one of them? Using and moving around equipment in unnatural positions can cause serious accidents like back injuries that could keep staff out of the facility for weeks. Every worker should be able to use equipment that is right for them, which is why Lakeside Custom Solutions works with you to figure out the best product for your needs. Some equipment in hospitals should be standardized, but not all of it. Other companies will cut corners and try to sell you what they already have in stock, in order to save time and money, but Lakeside works with its customers to create the best solution while minimizing lead times.

For more information about the whole process from design to door, check out the Lakeside Custom Solutions website. Some would call it mass customization, but we just call it normal everyday business.

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