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How does Central Supply Functionality Affect Patient Experience

It is well known that the healthcare field has been experiencing some challenges lately, but this does not mean that patients expect less of an experience during their time at your healthcare facility. While the labor shortage is still greatly affecting this industry, there are ways to help continue providing premium experiences to patients.

One of the best ways to provide patients with the best experience is ensuring your facility prioritizes organization. Making sure your central supplies are organized is key. Here are some solutions for creating a more organized central supply.

Bin Carts:

These carts are ideal for storing various supplies in different compartments. Having labels on these bins helps to improve organization, but also considering color-coding bins for different types of supplies is also a great way to shorten the time it takes staff to find the supplies needed for their patient. Organized bin carts allow providers to spend more time helping the patient, and less time in the supply room.

Distribution Supply Carts:

Having an organized central supply is very important, but it is also important to have a way to transport supplies and equipment out of that space so that they can easily be brought to other areas in the facility. Distribution supply carts do just that and provide ease in transport ensuring supplies stay secure and in place during transport.

Medical Storage Systems: 

Whether it’s an enclosed cabinet, or a cabinet with glass doors and shelving, lockable storage is very important in central supply. Certain supplies and medications need to be locked into a secure space. Having various storage systems for different needs is very important to keeping organization a priority, and Lakeside offers a wide variety of cabinets that not only provide functionality, but also mobility.

Organization in central supply has positive impacts on both healthcare providers and patients. When supplies are organized, it is easier for providers to find exactly what they need to ensure a timely turnaround back to their patient. Explore more of Lakeside’s central supply carts here! 


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