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Essential Products for Immunization

Essential Products for Immunization

As we all know, COVID vaccines are starting to be administered to the public and although we wish it was, it’s not an easy process. In fact, administering enough vaccines to get past the pandemic is extremely complex as there are so many small details that must be considered. With all the precarious aspects of administering vaccines to such a large number of people, no healthcare facility should have to worry about having the right equipment in place in order to give out the shots. That’s why Lakeside Manufacturing has immunization station essential products to facilitate the whole process and allow our healthcare workers to focus on their patients. 


Here are just some of our products that will simplify the immunization process 

PPE Storage Cart  



The perfect cart for PPE storage can be made even better for your facility with many customization options available. Whether it’s for inside your facility or an offsite vaccination clinic, this portable cart solves all of your problems with storing PPE and other essential supplies. 


Universal Sharps Container Bracket 



Every vaccine that you administer leaves you with a needle that you must dispose of. The universal sharps container bracket makes it easy to secure a sharps container to your cart for quick and easy disposal. The bracket works with multiple sizes of sharps containers with adjustable 36” nylon straps and a Velcro fastener to secure the container. 


Cold Storage Hyperthermia Cart 



One of the trickiest parts about the COVID vaccine is the fact that it must be kept and stored at a very low temperature, but the Cold Storage Hyperthermia Cart makes this much easier to do. This cart comes equipped with an integrated refrigerator with easy to use touch controls as well as a vented back with power cord and power controls. The standard color is two-toned blue and telegraph gray, but is available in 22 other color options to fit in seamlessly with your facilities scheme. The cart also comes with a removable plastic top and vertical push handles so that you can bring the vaccines wherever they are needed. 


Compact PPE Storage Cart



The compact PPE Storage Cart is the perfect solution for transporting and storing smaller amounts of PPE to vaccine administration sites. Weighing only 60 lbs. with 4” quiet med non-marking, anti-thread casters, this compact cart is very easy to maneuver around to ensure accessible PPE in all parts of a facility.


HighVolume Enclosed PPE Storage Cart 


If your facility is in need of a larger storage space for PPE, this High-Volume Enclosed PPE Storage Cart is the answer. All-welded stainless steel construction guarantees top-notch durability and makes the cart easy to sanitize. The cart comes equipped with leg and handle bumpers to reduce any chance of damage to the cart, doorways, walls, or other equipment. It’s available in three different shelf sizes to ensure your PPE and other supplies are configured just how you like them, while the blue nylon cart cover keeps everything safe from airborne dust and dirt. 


300 Lb. Capacity Utility Cart 


The timeless classic, our 311 Utility Cart is built with all stainless steel to provide the highest level of strength and durability. This utility cart lives up to its name as it can be used in so many different applications, but it’s also extremely helpful for setting up immunization sites. It’s the perfect cart to attach a sharps container with the universal sharps container bracket, and be able to hold heavy loads of supplies.


Compact Utility Stand 


The Compact Utility Stand is a great solution for extra storage and work space and boasts an impressive carrying capacity of 300 lbs. It comes equipped with a top drawer and available locking systems to secure any valuable supplies. This stand is constructed with stainless steel which provides superb strength and durability, as well as making it an easy product to disinfect and sanitize. The stand improves immunization spaces as a very multi-functional piece of equipment. 


Instrument Table with Undershelf


This instrument table adds plenty of extra work surface, while adding storage space with an integrated undershelf. This additional work space is perfect for remote prepping areas and a great solution for immunization spaces that need a little extra room to prep. Additionally, this table is a rapid response quick-ship product, meaning that your facility can start benefiting from it almost immediately after ordering. 


Plastic Utility Cart

This 300lb. capacity plastic utility cart is an excellent option for any facility that needs some extra mobile storage space for administering vaccines. The shelves are blow molded and double walled for additional durability while the polyethylene material attracts less dirt and debris. This competitively priced cart includes non-marking casters and an keyboard integrated push handle for excellent maneuverability, as well as ABS injection molded legs. 


The immunization process is extremely complicated for everyone involved, but we want to make things easier for the healthcare professionals that have been on the front lines fighting the pandemic since it started. With so many small details to have to be figured out, healthcare facilities should not have to worry about having the right equipment in place in order to administer the vaccines. Lakeside Manufacturing is here to help with tons of specialized equipment that is perfect for setting up immunization sites.


Check out some of our other great products that are available for quick-ship, and contact us with any questions or for a quote!  


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