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Lakeside’s Heated Plate Dispensers Deliver Economical Flexibility to Distribute Heated Plates at the Point of Service.

Lakeside’s award winning plate dispensers are just what you need to easily transport and distribute plates. Dispensing level is easily adjusted by attaching or detaching springs, no tools required. All welded stainless steel cabinet. Bottom corner bumpers protect cabinet, furniture and doors. Easy-Glide carriage design provides quiet, non-stick operation. Available in heated and non heated configurations – heated design features individual thermostatic control with minimum 100 F (38 C) and maximum 175 F (79 C) temperature settings.

Easy-Glide™ for Smooth, Consistent Plate Dispensing

25" Dispensers in 1-4 Stack Configurations

Fully Welded Stainless Steel is Easy to Clean and Sanitize

Non-Heated Configurations Available

Easy-Glide™ design provides quiet, non-stick operation. Self-leveling dispenser height tension is field adjustable to accommodate various plate weights.

Heat Plates in About 2 Hours*
For heated models, an average dish temperature rise of 40° F (22° C) above ambient is achieved within one hour of initial heating cycle at middle adjustable thermostatic setting.
Non-heated models also available.

Reduce breakage and rolls to where dispensing is needed. Corner bumpers protect cabinet, furniture, and doors. Includes Heavy-duty 4” plate-mount, 2 each with brake.

Non-heated plate dispensers simplify salad or dessert service where heated plates are not required, while reducing breakage.