Category Page – Mobile Plate Dispensers

Choose from Lakeside’s Award Winning Family of Mobile Plate Dispensers

Regular plate dispensers offer an economical way to distribute heated or unheated plates at the point of service, while Express Heat™ efficiently uses forced air to speed up heat times. And for the most demanding foodservice operations, Convection Plate and Pellet Dispensers deliver professional grade performance to handle high volume with short turnarounds between meal service throughout the day and night.

Regular – Heated and Non-Heated

  • 1-4 Stack Configurations
  • Radiant Heated or Non-Heated Configurations Available.
  • A 300-450 watt element heats dishes in about 2 hours
  • 25″ Dispenser Height with Easy-Glide™ for Smooth, Consistent Plate Dispensing
  • Single Wall, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Heavy-duty 4” plate-mount swivel casters, 2 each with brake
  • Select Dispensers are Compatible with square plates or oval plates
Square Plate Dispenser
Oval Plate Dispenser

Express Heat™

  • 2 Stack Configuration,
  • Forced air design includes two heat retaining dish covers
  • 750 watt element heats dishes evenly up to 150 degrees F in 90 minutes.
  • 25″ Dispenser Height with Easy-Glide™ for Smooth, Consistent Plate Dispensing
  • Double Wall, Stainless Steel Construction
  • 4” Lake-Glide® casters – all swivel, 2 with brake, extra-load

Express Heat™

  • 2 and 3 Stack Configurations; choose between a dispenser for Plates, Pellets or Both
  • Convection forced air heating with easy to clean gasket-free lid design ensures even heat transfer to all pellets or plates
  • 3200 watt element heats dishes or pellets up to 150 degrees F in 90 minutes.
  • 27″ Dispensers are Self-Lubricating for smooth operation and fits plates or pellets with a diameter of 7″ to 10-1/4″
  • Insulated, Double Wall, Stainless Steel Construction to conserve energy
  • Maneuvers easily on 5” Lake-Glide® casters – all swivel, 2 with brake
  • Includes push handle for more control during transportation

More Plate Dispensing Options for a Variety of Applications

Economical Tubular Plate Dispensers are Easy to Clean

Ideal for back-of-the-house applications, open tubular style mobile dish dispensers feature a high-strength stainless steel tubular frame that is easy to clean.

Adjust-a-Fit® Plate Dispensers Fit a Wide Range of Plate Sizes

Enjoy more flexibility with Lakeside’s Adjust-a-Fit® mobile dish dispensers. This tool-less design features a 3-1/4″ plate diameter adjustment range. Lakeside Adjust-a-Fit® dish dispensers are available in non-heated, heated, and Express Heat™ configurations.

Modify Any Plate Dispenser to Meet Your Exact Needs

Need something special, like two different plate sizes in a single mobile cabinet? From soup bowls to salad plates, Lakeside Manufacturing can modify and customize standard dish dispenser designs based on plate diameter, stacking height, caster size, finish and a variety of other variables to accommodate specific applications.  Lakeside dish dispensers are proudly engineered and made in the USA with industry leading ship times!