Sub-Category Page – Adjust-A-Fit Non-Heated Mobile Dish Dispensers

Adjust-a-Fit® - Non-heated
Adjust-a-Fit® - Heated
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Lakeside Adjust-a-Fit® Non-Heated mobile dish dispensers hold different size plates in the same cabinet for ultimate flexibility.

  • Tool-less Design Features a 3-1/4″ (83) Diameter Adjustment Range
  • Enjoy More Flexibility with Lakeside’s Adjust-a-Fit® for a Variety of Plate Sizes.
  • 2-4 Stack Configurations
  • Non-Heated for dessert or salad plates
  • 25″ Dispenser Height with Easy-Glide™ for Smooth, Consistent Plate Dispensing
  • Single Wall, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Heavy-duty 4” plate-mount swivel casters, 2 each with brake