Step Stool With Handrail

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Step stool with handrail, see 4908 for unit without handrail


Overall Size (WxLxH) (in)

11 x 14 x 37 1/2

Weight 11 lbs 4.99 kgs
Dimensions 35 × 14.5 × 13 in 88.9 x 36.83 x 33.02 cm
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Better to be safe than sorry. Reaching for things on your tiptoes or standing on a chair is the surest way to a mishap. Play it safe and keep these handy step stools in every room where items are stored in cabinets or shelves higher than 60 – 72″ from the floor. Step surface is slip-resistant rubber. Handrail provides additional safety and facilitates moving. Packed two per carton.

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