Central Supply Distribution

Top Provider of Healthcare Supply Carts

Lakeside Manufacturing offers high-quality central supply carts and cabinets that enable easy and convenient transport of medical equipment from the supply room to different locations in your facility. From mobile healthcare supply carts and cabinets to wall-mount shelving units, our products guarantee secure and organized storage of catheters, linens, sutures, sterile wraps, and other necessities.

You can choose from our existing designs or have one custom-made by our team. We understand the inconvenience of having to make multiple trips to the supply room. This is why we offer the Lakeside Ergo-One Plus Power Tug. This product allows users to pull multiple carts at the same time, saving time while reducing the risk of injuries from repetitive pushing and pulling of heavy equipment and supplies.

Trusted Central Supply Cart Manufacturer and Supplier

Fetching medical supplies and equipment can be time-consuming and tiring. You can save time and effort and focus on what matters the most — your patients — with help from our medical storage carts. Each of our mobile and stationary carts and cabinets were designed for use in medical settings, taking into account important variables like functionality, ergonomics, budget, and longevity.

You can choose from our diverse collection of medical supply carts, but if our products aren't quite what you're looking for, we can tweak the design or have our skilled engineers customize a medical storage cart or cabinet to your liking. For inquiries or placement of orders, you can give us a call at (414) 928-2581 or fill out our online form.