Geneva 79860 Chalet Portable Back Bar, Stainless Steel Interior, IPE Wood Exterior, (3) Doors, 5-Ft. Wide, (4) 40-Lb. Ice Bins

Portable back bars by Geneva Designs are the perfect accompaniment for convenient catering and drink options, storing and housing glassware, flexible maneuverability, and built to last service. The Geneva 79860 Chalet Portable Back Bar has a fully stainless steel interior, (3) doors on lower compartment, dent resistant IPE wood exterior, and measures 5 feet in length. This portable back bar cart boasts rustic charm and rugged design with its dent resistant IPE wood exterior. This Chalet portable back bar on wheels features wood slats over its stainless steel interior construction to ensure long-lasting durability suited for both indoor and outdoor beverage service. Its fully stainless steel interior is tig and resistance welded for extra stability. This mobile portable back bar’s full length heavy gauge stainless steel angles reinforce from corner of body on inside, with high impact edging on its outside corners, while its stainless steel channel dolly base provides superior structural support. This Chalet portable back bar cart’s durable doors provide space, protection, and storage room. Its spacious 6” stainless steel ice bins keep drinks cold and add restocking capacity to keep bartenders behind the bar and not running around for supplies. This reliable portable back bar on wheels has 4 swivel and 2 locking concealed thermal plastic rubber casters for a seamless built-in look and smooth maneuverability over uneven surfaces. Easy to clean and sanitize. Numerous exterior and interior options, and accessories available to order. This model has a freight class of 125. Modify existing standard products. Proudly made in the USA with industry leading ship times.


Item Length x Width x Height (in) 60 in x 30 in x 58 in
Weight 400 lbs 181.44 kgs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 65 in x 36 in x 50 in 165.1 cm x 91.44 x cm 127 cm


Unit shall have a dent resistant IPE slats exterior over stainless steel interior construction for long-lasting durability. Exterior shall feature (3 ea.) accessible doors on lower compartment for storage of supplies. Exterior shall have two durable glass racks for holding beverages. Side panels, corner protectors, doors, and header shall be constructed with 18-gauge stainless steel. Bar top, bottom shelf, and shelf brackets shall be made with 16-gauge stainless steel. Unit shall have a rugged stainless steel top with (4 ea.) 6” 40 lb. (18 kg) ice bin capacity to keep drinks cold. Unit shall have four thermal plastic rubber 5″ (127 mm) casters (6 ea.) – all swivel, 2 ea. with brake. Casters shall be mounted to a 14-gauge stainless steel channel formed dolly frame. Exterior base shall feature IPE wood skirting on three sides to conceal casters.

  • Fully stainless steel interior
  • 3 doors on lower compartment
  • Stainless steel channel dolly base for superior structural support
  • Stainless steel top with (4 ea.) 40 lb. ice bins (6”)
  • Freight Class: 125
  • Available in IPE Wood Finish only